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March 17, 2012

Everything Butt: Lucas Young

I am a man who can appreciate a hairy ass. You won’t find me complaining if a guy pulls down his pants, and there’s a jungle back there. As long as he’s good and clean, I’ll dive right in with my tongue, fingers, dick, toys or whatever else fits in there.

That said, I’m also just as enthusiastic about an impeccably hairless hole. You know the kind I’m talking about! Smooth as silk. You could run your fingers along it like a snobby lady who’s checking if her maid dusted properly, and you wouldn’t find a single area with stubble.

Yeah. Those asses drive me crazy.

This is particularly true in the case of Lucas Young, whose smooth ass is all sorts of bubblicious. He actually gets fucked by Adam Killian in Falcon StudiosFahrenheit, and between this and the jiggly-jiggly car wash scene… I’m having a really hard time deciding whose cheeks are superior. Emphasis on hard (as if you didn’t see that joke coming).

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Falcon Studios

Click through to fall in love with Lucas Young’s butt:

Watch them FUCK in the official trailer.

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Ron-Phx 3:58am on May 1, 2013

All I can say is "fuck yeah"

  • LoveRimmingAss

    That ass is absolute perfection!  Sign that boy up for Blackballed 9!!!

  • Davey Wavey


  • Hylas

    Two butterfaces in one post!  Seriously though, that Adam guy is skeevy looking.

  • jj345

    great ass, but that trailer doesn’t show them fuck, sadly. just sayin’.

  • Ricky

     He kind of resembles Jason Adonis!

  • Bpike8

    awesome ass and he loves cock

  • Eddie

    He is very attractive, but … that ain’t a hairless hole.  That’s called waxing, sadly.  Look at his armpits.  Look at his cock.  A man that age is SUPPOSED to have pubic hair.  Why do they insist on trying to look like prepubescent boys?  It’s just wrong.

  • Sgprabbit

    lucas young – hot ass hot bod hot mouth hot face hot hot hot!!

  • They both can do me but the one with the tats is more of a turn on!

  • Glvmkr


  • RobbieF63

    Shaved or waxed, just give me smooth & hairless ass crack everytime! So much more inviting – leave the hairy rumps to the animal kingdom!! 

  • Commenter

    Hot fucking coupling there.

  • alaskaman

    Leave the hairy rumps to the animal kingdom…….I haven’t laughed that hard in along time. What a fucking moron!

  • gorge bush

    AMEN hylas!  i thought it was just me, but that adam killian guy has never turned my crank.  that btm dude is pretty hot tho, dig that paleness

  • Kenneth

    I am sorry, I just can’t get into spitting in another man’s asshole and eating it. This is how one can get Hep. B from tossing salad. I will stick my tongue in a man’s mouth, but not his asshole. That’s disgusting and shit comes out of a man’s asshole.

  • jboy

    MMMMMMM kenneth, you sure know how to whet ones appetite.

  • Biguy77071

    His ass is pleasing enough, but I was impressed by how deep he could take that ample cock. I’d gladly take lessons from him.

  • MacFitz

    Adam Killian keeps looking off camera – what’s there, CNN?  And Lucas Young’s eyes look a little out of it – too many intoxicants?  Is that delicious cock going to get stuck in his right cheek?  

  • giveitagocanuck

    hot…id do him

  • Michael H

    Why are you gay? I think you are a closet straight. Body hair is a masculine characteristic. Hairless is feminine!

  • tmac

    this sounds really nitpicky and normally i don’t criticize, but does anyone else think his eyes are really close together?  still hot tho

  • Anonymous

    Both of those men are very very hot n sexy however, my first choice is Lucas cause he’s fuckin’ dreamy!!

  • Anonymous

    see, I knew dewitt would do some fucking!

  • LOL didn’t expect all the other pix

  • Hylas


  • RavelTrouser

    One word, folliculitis.

    If you get fucked long, and hard … This can happen, removing ass crack hair prevents this.

  • RavelTrouser

    Kenneth the majority of your postings just make me glad that I’ll never have sex with you. You have to be the most self professed boring lay ever.

  • Muziqjunkie

    His ass isn’t thick enough for me =
    The ultimate ass for me is John Magnum’s!

  • Carniassada

    The taatooed one is totally overacting, ha ha

  • Carniassada

    Did you know a person’s mouth has more germs than their ass?

  • Shalb


  • jj345

    actually, you’re more likely to get folliculitis as the shaved hair regrows.

  • Ron-Phx

    All I can say is “fuck yeah”