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April 19, 2012

Let’s Look At More Naked Pictures of Benjamin Godfre (And Watch Him Get Interviewed By A Cute Guy In A Tub)

Um, what the hell Benjamin Godfre? How come when we asked to do an interview, you didn’t fly to Boston and sit in a tub with us? ::sigh:: We’re willing to forgive you for this terrible lapse in judgment, because your slippery interview with Accidental Bear was so frickin’ cute that we couldn’t handle it.

Also? You’re still taking your clothes off. As long as you keep flashing your dick on camera, we’ll forgive you for ANYTHING.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Michael Stokes

Click through to see more pics and watch the interview:

Another one by Michael Stokes with undies by Todd Sanfield (available here):

By Rick Day:

By Scott Hoover:

This happened:

Interviewed by Accidental Bear in a tub:

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LeLeBui 4:10pm on May 8, 2012

hes so hot...:))))))))))))))

  • Mornebuzz

    awe, thought he’d at least get up……;-(

  • Damm lost me as soon as I heard his voice and saw his mannerisms when he talked.

  • Shorty

    If I were naked in a bathtub with Ben, there’s no way we would be talking for more than a few seconds… I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands and mouth off him.

  • Ditch Plains

    Wow. That ruined BG for me. I could only stand watching this for less than two minutes. He’s not nearly as hot in video… or when he speaks. Frankly, he’s looking a little worn out in his latest pics too. 

  • Guest

    What’s wrong with the way he speaks. He’s funny, articulate, laid back. Not getting it? He seems very down to earth and interesting.

  • liguyny3

    he sounds and acts exactly how i thought he would.
    hes the kind of guy i would fuck, then talk to for 5 minutes until he starts getting deep about something trivial, then leave cuz “i have a phone call”dont get me wrong, these guys are great to fuck 🙂

  • Anonymous

    He’s just incredibly beautiful to me inside and out. 

  • djws

    Fucking sweet dubstep music at the end!! lol oh and AB and BG are pretty cute too haha.

  • OMG…those first 2 pictures are amazing.

  • GatorBearCA

    I find Benjamin to be witty fun & articulate.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously and loves a good time.  This interview with Accidental Bear was so adorable and fun.  I enjoyed it.  He’s “looking a little worn out” ?  are you looking at the same sexy and gorgeous pics I am?  He is HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • LeLeBui

    hes so hot…:))))))))))))))