February 20, 2012

Random Question: Who’s The Sexiest U.S. President?

Nobody actually knows how to celebrate Presidents’ Day, so why don’t we just engage in a friendly conversation about the sexiest U.S. Presidents? We’re too lazy to post pictures of every single one of them, but you can check out a handy ranking (compiled last year) with images on Nerve.com.

Or maybe you’re a huge dork who’s already thought about this, and you don’t need a list to tell you who’s the sexiest U.S. President. That’s cool too. Dorks are hot.

– Dewitt

PS: It was surprisingly difficult to find a “sexy Abe Lincoln” pic.

Photo via: Go Make Me A Sandwich

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Johnnie10 7:00am on February 24, 2012

really, hes one of the ugliest and stupidest men I have ever seen or heard speak

  • Guy

    Abe. Clearly.

  • Chereriq

    Bill Clinton.Obviously.

  • Diddleboy

    barack obama, hot and hung

  • Bendiciones2002

    Honestly, I’d have to say Jimmy Carter.

  • Mike

    Are you guys kidding? JFK HANDS DOWN

  • Rick

    A young George Bush is quite sexy!

  • Sean

    Thomas Jefferson.  Tall and red headed.

  • RobbieF63

    Top 3 in reverse order!!
    3) Barack Obama – black & hung??
    2) J.F.K. – handsome!!
    1) George Bush, Jr ( in his younger days ) – dishy & in uniform!!

  • Boomer84

    Obama and Clinton, Lincoln

  • Zeus…therealgod

    clinton obviously… obama is gross, george w bush was too retarded to be considered our species, his dad was vile, ronnie was old and alzheimered, the peanut guy was too old, and JFK had a squished head… before the bullet, yeah only clinton was ever remotely fuckable…

  • Gacysdad

    gerald ford was hot as a youngin’

  • Me

     Alzheimered? Really? I hope you never have to have the wretched disease enter your life, but have some consideration for those who have it in theirs or those who surround them. Shame on you! It’s not something you should ever joke about. Ever.

  • MikeGMU2

    Frankie Pierce, because 99% of you never knew we had a possibly gay vice president under him (so was Pierce a top then? lol), and Buchanan was pretty universally accepted as being gay (he was Pres right before the Civil War).

  • A guy

    Obama is as ugly as dog shit.
    JFK & GW Bush (younger days) were totally hot.
    A young Reagan was hot, too.

    Why you people think Obama and his ugly ass ears are hot is beyond me…

  • Runnah69

    john f. kennedy


    Probably JFK IF he had no STDs he slept around a lot not sure I would trust him even with a rubber on.

  • muscle dad



  • Rich

    President Obama, hands down the sexiest – the only sexy – president ever.

  • Tom in STL

    I can’t believe no one has said Grant yet.  He is one hot daddy bear!

  • Ospreyboi1122

    James Buchanan, our 15th President, was rumored to be gay and in a long term relationship with our 13th Vice President William Rufus King.  While neither of them were what we would consider by today’s standards to be sexy, they were both quite good looking for their time. 

    Franklin Pierce, our 14th President, whom King served under, is by historical accounts the most attractive president in history.

    In my personal opinion, the best looking president was Kennedy by far.

  • Inonimuss

    George Bush is like 90, how can you even think of him like that LOL.  Acutally, yes, much hotter than his idiot son George W.

  • Inonimuss

    Wow, get over it, flame thrower.  The guy was being procovative.  You might say inconsiderate or even insensisitve, but then again being sensisitive all the time means we’d have to take all the humor and light-heartedness out of being facetious and facing world.  One can’t easily be facetious and sensitive at the same time.  I agree bush is gross II

  • Inonimuss

    oops  – i wrote that wrong – obama is gross and the W is retarded.  actually his dad was not vile at all – but rick santorum is!!!  and clinton – no way!  big nose.  and i don’t like blonds.

  • Inonimuss

    William Henry Harrison is cute.  All the others look like my father or my grandmother (sorry George Washington, but it’s true) or other older relatives, so no way!  Actually, JFK was certainly the most handsome, but just not my type.

  • B1

    Teddy Roosevelt, with Ulysses Grant a close second.

  • Zeus…therealgod

    bullshit, u can joke about anything. and i did. 

    my bfs dad died of it and he jokes about it too. if u cant laugh about the shit that life is to all of us, then its time to die, dont u think???

  • Zeus…therealgod

    clinton and blonde??? youre thinking HILLARY??? i meant BILL – the grey haired one!!

  • Zeus…therealgod

    obama is seriously pig ugly

  • Zeus…therealgod

    only if u like fucking ugly twats with big ears and goofy teeth… he really is putrid

  • Zeus…therealgod

    neither of those words describe obama… he is not anywhere close to either…. 

  • Zeus…therealgod

    red headed is the antithesis of hot though…


    Zeus It is obvious by your comments that you  are just F**KING  STUPID  warrant further remarks on my part !!

  • Bohemond

    Chester A. Arthur, for the win!

  • Septimus67

    Bobby Kennedy would have been the hottest president if he hadn’t been killed. How different the world might be now…

  • Zeus…therealgod

    im actually a genius… YOU on the other hand have no sense of humour, which makes u worthless as a human – poor you, your life must suck

  • Zeus…therealgod

    its actually rather more obvious that youre early stages yourself!

  • Cortez

    That’s his opinion so shut up, troll. 

  • Cortez

    Seems like you wanna say something else? Why can’t someone say who they find attractive without the name calling? No man is attractive to everyone. 

  • Cortez

    You are a dumbass, def one of the ones on here that can take any conversation and turn it into something hateful. Please shut up! 

  • Jake


  • hammy101


  • Carlsan931

    and how do you know he’s not hung?

  • it would have taken you back to the days of grade school, if…

    …you would have ran around the internet, trying to find pictures of all the prezes for us to look at, and rank accordingly, yeah?

  • Guy

    ^doesn’t get it

  • Jng090991

    Teddy was a badass and rocked a sweet moustache.

  • JC

    John Quincy Adams, because he used to swim naked in the Potomac!

  • CRBear

    James Buchanan. At least he was gay. 


    Zeus you may be one of the funniest & smartest people in the world however it’s just so unfortunate that your IGNORANCE is denying world the opportunity 2 see that !!! 

  • Me

    It’s okay Blackjack. One day Zeus will find himself riddled with some disease, whether it be cancer, HIV, a form of dementia, or terminal assholeness (it’s pretty obvious he has it already). I wonder then if he’ll find it funny when he’s the focus of stares, ridicule, and ostracism. I pray that there’s people out there who wouldn’t be as big of a jackass as he.

  • Jerry

    Lincoln.  He was into wrestling, shirtless, seat dripping off his chest and chest-hairs and trying to pin a guy down (how gay is that?), and some historians have hypothesized that he was either gay or bisexual. 

  •  And Grant had that whole military thing going too…


    Me I hope Zeus is just trying 2 stir up controversy and he is truly is not as IGNORANT as he lead us 2 believe at least I hope he is not because if he is he is more 2 be PETTY than scold !!! 

  • MrCellophane293

    1. Bill Clinton. The man’s a silver fox who can play the sax and can do naughty things with a cigar… glad to see a couple of you agree
    2. JFK… just had a timeless look to him
    3. Obama. That smile is just killer. It makes me wanna grab him by those large ass ears, straddle him, and scream “Oh Barry, Oh Barry, Oh Barry.” lmao, kidding. Though seriously, I wouldn’t kick him outta bed 😛

    If we could pick the ones who were hot long before they became president, I’d say Ronald Regan and George W. Bush as well.

  • Clifton

    bullshit. redheads are hot

  • Johnnie10

    really, hes one of the ugliest and stupidest men I have ever seen or heard speak