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February 21, 2012

Shay Michaels Can Do No Wrong

Does Shay Michaels have any flaws? Speak up, people in the gay porn world who know information I’m not privy to as a Boston-based blogger! Because, seriously, I’m this close to paying him a million dollars (that I don’t have) to dump his boyfriend and marry me.

This latest clip with John Magnum proves Shay’s just as good on top as he is on bottom, which is something you may not need proof of if you’ve obsessively followed his career from the very beginning ever watched his scene with Kyle King. Alas, it’s good to have a reminder every now and then…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocksure Men

Click through to see Shay Michaels and John Magnum in action:

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Michael Stanton 3:32am on July 3, 2013

i've had such the hots for john magnum for ages.....what i wouldn't give for one night with him!

  • Oh god. both of them are such hot hairy beasts! 😉

  • Anonymous

    A body enhanced by ‘roids makes up for the unattractive face…or perhaps it was the ‘roids that morphed the face. 

  • Darson256

    Have always enjoyed both actors and hope to for a very long time!

  • Randy

    this is supposed to be Manhunt Daily, not bitter bitchy queen central…those who are, do- those who aren’t, bitch!

  • TommyTrojan

    Damn, two of my favorite porn stars together in one scene.  Wish the preview clip were longer, but looks fuckin’ hot! (although too bad there wasn’t any foot licking shown like in that first photo. Woof!)

  • dmm18nov

    The scene looks smokin’ hot, and the Shay/Kyle scene has been my favorite on the site.  Shay’s deep masculine voice gets me every time…WOOF!!!

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of bitter,  bitchy queen…I bet your fist feels great going up your own ass (since I doubt anyone wants to touch you).

  • Frankleah

    i think so to and so are you would get you in bed and not get out

  • FP

    I have a question: where do you guys get your porn? I’ve been trying to find a link to a Jesse Jackman scene forever and I’ve had no luck. SC or Randy Blue are always available with a quick Google search but I can’t find a Jesse scene.

  • BrianjeffriesOC

    That’s not a porn star – int’s a propagandist condom model.  You’re either a pathetic excuse for a man, or a hack that will say anything for a little cash from a condom-pushing studio. 

  • Toratora86

    Flaws? how about steroid much and his ugly monkey looking face?

  • Grnletony89

    Ok to all of the guys who put negative stuff on here, you are the people who give the gay community the bad reputation. if you dont have anything nice or positive to say please keep quiet! thank you

  • MacFitz

    Reading these comments, one might conclude, “Must be an election year.”

  • RavelTrouser

    ? Because condoms kill so many people in a year?

    I really don’t comprehend the rage against rubbers…Feel free to enlighten me.

  • Steve

    not my type not aroused at all

  • Kenneth

    LOL@beefmtr; you comment is funny!

  • Kenneth

    I didn’t recognize John Magnum bald. He looks different. However, I would still fuck and marry him.

  • sb

    Steroid muscled ugly guys. It is not sexy. 

  • Joemscl

    Hey mr beef
    How about we do some naked wrestling 😉

  • TommyTrojan

    Yeah, he’s still hot as fuck, but don’t think I’m a fan of the totally bald look on him.  The short fuzzy hair looked much better.

  • TommyTrojan

    What?!  Is this really a serious comment?  Because April Fool’s Day isn’t for like 6 more weeks.  WTF???

  • Michael Stanton

    i’ve had such the hots for john magnum for ages…..what i wouldn’t give for one night with him!