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April 27, 2012

Exclusive Video Interview with Samuel O’Toole (Part I)

As promised on last week‘s edition of The Cock Buffet, here is the first installment of our exclusive interview with Samuel O’Toole! We kicked things off with what’s sure to be the least popular question, but the one I was personally most curious about—Why haven’t we ever seen a bisexual MMF threesome on Sammy’s site?

Of course, if you’re able to endure the idea of lady caves for a few seconds, you’ll be rewarded with what’s sure to be the MOST popular question—Will we ever see Sammy with a dick shoved up his gorgeous, downright perfect ass? Spoiler alert! His answer left us with the tiniest bit of hope.

Beyond that, we also chatted about twinks, where he likes to shoot his load and people who get boners whilst taking photographs or filming his scenes… And this is only the first of three parts! Stay tuned in for the rest of this mayhem and foolishness.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel O’Toole

Click through to watch our exclusive interview with Samuel O’Toole:

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Juan Sebastián 2:02am on May 4, 2012

That's much better, guys. Mix it up. You're learning, and I'll be the first to admit it: I'm a faggot who hates sucking dick. I enjoy getting serviced, but not all day! I'm a fucker. I'm here to fuck and be fucked.

  • J. Harvey

    I don’t think I could hate my voice more. :/

  • Sbibb1

    Don’t hate your voice….hate those drapes.  Ick!

  • Guy

    Doesn’t everyone hate their own voice?
    It’s fine 😀

    Also, I totes agree with Sammy. A bi scene isn’t comprised of two dudes toppin a chick.
    Such a charmer!

  • Briban48

    You mean there’s 2 more parts to this interview? I was bored in the first 2 minutes. They ask all the same questions you’ve heard before. 

  • Kram001

    He reminds me of Blaine from Glee.

  • Go_duke_go

    his interview didn’t bore me.  i liked him.  

  • Gym

    he seems so personable, like a regular guy next door… very endearing actually 🙂

  • Stephen

    THis guy is hot and the interview showed he is a real nice everyday guy. More of him please.

  • Underworldblu

    Plenty of mannerisms in all three voices. 

  • Sexybabybear

    would somebody send him to my house next year for my b-day … I’ll let him tape it for the next film … that man is sexy as hell, great personality, and got one hell of a sexy voice … who cares if he looks like Blaine from Glee he could do me forever

  • RagingDoucheBag

    He doesn’t seem like a typical, egotistical, arrogant douche bag. Very down-to-earth and approachable with a personality it seems. A rarity. 

  • John

    Ultra hot guy, and great personality. Seems very cool and down to earth. I look forward to part II.

  • Rjmilo88

    Very fun subject and interesting guy.  BUT, is Dewitt someone’s nephew or something? How did that putz get this gig? He is adolescent, moronic and embarassing. I may just stop checking this blog out all together because he has nothing worth reading or hearing.

  • Markmanscooter

    Wow, that was completely uncalled for.

  • Goatflakes

     Your voice sounds fine.

  • Goatflakes

     Blowing each other is sex

  • Diboy23

    He could top me and a girl anytime

  • J. Harvey

    I was going to ask him if he’d ever killed a man, but what if he said yes?

  • J. Harvey

    You might have mistaken me for Dewitt. Nevertheless, you’re a big gaping cunt.

  • J. Harvey

    Really? My internalized homophobia makes me think I sound like Charles Nelson Reilly.

  • Anonymous

    And I’m your freakishly cartoonish sidekick who giggles nervously at EVERYTHING? You sound fine, honey boo boo.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I got this gig by being adolescent, moronic and embarrassing. Thanks for asking!

  • Un Jeunot

    You have a charming voice. 🙂

  • Well we certainly won’t miss your judgmental attitude. Certainly none of us are forcing you to be here and posting your special brand of negativity.

  • wow he is so cute

  • David

    How about asking if he;ll ever go more than a few videos without shaving? 

    He’s hot, but he always looks so fake, either totally shaved or with all the stubble.

    If he’d stop shaving, I’d join his site.

  • Thomas

    when he will get that hot piece of ass slammed hard and deep???
    he is so fucking sexy!!!

  • cameron_bell

    omg i love you for this samuel is my fav porn star ever !!!!!!!!!!! i would so hug him the whole entire day lol he seems to like giving hugs
    alas my dream will never come true lol im from scotland :'(
    when will the other parts be online i cant wait !!!!!!!!!!!! lol 😛

  • You people make me laugh. Samuel O’Toole is a great guy, but I’m sorry: Dewitt and J. Harvey, you must be the worst interviewers ever! Get over yourselves, man. It shouldn’t take you ten minutes to ask a simple question. The goal is to get Samuel to talk as much as possible, not run your cum-filled mouths. Ask the question, shut up, and get out of the way.

  • Anthony

    Then ask where he hid the body, tips on hiding a body, ect…

  • Anonymous

    There were certainly nicer ways of saying that, especially considering this was our first time doing this. Nevertheless, we appreciate the feedback. Next time we’ll talk less (which will have the bonus effect of us hating our voices less).

  • J. Harvey

    Well, thank you Monsieur!

  • J. Harvey

    You are tremendous, and I was giggling more than you!

  • J. Harvey

    Actually, he’s a very huggy guy. I am awkward type who cringes at being touched, but I know he hugged Dewitt and Dewitt hasn’t showered since.

  • J. Harvey

    I admire my co-blogger’s restraint. What did you want – one word questions? 

    For example:

    Me “Dick?”
    Sammy “Uh, like do you mean mine…or do I like it…or um?”
    Me “Ass?”
    Sammy: “Are you offering..I’m confused…”

    Cuz’ that would have worked. Juan Sebastian, you are a pinhead. And for the record, I swallow it almost automatically. Like your Dad did mine.

  • cameron_bell

    what is dewitt like lol  when will theother part be online ?

  • Cesar

    Cant wait for the rest 🙂
    Follow me or shout out to me on twitter!! @CesarAndalon:twitter 

  • J. Harvey

    In person, Dewitt is a small black woman.

  • Rule number one of video – NEVER SHOOT INFRONT OF A WINDOW – even if it is covered by ugly curtains.  Notice how the existing light washes him out?  Also, he’s a sexy pornstar – shoot him in a way where we see more of his body.  Maybe a wider shot with him sitting on a couch.  And please be aware that your mouth is so much closer to the mic than his, so when you laugh loudly like baffoons it kills our ears and speakers.  And of course, the questions!!  Sam is one of the nicest guys in the industry and he even had a hard time tolerating your dog and pony show.  Other than all that, keep up the great work.

  • Anonymous


  • cameron_bell

    oh no lmao  its just a scottish saying 😛

  • I was thinking the same thing…only Samuel is far more sexy

  • CockConqueror

    Hot interview. He has the cutest face when he laughs. Especially at the end where he discusses his ideal way to cum. I def. pitched a tent then. 

  • Dewitt and J. Harvey, welcome to the locker room, and welcome to Journalism 101.  We’re all guys here. So, cowboy up. Aping Bill O’Reilly’s “Pinheads and Patriots” segment will get you nowhere. He isn’t a journalist, and he’s strangely kind of effeminate, despite being a self-proclaimed paragon of Straight America.

    Anyway, all I’m saying is KISS: Keep It Short and Simple –or as we also say in the business– Keep It Simple, Stupid. (The newsroom isn’t for the faint hearted.) The best rule of thumb in conducting an interview is to speak in sentences, not paragraphs.

    Did you know I’ve never swallowed? Sucking dick more than 30 seconds just seems like too much work, and when I’m screwing around, the last thing I want to do is work. I just want to get on with it, just like my interview questions.

  •  Mathias, something tells me you’d make a great pornographer.

  • Xavier Mathews

    The fuck?? 

  • Anonymous

    You sound like you give terrible blowjobs.

    How was that for speaking in sentences, not paragraphs?

  • J. Harvey

     HAHAHAHAHHA. 2012: The Era Of Telling Them To Suck A Dick. Correctly.

  • J. Harvey

     Hard time tolerating? I don’t think it’s fair that I be on this jury seeing as I have the ability to read minds…

  • That’s much better, guys. Mix it up. You’re learning, and I’ll be the first to admit it: I’m a faggot who hates sucking dick. I enjoy getting serviced, but not all day! I’m a fucker. I’m here to fuck and be fucked.