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March 28, 2012

Quickie: Ronnie Reg Waite

Dilemma! Earlier this week, photographer Joe Mazza sent us a tweet about his new shoot with male model Ronnie Reg Waite. A few days later, we receive an e-mail about NakedSword‘s new original scene “I Just Went For It“, starring Manhunt Daily fave Ari Sylvio and newcomer Troy Haydon.

Troy Haydon looks an awful lot like Ronnie Reg Waite.

We’re now in a position where we want to write about both photo sets, yet we’re not sure what to call this terribly handsome gentleman. Is he still “Troy Haydon” when he’s laughing with joy and staring out of windows thoughtfully? Is he still “Ronnie Reg Waite” when he’s devouring Ari Sylvio’s perfectly fuzzy asshole? How do we deal with this situation?

Obviously, we make a post like this, and hope we haven’t offended Ronnie or Troy… But what would you do if you were in our shoes?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Joe Mazza

Click through to see more of Ronnie Reg Waite, Troy Haydon or whatever we’re calling him:

As Troy Haydon, fucking Ari Sylvio:

Watch the full scene NOW at NakedSword!

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  • Boomer84

    Yeah, its the same person. He’s pretty cute. Nice ass

  • Shalb

    very nice ass…..

  • Runnah69

    whatever the name  he is smoking!!!!

  • Ditch Plains

    Nice hair. 

  • Lyonsrobert68

    i would love to have sex with him. he’s hot.

  • Gareth

    He’s a fellow Brit (obviously his accent gives him away) and has done a couple of scenes for!

  • Craig

    He’s got some great ink. Nice eyes, too.

  • CRBear

    Nice looking guy. But the beard would have to go and the “I really don’t want a regular job” suite is definitely a deal killer for me.  But he does have a nice ass.  Lose the beard.

  • hersheyhighway

    Your self-disfigurement is for life; which is a shame cause he began with good looks but marred them with ink.  

  • SCBud

    Totally disagree; very HOT ink! 

  • B S

    Gorgeous young man! Great eyes & wonderful ass!

  • Jesus1245

    Have to agree with you the tatts are what make him HOT!

  •  getting a tattoo is not a self-disfigurement as you put it tattoo is body art is a way of expression. I have to say that there is people that get reckless tattoos but this he has are gorgeous well though out tattoo and either way if you like it or not barely no one cares the one that has to like them is the person that has it cause not even his partner is he has one. 🙂

  • p_tain

    gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. i love his tatts, but all i needed was that smile in the first pic, he’s dazzling.

  • Iltman

    My choice I’d call him boy and feast on that delicious arse, and the tats, yummy.

  • Carniassada

    Hey only one hate on the tats from some old queen, we’re getting there

  • Carniassada

    I guess your dressing down did some good


     Tats or no tats I would still FUCK the HELL out of him !!!!

  • Olesoul

    Hot man, great ink and style

  • Um, yes please. 🙂