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February 24, 2012

Meet Brock Landon: Dirty Tony’s New Muscle Bottom

Someone’s bound to tell me that he’s done work for some other studio under a different name, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen Brock Landon getting pounded like a piece of meat. By that logic, he’s “new” to me, and I’m already in love with his muscular physique, hairy body and complete willingness to throw his ankles in the air.

It’s especially nice how he makes multiple requests that his partner Fabian shoot it on his face. This man knows what he wants, and he won’t let anyone stop him from getting it. Cum! Cock! More cum! That’s what he wants, and I’d be more than glad to give it to him.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Dirty Tony

Click through to watch Fabian pound Brock’s tight hairy ass:

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Bosfuz 1:57pm on March 3, 2012

DEFINITELY would love to top Brock. Let me at him! Love a hot musclebear bottom!

  • Servbot87

    Brock is incredibly hot. Then I watched the clip and just remember how scripted some of this stuff can be.

  • Kenneth

    I don’t find the top attractive. However, he’s not ugly.

  • Andyman105

    yum – give me either, in fact, give me BOTH

  • Deniswarren269

    Geez fella’s..just give me the top guy..bloody beautiful and what a great fucker he is.

  • Nugget6

    I would go with the top guy anyday…or night

  • dmm18nov

    Personally, I would prefer Brock to top me, and to not “manscape” that awesome hot fur first…WOOF!

  • Spinningdude

    It would have been hot if they flip flopped.

  • Tom in STL

    That bottom is yummy!  The top is also known as AJ Irons.

  • JChicago

    Yum to both!

  • gorge bush

    fabian should NEVER top, he’s such a btm looking fella!

  • Lkcolo

    brock landon can do anything/anytime–would love to flip w/ him–fuck the cum out of him and lick it off his hairymusclestud chest

  • Thomas

    Dont give that hot piece of ass to that bottom bitch boy. turn off.

  • Shalb

    hot hot hot


    The name Fabian just SCREAMS total bottom 2 me !!!

  • Bosfuz

    DEFINITELY would love to top Brock. Let me at him! Love a hot musclebear bottom!