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March 9, 2012

How Did We Miss Two Guys Making Out On The Field?

One of the nifty things about writing a blog for a big gay company is that the majority of the employees are into what you’re writing about – hot guys doing homosexual things. If Dewitt or I miss a trick (so to speak), it’s inevitable someone will shoot us an e-mail with boner-inducing content. Even the janitor sends me gay fuck flick screencaps. Here’s a prime example.

Tim Tebow isn’t the only professional athlete making out with his teammates when they hit a homerun…make a touchdown…get it in the clown’s mouth…whatever athletes do. French soccer players Mathieu Debuchy and Olivier Giroud recently tongue-lashed each other after scoring a goal during a game last month. This should be part of a training film in every professional sports locker room.

After the jump, there’s a team snapshot. That’s Mathieu in the towel on the right. Just think, he has probably made out with every other dude in that picture with him. Slut.

– J. Harvey (via Unicorn Booty)

To watch the video of soccer players in love, Follow the JUMP:

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J. Harvey 11:00pm on March 11, 2012

jboy, you're my hero. I am giving you a virtual rimjob with my mind.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a completely a.s.s.h.o.l.e!

  • NJB

    Come on. They weren’t “making out.” FAIL.

  • Jimmy T

    Maybe he should change his name to Debauchery!  Hot!

  • Shalb

    Giroud wiped his mouth after it… obviously didn’t enjoy it

    dumb fuck

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it looks like he kissed his own fist… And I’d appreciate it if you refrained from calling my co-blogger a “dumb fuck”.

  • Glvmkr

    Typical for French sports, no big deal


  • polluxdioscuri

    These guy need to kick it up another notch. I’m starting a charity called ‘Blowjobs For Goals’. I think BFG is the sort of program that can get young guys into doing something productive like play soccer instead of join gangs.

    Shout out to Dewitt. You’ve been getting suppppper feisty this past couple of weeks with comments and while we don’t always agree, ::COUGH::Chris Brown::COUGH:: I appreciate you speaking your mind and giving people the let have.
    sn: homegrown84

  • Caleb

    Maybe “dumb fuck” is his Manhunt profile name?  (Switcheroo).  

  • Jayto812

    Well, to be fair, although they didn’t “make out” that was a lot more than a “quick kiss”.  It lasted over a second!  Straight guys just aren’t so straight anymore.  I don’t know why, but I don’t mind!  Take that, Rick Santorum!

  • LOL … I thought he was calling the soccer player who wiped his mouth the dumb fuck but if he wasn’t then he is a dumb fuck himself.   sn: viewfromabove

  • gcrock

    He kissed his ring finger as a thank-you to his wife. Many football players do that as part of their goal celebration. 

  • Carniassada

    Guys can kiss guys and it’s not necessarily gay, believe it or not there are straight men who arent redneck homophobes and kissing another friend does not bother them

  • Carniassada

    Those guys knew that would be seen by millions but they didnt care, kudos to them

  • Carniassada

    BTW Id take the short black dude, he looks like he would be the most fun

  • Unjeunot

    Europeans are usually more open-minded concerning this.

  • jboy

    First of all SHALB, don t talk to our boys like that you dumb cunt fish fuck, and to answer you re question J. Har, I tell you how you missed it, you we re too busy watching the players on fields crotches to notice the two guys moochin, he he. And you don t listen to losers like SHALB, there are more of us who love you and witty than the few voids like SHALB. 

  • R.

    Woah… Group shot… Wouldn’t being in that locker room after the game!!!

  • William Olympio

    i saw this video a few weeks ago, still get s me hot,,,

  • Septimus67

    This is about sports, not sex. How very un-pc of you to fetishize a black man. 

    The only thing worse than an ass is a self-righteous, inconsistent ass. 

  • Who cares if it was a real kiss or not.  It was still HOT!

  • J. Harvey

    Dewitt is my hero. Shalb – your Dad gives excellent head. It’s just his prolapsed asshole that killed the romance for us. “Like father, like son!” he exclaimed after I vomited at the limp party favor dangling from his asshole.

  • J. Harvey

    If you don’t see this feature as tongue-in-cheek, then….I’ll leave it at that because I am a lady.

  • J. Harvey

    jboy, you’re my hero. I am giving you a virtual rimjob with my mind.