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February 9, 2012

Michael Phelps Is The Hottest Speedo-Clad Model For An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo/Conditioner EVER!

Before you dispute the hyperbolic title of this post, please ask yourself, “How many speedo-clad models for anti-dandruff shampoo/conditioners am I actually familiar with?” Michael Phelps is the hottest by default (at the very least) in these promo shots for Head & Shoulders. I mean, for starters, he doesn’t have that awful mustache* on his face anymore! And the icing on the cake? He’s showering in a fucking speedo.

Seriously, you could throw anyone into a shower with nothing but a speedo on, and I’d probably masturbate to the pictures. I’m a whore for speedos. I’m a whore for showers. I’m a whore for swimmers. Oh, fuck it, I’m just a regular ol’ whore… Would you be a whore for Michael Phelps? Please provide details of how whorish you’d get with him.

– Dewitt

* Facial hair isn’t for everyone. Unless you’re Trevor Knight, in which case, it’s definitely for you.

Photo credit: Getty

Click through to watch Michael Phelps take a shower (but not in a creepy way):

(via Best Week Ever)

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Steve Goryan 9:55pm on January 11, 2013

Any day or night of any week of any month of any year that boy could have me. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    All torso

  • Shalb

    great body… the face… ugh not a fan of it

  • Anonymous

    I’d kiss those sexy lips, caress his long gorgeous torso, stroke his cock, suck his cock and worship that manly sexy body then stare deep into his gorgeous eyes while kissing him some more!! He is one helluva sexy, sexy, hunky gorgeous man!!

  • Glvmkr

    I agree with Iluvcumgutrs, he is a hot guy

  • Windrowplace

    I swear Michael gets hotter and hunkier by the day!

  • Ospreyboi1122

    OMG that tease of the Olympic Rings tattoo is driving me wild, and the speedo is fucking hot too!!!

  • Bleuspecter

    UGH. He always gives me the creeps!


    I hope he’s a grower because it doesn’t look like he’s packing much
     in that Speedo!

  • Fernando

    If that’s hot, now I know I’m straight.

  • Kenneth

    Michael Phelps is from a Baltimore, Maryland suburb. He’s a great swimmer. However, he’s not the best looking man, but I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed in the morning with a hard on.

  • Kenneth

    He reminds me of Ronald Reagan’s son, the dancer.

  • Justabittkinky

    I worked in a speedo type store when I was 17 for a summer job. Worked alone.
    I never had so much sex. All the high school and college swimmers that came in , well not all (but most), were up for it.  God I miss that job. lol.

  • gorge bush

    i thought he was awkward/hot but then after the olympics he turned into a giant fucking dbag……and usually that’s  kinda hot to me, but on him……..not so much. 

  • That tattoo of the Olympic rings makes it look like someone put coins in at the elastic band like when you put money in a strippers underwear. I find that very humorous.
    I’d probably whore myself out for that too. Mainly because I like how “whore” just rolls off the tongue so fluidly. “I’d whore myself for…” works well with anything.

  • Guy

    He looks cute/more stupid when he has a beard (which I like).

    Oh, then there’s this:

  • Toni28

    He look like George W. Bush in his younger days!

  • Neal

    Gentlemen…(bitches) after a night of drinking can anyone say they haven’t woken up with someone f-ugly?  Oddly they seemed hot in the haze of “last-call” yeah?  M-Phelps looks pretty good 2 me.  Too bad those grab bars couldn’t be put to better use as the stall is too narrow to get him hanging on to one … back arched.    🙂  Hell, I’d even give him a reach around!

  • apothos

    hot period, just some one has to have a pic of him naked or jacking off some where, douche bag or not, he comse knocking at my place, he will leave minus those speedos and my jaw will be sore for a few days

  • Denny

    I don’t see it. He’s just awkward looking with a weird face.

  • He is an awkward handsome, just as some of the biggest fashion models are  awkward beauties.  That being said,   is a tall sexy man,  looks to be very fairly well endowed and in the off-season has been seen sporting some sexy to me facial and body hair,  So would I do him, HELL YES!!!!  Maybe he can wear those gold medals as fucks me and the wold be clanging against my back 🙂

  • Here is a copy of the one of the print ads, and have to say he is looking good in it   and if for no other reason 99% of us would do him  because of the following:  “Although P&G hasn’t confirmed the financial terms, the 10-year deal has been reported to be worth more than $100 million.”  

    $100 millon could by a whole lot of lovin’!!!

  • Popapot

    apparently he’s uncut…?

  • Any day or night of any week of any month of any year that boy could have me. 😉

  • Any day or night of any week of any month of any year that boy could have me. 😉

  • Any day or night of any week of any month of any year that boy could have me. 😉