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January 12, 2012

What ARE You? Discover Your Gay Clique.

What am I? This is a common question I’ve received. It’s usually coming from younger men, all of whom are struggling to find a label and fit into this big gay world. Occasionally, it’s coming from a straight man, who’s curious about how he’d fit into that very-same gay world.

My feelings on this matter are conflicted. In general, if you want to attach yourself to a label, I feel that it should be self-appointed to a certain degree. Having someone tell you you’re a “____” would be the equivalent of someone else defining your sexuality. You’re not bisexual if you slept with a girl once (or a few times) and enjoyed it… Unless you identify as bisexual.

You might look like a bear or twink. Someone might point to you and call you a bear or twink… But maybe you don’t identify as a bear, twink or whatever the hell they’re calling you.

Now, with that said, labels of this nature can help as descriptive factors in the realm of Manhunt and beyond. When someone tells you they’re a “bear” or a “twink” (I’m sorry I keep using these two examples alone), you know what you’re getting into. You have a basic understanding of what they might look like, and you can paint a better picture as they provide more details.

This logic, however, becomes a problem when people misidentify themselves as a certain type. What if someone who’s thin and hairy says he’s a bear, even though he’s an otter? What if someone smooth and muscular says he’s a twink, even though he’s more of a jock/gym bunny? Disaster strikes! The world collapses! Your dick might lose an opportunity for a great connection!

Enter Noodles & Beef‘s Gay Cliques Census! Using actual data, which has been collected over the past few months, the designer/blogger provides your most accurate “gay clique” match based on a small amount of information—age, height, weight, waist & hairiness.

Find out what you are here, or take the ongoing survey to improve the results.

– Dewitt

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Guest 4:10am on January 17, 2012

I'm unclear as to the difference between a gym rat and a gym bunny.

  • J

    `Would be handy to also have an explanation of each clique

  • La_vie_seductive

    Not working for me. I’m interested to see what I come out as, though. Seems like plenty of people are getting a kick out of this. Hopefully the link gets fixed soon.

  • My server was unprepared for the traffic from Manhunt!  Sorry about that, should be working now.

  • Guy

    This is really cool!

  • Anonymous

    Heh, sorry for catching you by surprise!

  • Why should we divide or define at all? There are humans I like others I cannot stand. A man should have some body hair it gives him an aura

  • No worries! The more data I get the more accurate the results…so thank you!

  • Fannypack12342

    Why are really tall guys more likely to bottom?

  • TommyTrojan

    So to paraphrase Britney Spears, apparently I’m not a twink, not yet an otter.

    Actually, I thought the survey was pretty accurate, including predicting the body types I’m more likely to be attracted to.  Never heard the term “otter” before this.  Now I know where I fit in this world! 

  • mogster11

    The best part is you can see where you fall compared to the average.  For instance, I can be not just a “twink,” but an “old, (relatively) fat twink!”

  • I’m now sure how being 21, kinda smooth, 5’10” and 170lbs makes me a twink…

  • b-rech

    It said I was an Otter. I’ve always thought of myself as a wolf, but otters(animals) are adorable! ^_^

  • Alan

    no. no more fucking animals. You people are out of control.

  • ygg50

    Says I’m a pup. Not sure what it means though.

  • Anonymous

     “I’m not a twink, not yet an otter” should be the new headline for my Manhunt profile. You’ve basically explained my entire existence, TommyTrojan.

  • Guest

    I’m unclear as to the difference between a gym rat and a gym bunny.