February 24, 2012

Manhunt Daily Wood: Jack Mackenroth

Based on the rules of reality television, former Project Runway contestant Jack Mackenroth‘s fifteen minutes of fame should have ran out a long time ago. Alas, through the powers of activism and being absurdly attractive, he’s managed to keep our attention for the past few years.

If you still don’t have a 2012 calendar, Mackenroth’s “Calendar for a Cure” can still be purchased for the measly sum of $10, with one-hundred percent of the proceeds going directly to amFAR. Alternatively, you can print out these delicious new pictures by West Phillips and pretend they’re a calendar, although they’d only last you for nine months (and, in case you’re bad at math, there are ten left once February’s over).

Unrelated, can you believe Mackenroth is 42 years-old? I know that isn’t necessarily “old” or anything, but I would sell my soul (or what’s left of it) to have an ass that incredible when I’m forty-two. Hell, I would sell my soul for an ass that incredible NOW.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: West Phillips

Click through to see more pics from this shoot:

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Don Craddock 2:03pm on November 18, 2012

A man of sexiness and allure, I'd give up my bath/bedroom for him

  • Anonymous

    Don’t know him well but I see him training at the gym and this dude trains HARD.  I’ve asked him about his diet and it’s incredibly clean.  He clearly works hard for his incredible body.  He’s hot as hell here – and even hotter in person.  So many jealous, bitter people on here. Jack is fucking stunning!!!!!

  • Adolfo166

    Finally, a grown up comment

  • Adolfo166

    In reading all the comments above all I can say is “Girls would be GIRLS”

  • MacFitz

    Totally fuckable.  Would love to see more of that ass.  And lost the speedo/jock, etc!

  • Ben

    Ok, what’s with his facial hair though?!

  • Rail_man

    Beard??  He has  a beard??   I hadn’t gotten that far up yet!

  • Mattie

    I like his man boobs.
    Looks like pec implants gone south.

  • Martinpgreenwood

    No matter how Jack does it , don’t atleast the man takes care of himself, we should do that. We live in a world of vanity, and there is hallways going to be people.hating you just if more them and go on.

  • always has to be at least one comment of veiled “hating” in the guise of constructive criticism. lol

  •  Amen brother. But it is a way to keep their victim mentality going. “No one is good enough for me.” “I just can’t find a man!” (well a man who looks, talks, thinks, acts and lives exactly how I think he should with no exceptions)

  • Good for him for looking this fucking hot. He’s come a long way from having to leave Project Runway due to health issues and he’s doing something for a good cause. More power to him!

  • Anders

    it’s amazing what plastic surgeons can do… though sad at the same time.

  • I’m going to say good for him for putting himself out there, and he’s probably aware that playing the reality tv fame game leaves him open to criticism; that’s what you get when you become famous for being on tv and not for your talent.  However, he uses his gay-lebrity for a good cause and he is a handsome, handsome man.  He obviously works hard for his body, and that is to be commended, as far as his face is concerned, I’ve seen him in NYC, he swims at a place I tend to swim from time to time, and this is obviously and over zealous photoshoper and some unfortunate lighting.  He’s face is actually a little softer, not quite so chiseled, and sorta puppy doggie cute.  His real personality is not as masculine as the pictures imply, and that make him a lot more adorable in person.

  • Johnnie10

    hes good looking and look at how he fills out the underwear must be a big one,  would love to see it uncovered

  • Steve

    It’s taken me 10 minutes to get to the part where I can post a comment! Never seen so many made for a guy!!!
    I would die a very happy man between his thighs, I love his legs, I have a thing about thighs he could bang me all night long, and it seems he has rather a large package. 

  • Breon

    Again opinions are like ass holes we all have one… I wish that gays weren’t so pissy.. But we all piss… God it would be nice if we all walked the earth photoshopped …I will say Jack is probably laughing all the way to the bank.. So jokes on us.

  • Breon

    O ya.. Rember us oldies that had the little magnet pen that could schetch the man face.. That’s him…lol

  • Brady

    Never knew about his reality show history or might not have dared to send him a note of admiration a few months back. I’ve made that mistake with pseudo-celebs before.
        But I must say Jack sent back the sweetest; most gracious response I think I’ve ever gotten from a “distant crush”.
        His parents raised him right. 😉

  • Richard

    too much photoshop and editing…his face looks all kinds of michael jackson/Prince something going on….

  • Thomas

    That really needs a hard and deep creaming. come here baby

  • please do me hard !

  • I am not loving the current beard style, but yeah he is still damn hot, but  not as hot as fellow Project Runway contestant Rami Kashou.  Now if we could get Jack and Rami naked, that would be hot!

  • zaichikya

    I’d take Rami over Jack any day!  He was the best thing going on All-Star!!!

  • Carniassada

    I like Jack, weird beard or not , he is a good person, a crusader and a survivor, if he had surgery good for him, dont hate

  • Carniassada

    If u people are so desperate to see a dick, they are all over the web, stop being shallow please, u continue to give gay men a bad name

  • Anonymous

    Super hot looks like he could do some damage with that bulge LOL

  • Anonymous

    Super hot looks like he could do some damage with that bulge LOL

  • Anonymous

    Super hot looks like he could do some damage with that bulge LOL

  • Richard

     He could very well have AIDs…but its guaranteed through his own admission he has HIV. Studying online is bad! Go read books or legitimate medical journals/books…85% of the crap online is just that…crap and misinformation.

  • A man of sexiness and allure, I’d give up my bath/bedroom for him