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February 11, 2012

What Would You Do?: Etienne Pauliac

Buried deep within Bel Ami’s latest e-mail about the Peter Twins’ gangbang, there rested a wonderful set of pinup photos with Etienne Pauliac. It goes without saying that he’s a “pretty boy”. Alas, he’s not so fucking pretty that I wouldn’t turn him around, devour his smooth hole ’til he’s begging me to fuck him, and then pound his tight ass ’til he blows a thick wad all over my bed sheets…

What would you do with Etienne? Please provide as many juicy details as possible.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bel Ami Online

Click through to see more pics and discuss what you’d do to Etienne:

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  • Glvmkr

    absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!  What wouldn’t I do with and to him?


  • Ek_schulz

    I’d start at his head and work my way down to his toes…then on the next day….


  • Santiago

    I wouldn’t say no, but rather fuck a guy with hair, lots of it…

  • robbief63

    I’d drown in those eyes, I’d marry Him & have his babies!! 


  • Kenneth

    My goodness, this young man is gorgeous. He reminds me of a former white Puerto Rican Georgetown University student I had a crush on years ago. I wish I could go back into time and capture my youth. Growing old and losing you beauty is a bitch. LOL  I wish, I’ve could have stayed young and gorgeous forever to attract young hot men like this. For a man over 40 to get a stud in bed for fun, most times, he has to pay. LOL

  • Whiskerburn


  • Hylas

    Generic + frosted hair > sexy name + nice body

  • novabill

    simply run my tongue over that hot pink hole with his legs up high..stoke that thick veined cock till it drips on to is chest…slide my hard cock deep in him and pound that eager ass till he fires a hot load across his face….then wake up from that dream….just sayin

  • Euro

    Wow.. He is suuuuper cute!

  • apothos

    send him to me for valentines

  • I can dream can’t I

    Eat that pretty hole like it was my last meal, then fuck him doggy style so I don’t have to see that vacant expression.

  • Shalb

    extremely fuckable…

  • Peter

    When you pass puberty, you should have hair under your arms, at the very least.  Shaving smooth does not make you look like a little boy.  Stupid.  Big turn off.

  • LuvManFuRR

    I agree, whats up with the shaved pits.

  • equalove

    does Bel Ami grow their boys in test tubes??? they are all gorgeous but all the same..

  • toolcam1

    Absolutely mouth watering!

  • hman

    Absolutely PERFECT, I could ware my tongue out on that boy.

  • Cortez

    Um, Nothing, Just another shaved up twink looking boy. 

  • Anonymous

    Keep him naked 24/7 and worship his sexy body!!

  • Sam

    tongue to ass to mouth to cock, repeat for a good long time; rub cock on ass a lot; tongue to ass to mouth to cock, etc; cock in ass and fuck every fucking way possible for as long as possible, cum right in there; tongue to ass to mouth to cock, and so it goes …

  • Jscheal

    I would eat a mile of that shit just to get to where it came from

  • Nickdicken

    nice hole

  • Taffey133

    i want to know how or what a guy like this does … to keep so shaved / smooth?
    talk about a perfectly shaved / smooth ASS!  WOW

  • Winterhell

    Beautiful man. But, for some reason, he doesn’t turn me on. Go figure.

  • jeez.

    i am disappointed that i didn’t take notice of this guy until i saw the picture dewitt selected for etienne’s entry in the Ten..

    ..what wouldn’t i do, with Et’s pink boy hole?

    the guy even looks like he has the scent of an Ocean’s Breeze, for cripe’s sakes!

  • carloshenriquebelami

    tesão delicioso

  • Anonymous

    que tesão esse cara delicioso, sonho da minha vida gay

  • czech girl

    He is not gay!!!

  • Domtoppapi

    Smooth lean hot babyboi…and that fuck hole…damn eat him up…fuck him hard

  • fabio

    un lomazo!

  • karljokai

    tesão, super tesão