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April 6, 2012

Manhunt Daily Wood: Dylan Austin Scott

Dylan Austin Scott was in this music video with Betty White. Let me reiterate that he has breathed the same air as the only living Golden Girls cast member. If you need any other reason for his inclusion in the Manhunt Daily Wood series, then we may need to revoke your gay card and put you on trial for insulting one of the greatest sitcoms in television history…

Also, have you seen his body? If you need to ask why he’s being featured after scrolling through these pics, we might actually have to revoke your gay card. That isn’t even a joke.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: James Franklin

Click through for more pictures of Dylan Austin Scott:

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Damitajo 7:11am on April 11, 2012

10 someone needs to force him to get his cock out

  • Great body no and if or butt about it but I would never seek it out for myself and would probably even turn down a hot offer from anyone built like that as well. 

    Give me a nice swimmers build any day over all that built up muscle.

  • Tim

    is that a hair transplant?

  • Rudi Harmse

    OMG, this guy is gorgeous!

  • he doesn’t take a bad pic!  dayum!  and I usually don’t like over-muscled guys …

  • Stephen

    Soooo HOT

  • 12mile1964

    OMG, OMG, OMG…wow! Love the b7w pic of him with the baseball bat…the way those shadows highlight his amazing body…woof! More of this guy, please!

  • Chad_snow

    Looks like it LOL

  • GraphicJack

    definitely cute, but douchey poses like licking/kissing his biceps or “yo’ wassup?” or “flipping the bird” hand poses are total turn-offs… tends to be an indicator that a guy is too into himself or is trying too hard to be “cool”. But I’ll forgive him 🙂

  • Biguy77071

    Please don’t spoil my fantasy and tell me he is straight! I am going to go to sleep tonight just so I can dream about Dylan. Okay, even if he is straight maybe he plays with guys just for the pleasure of it . . . I hope.

  • Breon


  • tiger42

    good looking..nice smile nice dark eyes! He looks too top heavy for that build. nice when he has some upper body hair and not always smooth.

  • Jkiser002

    never trust a man who goes by his full name!

  • gorge bush

    he’s very broad

  • Creamycox


  • Anonymous

    I’m sure Betty and he had a great time, but he was probably clothed.  I just don’t understand why grown men pose for photos while licking their armpits or their biceps.   That looks a bit like a hairpiece to me, too.

  • jj345

    I’m guessing he hails from the shores of New Jersey, is a closet-homosexual with way too many mirrors in his ‘crib’, and has no social life (?skills) outside of the gym.

  • blueyedudenok

    His bio on model mayhem claims he has a 26 inch waist and a 46 inch chest at 5’8″.    I normally like guys with a big chest, but completely agree with the top heavy comment. 

  • John

    This man is perfection, ultra hot, and way out of all of your catty leauges. I bet all of you bitter queens who are hating on him are fat, single, 70 year old trolls who havne’t gotten laid since the 50’s. It’s amazing how hateful gay men are when it comes to male models, porn stars, etc. If you don’t like him, that’s certainly your option, but there’s no need to post mean comments.

  • hottightass2000

    Looking dam hot and sexy.

  • Escapein05

    very handsome but a little too “perfect”  lose the photoshop and you have a nice specimen for sure

  • Glvmkr

    He  fucking HOT even with the fur, and I don’t usually like the fur!!!!!!!!!  He is gorgeous

  • Kenneth

    LOL@JOhn; John do you really think 70 year old men are on Manhunt? Most are senile or in nursing homes. I am only joking about that comment. I doubt it’s older men or senior citizen men making negative comments. You will be surprised, most young gay men are very critical of other gay men. Older men take whenever they can get and if they find a hot man like this guy, I can assure you, they would be saying bad things.

  • Kenneth

    Correction: they wouldn’t be saying bad things.

  • Shaun

    He’s HOT HOT HOT…..why all the b itchyness…?!   Because u can’t have him?

  • Dan

    Top heavy? He has great (big) legs. Well proportioned as far as I am concerned. And I don’t think that is a hairpiece, so what even if it was? Hot, Hot man!

  • holy shit dude…this is honestly one of the most thought out things I’ve ever read on here.  I speak from experience, I’m 27 but I have the looks of a young 20s twink.  I get a lot of nasty comments about me and I live in a small town.  Older gay men compliment me on how well mannered and polite I am.  I like to believe in being polite and chivalrous, but most of the guys my age or just a bit older talk as if I’m some nasty bitch who has no heart/soul.  When in actuality its them that is lacking the social skills to make people genuinely like them regardless of age, sex, gender.  I find myself doing the same things, only because I am so frequently judged on my “boy next door” looks.

  • booboochan

    ้้He is so big in the upper area. And that big boob. I like a guy with big boob.

  • Anonymous


  • Gingersquatch

    I really dont find this type of build at all attractive. Do I give him credit for having an amazing body and resisting cheese burgers? Absolutely! Do I want to have sex with him? Not even a little bit. 

  • Goodboi69

    He is a good looking guy with a well worked out bod, so good on him for the hard work but he is completely airbrushed in every pic, whats he look like in jeans and a T just shopping at the mall

  • Len

    much better with the fur, than without.

  • Move_faster

    Model sites always lie a little on the measurements, 5’8″ is usually the minimum for a man. I’m not contesting his height, but I’m really not convinced that he has a 26 inch waist.

  • New_moon4566

    Ahhhhh, the perfect man!!!

  • Cortez

    He’s gay I’ve seen him on cute guy. 

  • Chantboy

    I’m attracted to guys who look like they’ve been out working, not working out.

  • Cortez

    Weren’t you saying “bad things” about a model in a previous post?  Something about him being a slut and in a few years not being able to hold his bowel movements? Practice what you preach! On another note just cuz some guys might be older doesn’t equal desperate. 

  • moresafeplay

    He has my vote for “#1 for Life”on “The Ten”… 🙂

  • Kenneth

    Cortez, STF up and never respond to me, loser.

  • Good heavens…he is stunning. That last picture had me drooling over that incredible ass. He’s a beautiful man who obviously takes good care of himself…despite all the bitches above trying to dissect him in an effort to feel better about themselves.

  • Septimus67

    It seems that my gay card is safe for the moment.

  • Septimus67

    But then if I let Dewitt revoke my gay card in person, perhaps I could convince him to rub his sexy beard against my ass before he fucks it!

    I hate Golden Girls, Dewitt. Really I do!

  • Stroketard30

    Awsome ass but i really dont get the appeal of the huge tits tiny waist body,  guess im in the minority?

  • Boomer84

    Didnt get interested until the last pic

  • William Olympio

    I like him better with a hairy chest

  • poonlarp

    There’s no way he has a 26-inch waist. My post-pubescent, skinniest, stringbeany-est body had a 28-inch waist.

  • poonlarp

     Have you seen what “big boob” looks like when things go south?

  • Ohio_guy63

    I’d drink that man’s bath water. He is my kind of man, even though he’s out of my league.

  • Damitajo


    someone needs to force him to get his cock out