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February 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: Guy Madison

This week, my bud Matthew at Naked Pictures of Your Dad kicked off a countdown of the “100 Hottest Men Who Ever Lived”. I had the privilege of voting as an out-of-town panelist, and I recently submitted a guest post about the #90 finisher Guy Madison.

As someone who doesn’t have an expansive knowledge about film/television actors, I had unfortunately never heard of Madison prior to this countdown. Alas, after a quick Google image search, I quickly regretted not checking him off on my “100 Hottest Men” ballot.

Don’t even get me started on that last picture. Too. Fucking. Cute.

– Dewitt

Click through for more pictures of this Hollywood god:

This is a bigger version of the same picture, with an annoying watermark:

You might want to click it and stare at his legs, no?

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Blue Wind 8:34pm on December 28, 2012

Because they were real men doing normal exercises and etc...

  • Jimmy T

    I hate to admit it, ’cause it tells you how old I am, but I guess I remember when I was a little kid, before I knew about what “gay” was, that I thought Guy Madison was somehow attractive to my very young sensibilities, never realizing at the time what that meant or portended.  Always loved Cocker Spaniel puppies too and have one 8 months old right now, the sixth one I’ve had.

  • Chantboy

    I remember seeing him in some film about a returning WWII vet, also before I realized I was gay, but realizing he was making me make a tent in my pants.

  • zeus

    nothing to write home about… ok but totally overexaggerated here.

    look at Billy Campbell for an 80s hunk

  • EvanHimebaugh

    Why are men back then so much more attractive then guys nowadays? Coming from someone who was not Alive at that time

  • ranger3500

    There is an early coffee-table book on David O. Selznick films (one of the first books I purchased) that features a great, full-page beefcake photo of him and his “V” form. My first awareness of him came from that and oui, my gay-ness followed!

  • ed

    Tells u my age as well, but I remember stroking to his pics in my early teens. Was reading an article back then in CONFIDENTIAL mag about him being caught with only his socks on, with  somebody elses wife.

  • J. Harvey

    The fourth pic down after the break made me moist.

  • Boomer84

    llove guys from this era. He has this hot James Dean-ish look to him

  • Sal

    Second one down looks like Luke Perry….and that’s the difference between then and now

    Nowadays we seem to have this overabundance of “stars” in paprazzi-styled photographs doing everything from scratching their ass to “accidentally” stretching on the balcony naked. In the older days, they had professional photographs, and only occasional “natural” shots, which although they seemed to be caught by surprise, even those were staged. Hey I’m all for shots of Chris Evans or other guys shirtless or less, but the mystique that was once part of being a Hollywood star is indeed gone.

  • i wonder if he and rock hudson ever. . . . .

  • MichaelD1026

    Amen! Guy Madison, Guy Williams, Clayton Moore,  and Hugh O’Brian; OMFG! I was soo0 gay in the ’50s and ’60s and I was only 10 years old. LOL!!!

  • bud4u62

    the uniform pic looks a bit like John Tenney from The Closer…… hot

  • Christopher07

    Yes, the golden days of Hollywood when men were MEN, not pretty boy wantabees!

    Nothing gets me going more than to see a dark haired, hairy chested man in an old B & W
    movie on TCM!  🙂

  • Guy  was indeed one sexy stud, but you missed the full frontal pic of him skinny dipping, you can see it here

    it is the last photo in the group

  • Hotheavyballs69

    In the 70s he had returned to the U.S. and was living in Oakwood in Burbank where another actor friend was living.  Although aged, he was still HOT!

  • Hotheavyballs69

    Both were “discovered” by Henry Willson who numbered among his re named clients Tab, Rory, and other male pin ups during the 40s and 50s

  • so they probably did, then…..

  • Blue Wind

    Because they were real men doing normal exercises and etc…

  • Blue Wind

    Because they were real men doing normal exercises and etc…

  • Blue Wind

    Because they were real men doing normal exercises and etc…

  • Blue Wind

    Because they were real men doing normal exercises and etc…