March 7, 2012

Manhunt Daily’s “Read, Comment & Win” Winners For March 7th!

If your Manhunt profile name is on the list after the break, then you are a winner in our “Read, Comment & Win!” contest! Give yourself a big pat on the taint! No, really – do it.

If you haven’t been selected yet, fear not! We’re picking winners everyday! Just comment on any Manhunt Daily entry posted this week, and be sure to include your Manhunt profile name. That’s it. Easy, huh?

Insider tip – funny, thoughtful, dirty, and sexy comments tend to have a better chance of being selected than one word and your name. And for the people who are cuntin’ about us supposedly picking only “hot” people, you are obviously confused. We’re picking all SORTS of people. Just check out their profiles on Manhunt.

Today’s winner list is after the jump! Prepare to be jealous.

– J. Harvey

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Rjapc7 3:50pm on March 8, 2012

you can click on the icon next to their name and see all the commets someone has posted.  i just checked and the comments vary to funny to sexual to praise for dewitt, in no particular order. rjapc7