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February 10, 2012

Manhunt Daily Wood: Miles Davis Moody

Miles Davis Moody is one of those people you’ve been lusting after for a while now (even if you don’t know it yet). He’s appeared in the videos for Jennifer Hudson‘s “Where You At” and Jonny McGovern‘s “Dickmatized”, and you can currently spot him shaking his bulge in Andrew Christian‘s brand new “Pink Paradise” promo.

As if his eyes alone weren’t enough to make your taint tingle, just wait until you feast your eyes on his package! After that, you’ll want to feast on something else…

– Dewitt

Click through to see more of Miles Davis Moody:

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  • Kenneth

    Correction: Some Italians and Arabs have the same type of hair texture.

  • Kenneth

    This is a radio interview with Miles Davis Moody on youtube. I don’t know if the man is gay or straight. However, I do know, he’s fine.

  • Dewitt-  this needs to be our next Top or Bottom selection!  While most fantasize about being his bottom bitch, nothing I love more than a gorgeous beefy hung bottom guy … can imagine that huge cock bouncing around while fucking his brains out … but I digress.  Now to find a man that still has his looks in my age range – 40’s … and grow old together …. woof!

  • DelSam

    My sock monkey has a sock penis.. lol

  • i am absolutely going to save all these pictures to my hard drive so i can stare at and dribble over them for the rest of my life.


    you are too beautiful.
    (a superb brotha, with pure, enchanting blue eyes.)
    there aren’t many like you, around.

    you’re going to be a sexy beast for a long time.

    even when you’re in your 60s.


  • Matt

     well you quoted my post in your post, but I’m certainly no queen, nor am I bitching. And I certainly do not need bulge enhancing underwear. Queens are people who bitch and start shit with other people who state their opinions.  You don’t like my post, that’s fine, you’re entitled to your opinions. I see a lot of posts I don’t agree with, I don’t go calling people names over it. If I feel like, I respond in a respectful and classy manner.

  • Boomer84

    I’m sure you have a real penis, lol…I thought you were using a sock to make your bulge look bigger, but I guess that’s the way the undewear are designed.

  • Breon

    Miles … Fuck the doubters.. You will learn that, they are allways haters. You shine bright. Your beautiful man. And have a huge dick.. Your blessed.

  • Anonymous

    My cock is leaking all over… Gorgeous man!!

  • Cortez

    Will you shut the fuck up, you suspected he might have “black ancestry” because of his hair? Get out in the real world once or twice. Not all black people have the same type of hair.  Just once can this site post a pic of a non white man and not have any comments about his ethnicity in any capacity be posted. 

  • ValmontCA

    The bulge is a bit intimidating, but for those beautiful blue eyes and kissable lips I’d risk it. 😉

  • Kenneth

    Cortez, why don’t you shut the fuck up. You’re not black and you know nothing about the black culture. With this being said, kiss my brown ass.

  • Kenneth

    I made the comment because there are so many white and white Hispanic gay racist in the real world.

  • Miles, I hope you read this, you are one very sexy handsome man,  Beautful eyes and yes an amazing bulge.  You really need to show more of it, please.  

    And now I have five of the guys from the pool party id’ed.  Any one that help figure out the rest.

  • Cortez

    Kenneth nobody asked for your lesson on hair textures of the world. Why couldn’t you just say he was hot without the genealogy breakdown? 

  • Anonymous

    Miles is stunning gorgeous. He is everything a man can dream about. Fuck the undies, lets strip naked together in my bedroom.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, straight to the Ten.

  • Kenneth

    Cortez, I have a right to my opinion. If you didn’t like what I had to say, you should have keep your thoughts to yourself. As a black man, I was glad to hear, Miles Davis Moody is part black and he acknowlege it. All we get mostly on this site is young white gay males. How do you think seeing only white gay males on gay sites and in gay magazines make young black gay men struggling with their sexuality feel? The black gay community need role models too because we are welcome into the mostly white gay world.

  • Kenneth

    Correction: The black gay community need role models too because we aren’t welcome into the mostly white gay community. You will never know what it’s like to be black and gay in society.

  • Derricke

    This dude is freakin hawt

  • Miles

    Yes Kenneth you are absolutely correct! What I meant to say was that I font have any Latin heritage

    About the black swim trunks…I thought you were referring to the guy in the AC video with the black undies…anyway, yes of course that’s me… But those are tighter and they are black which hides curves and things….but I have pics from the same shoot that are from another angle that shows a bit more bulge

  • AirWarrior

    Oh!  Myyyyyyyyy!

  • Killerbuzz65

    Beautiful….i hope you are a.professional model. Your eyes make my heart jump. Your body makes my mouth water…
    Come to Maui and stay with me.

  • Stephen

    Seems that Miles is not only HOT w a very nice package but a seemingly sweet guy as well 🙂  Just so you know….I BELIEVE!!!!! lol

  • I’d like to see that!  Smuggling a grapefruit sounds hot!  Let’s see … 🙂  

  • Blbnrcr

    Damn HE IS HOTTT!!!!   So freakin’ cute, nice package & What about that ASS??? You need to have him fuck someone so we all can ENJOY The Veiw!!!

  • OscarBuzz

    Come on guys, leave Miles’ bulge alone.
    Although, if he wants to come down under, I’ll be happy to accommodate you (so to speak) and all your wishes on the Gold Coast of Australia.
    You’d certainly be a hit on our beaches in your AC swimwear.

  • Michael

    Miles you are gorgeous you seem so humble down to earth and sweet as well. :)IM 6’5 you look like a tall drink of water gorgeous either way though. 🙂

  • my dream is be with you……

  • walterb1

    “that bulge” gave me an immediate erection!….wow….what a man!

  • walterb1

    I love Miles’ cock in those undies, monster or not!  And my guess is it’s closer to “monster” than “not”. 🙂

  • Je suis très FOUTÛ


  • Je suis très FOUTÛ

    NO, He doesn’t. He’s totally straight…and…maybe He probably has girlfriend or maybe He’s married with a beautiful woman, so…WAKE UP!!! 

    HEY GAYS!!!


  • Je suis très FOUTÛ

    J’en ai marre des hommes modèles heterosexuelles qui sont ici comme Miles Davis Moody qui est heterosexuel.

    Pour quoi tous les beaux modèles hommes sont heterosexuelles?

  • michael w

    Absolutely delicious!