March 6, 2012

Manhunt Daily’s “Read, Comment & Win” Winners For March 6th!

If your name is on the list after the jump, you are a winner in our “Read, Comment & Win!” contest. You’re also stunningly handsome.

Winners receive full access for 30 days on Manhunt or 30 day subscriptions to Fraternity X, Maverick Men or OnTheHunt!

You can be a winner, too! Just leave a comment on any entry posted this week until Sunday, March 12 and you could be fapping for free in no time! We’re picking them daily! PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR MANHUNT PROFILE NAME OR YOU WON’T BE ELIGIBLE. Look, all caps. It must be serious!

Here’s a hint – the picks aren’t entirely random….we do tend to favor those who leave funny, creative, thoughtful, or cool comments. Or have really sexy profile pics. Look, we’re guys and this is Manhunt. You can even comment on these winner announcements! Comment now!

Official Rules

– J. Harvey

Click through for today’s winners:

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Bigdaddyt 2:15am on March 9, 2012

Well, look at that! If I wasn't drunk yesterday, I probably would've noticed I won!  Thanks, MHD. - BigDaddyT

  • HOT DAMN, I WON!!!


  • Closetreader

    FraternityX is such a hot website!

  • Hylas

    I wish the prize was underwear.  I really need to do laundry.  MH:akahylas

  • Up4anythingfun21

    this looks interesting up4toomuchfun

  • JKM

    I want to win.  workoutbuddy21

  • Coolbreezegitno

    GOOD LUCK. gitno2006c

  • Meeshko21

    aww didn’t win 🙁 meeshko21

  • tim

    rats!!! ready4nowftl

  • Anonymous

    Just for the record, I’m funny. So you should pick me. Wanna sample?In one of Beyonce’s songs she said, “if you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it” … That totally has a different meaning if you think about Cock rings. (mh-fairfaxx09)

  • Davey12374

    and i would like to win and get a man to

  • breakinthelaw

    I’ll just leave this here 8===D~ breakinthelaw

  • Sirquincy

    Ive been through some things ive been through hell and Hotwater and need some one who not on stupid games Im looking for a long Term relationship

  • alex gutierrez

    excelente yo soy un fiel seguidor de todo lo de manhunt, gracias por tomarnos en cuenta

  • Jeepweekend43

    i need some porn 2 watch

  • GAbulldogjoe1

    cumswallowerjoe –   I wished I can when on here I need some cock and cum loads

  • extreme_days

    I’m super pumped that I won..but if I happen to win again do you think I could get a membership to Fraternity X? I would really appreciate that, and so would my penis.

  • Drumlinechs1

    OO eally want FraternityX…!!!! 


  • Calibratedforce

    Now it makes more sense. I should have known that J. Harvey would pull a Dewitt and base it off profile pics. So on that note…I’m not half bad and I have a badge, cuffs, and a gun…hint hint…*holds hands out for bribe from Harvey* 😀

  • “the picks aren’t entirely random…”

    aww, well i just lost all interest in this contest

  • Guy

    hoolllaaa. I feel so loved <3
    Thanks J, Dewitt, and Manhunt Daily team <3

    P.S. I totes would've been happy with winning anything, but I secretly wanted MaverickMen. Do you guys read minds?

  • IMy0ur5

    How lucky and exciting for those guys… 🙂 


  • Kirk75

    pick me.  or don’t.  i don’t care …  but pick me. kirk75

  • TomDickHarry

    this could get interesting… rdex_24

  • Omg Omg thank you so much
    i finally won something
    i never won anything
    now maybe i cand find a hot stud 🙂
    best wishes from Honduras
    you are the best

  • shimmian

    not to be difficult… but as an unattractive MHD reader… does that just mean it isn’t gonna happen?  — well, sn is “shimmian”

  • kool1

    i wouldnt mind winning. im wordsmith123

  • Shortcutie7

    I would love to win anything other than maverick men

  •  “the picks aren’t entirely random…”

    Typical Manhunt, eh?

    Quickly, guys. Unlock your cock pics!

  • leanscruff

    does your profile name need to be in the post, or if you put it as the name in the “post as” section does that counts? – leanscruff

  • GraphicJack

    Not to be whiney, but are you telling me that only guys you think are hot are going to win anything? Don’t pretty people already get enough in this world (better access and ability to find jobs, love, sex, friends, etc.)?  I think I’m a decent looker, if not everyone’s cup of tea, but I just think that if a company has a contest, everyone should have an equal shot of winning… that’s… I dunno… maybe FAIR. Just sayin’ (graphicjack)

  • Bttmbadboy69

    Those are some lucky guys :] – bttmbadboy69

  • lexius1000

     I completely agree. Apparently the only way to “win” anything is to be one of the picture perfect models that gets posted here. Guess I’ll have to settle for just checking things out and not get my “hopes” up…

  • Raverboi

    OMG! i cant believe i won!  I usually cant even win an argument…lol  so thanku, thanku, thanku 🙂  from one very happy little aussie boy, for the record am not one of those picture perfect guys, am a hobbitsized shortass and i’m over 40 for gosh sakes so  me winning proves that anybody can win on here… so get writing fellas …thanks heaps guys….whoooohoooo!!!!  yeh ok am running away now…. lol  Raverboi 🙂

  • Anonymous

     Not true! Some of the winners were selected for their brains alone. When Mr. Harvey stated that the picks aren’t entirely random, he was merely implying that you can’t just post your SN and say “PICK ME!” You should have something insightful, sexy, thoughtful to say about the topic at hand.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s to say you’re not pretty, graphicjack? I just looked up your profile, and you’ve got a great ass. SO THERE.

    Maybe you will win one of these days. Maybe.

  • Anonymous

    Why does everyone keep putting themselves down? Who ever said you’re unattractive? You have as much of a chance of winning as everyone else!

  • To all of those that said you have to  “hot” “picture perfect” “pretty” and what ever else, sorry to say this winner is pretty average, and would not  call myself any of those terms.  So if you think I am one of those terms, I expect you to contact on Manhunt and arranging a time for us to meet soon.


  • MZarate

    Hey Daniel,  Let’s arrange ourselves on your bed. Me on top. You on the bottom. 😉 (YoungBeau18)

  • Oh now there’s work involved? We gotta be witty and sexy too? So much work…

  • Try to hit you up on MH, but it tells me you account no longer exists 🙁

  • Briban48

    A win for the winless.,would be a great day indeed briban48

  • Briban48

    A win for the winless.,would be a great day indeed briban48

  • Briban48

    A win for the winless.,would be a great day indeed briban48

  • Bigdaddyt

    Well, look at that! If I wasn’t drunk yesterday, I probably would’ve noticed I won!  Thanks, MHD. – BigDaddyT