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April 18, 2012

Let’s Drool: Scott Herman’s New Swimsuit Photo Shoot Clip

Gym god and straight-but-not-narrow hotness Scott Herman has a new vid out in which he poses in low-cut swimsuits. He’s so hot, and he comes off as a helluva nice guy and he’s got THAT BODY. Combine that with his work as a straight ally to the gay community, and he’s pretty much Captain America. Click that link for a visual.

Scott’s from our area, and he’s got the intense Bahston accent. It can be a turn-on. The few times I’ve done some j/o over the phone with someone (look, we’ve all been there and if I can’t admit it on Manhunt Daily, where can I? Church?), they always remarked on my “hot accent”. I think I sound like this guy. But hey, if it turns you on. I’ll definitely park my car in your Harvard yard. Can Scott park his in mine?

– J. Harvey

Check out Scott Herman’s new vid after the JUMP:

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8:47am on April 21, 2012

Bostonian..or Salem New Hampshire to be precisely. 

  • Jimmy T

    Nice guy, great body, really stupid photo shoot.

  • Arion_5

    he’d make a swim suit made out of burlap look good!

  • Jkiser002

    The New Jersey accent is cute (“see ya’ guys lata'”) and so is Scott. Can’t figure where you got the “low cut” part though!

  • Guest

    He’s a friend of mine and is 100% genuine in just how nice he really is.  He genuinely cares about folks!

  • terry

     J Harvey said he’s from Boston, not Jersey.

  • Anonymous

    Bostonian..or Salem New Hampshire to be precisely.