April 26, 2012

Manhunt On Facebook: WE ARE BACK!

UPDATE: We are THRILLED to announce that Facebook put our official Manhunt Fan Page back up last night. With 193,000+ “Likes”? We grew in “Likes” while we were down? Did 20,000 people at Facebook decide we were the shit? Maybe. Who cares? OUR FACEBOOK PAGE IS BACK UP AFTER THREE WEEKS!

How did we pull this off? Well, one of OUR favorite gay news blogs Queerty had a lot to do with it. Many of the blogs took notice of the original version of this post from yesterday. Queerty blogger Evan Mulvihill (you should check him out on Twitter, he’s insanely cute) had access to Facebook spokesguy Andrew Noyce and asked him what the deal was. We have colleagues who have colleagues in high places, obviously. So, this happened (via Queerty’s post):

UPDATE (4/25, 4:15pm): Facebook spokesperson Andrew Noyes tells us: “This page was was taken down in error. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” And just like that, Manhunt’s Facebook page is back up.

We’re still not sure what the error is, but we would like to publicly thank Andrew for resolving this, and thank all of the blogs (Joe My God, Instinct, XBiz, Queer Me Up, and especially Queerty) who wrote about our page being taken down.

In fact, can you guys do us a big favor? If you’re on Facebook, can you go to Queerty’s FB page and “Like” them for us? We’d be so grateful. They deserve a little love from our Manhunt members.

So – go to our newly restored Facebook page, comment on a post, “Like” something and enjoy!

– J. Harvey

For the full story of what went on, Follow the JUMP:

On the evening of April 4, 2012, Manhunt’s Facebook Fan Page was removed by Facebook. None of the admins on our page received any sort of warning or message explaining why, how long it would be down for, etc. It was just gone, and it still is. The screencap above is in place of where our page previously resided.

We have repeatedly filled out online form after form on Facebook, and sent numerous e-mails to any Facebook address we could find via research to ask for information on why our page was taken down and what we can do to get it restored. We have received a single e-mail back that gave us very little info and in fact asked the recipient of an e-mail that none of us received to get back to them. Replies to that single e-mail have not been responded to.

Manhunt, as you know, is the best place for men to meet men online. We pride ourselves on properly utilizing social media platforms to spread the word. We used our Facebook page to inform our members about Manhunt sales and events; to post (safe for Facebook) pictures from our parties around the world; to provide links to posts here on Manhunt Daily, and mostly as a way to interact with all of you.

If this was just a paltry amount of Fans, we could just start over.

But we have/had 174,000+ Likes on our Facebook page. Note the bold type accompanied by that eye-catching underlining. We worked very hard on making it a page our readers wanted to check out every day, and the numbers reflected that.

Now it’s just gone. With no information on why or what recourse we can take to get it back.

We’re at a loss here at Manhunt. All we can do is keep filling out forms, and sending e-mails. What we WOULD like to ask is – if any of our MH Daily readers have anything to do with Facebook or know someone who does, could you lend us a helping hand and pass along their contact info? We are willing to bow and scrape before the mighty FB gods to get our page back. We miss it, and we think our members do too.

Also, here is a link to filing feedback about Facebook Pages. If you would be so kind, please fill it out with a polite request to restore our page and ask your friends and fellow Manhunt members to do so as well. We would be extremely grateful.

In the meantime, you can follow Manhunt on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+, and yes – even Pinterest. It’s true – we’re everywhere. Except Facebook. *sad face*

Want to help us out? Help us send a note to Facebook and let them know you’d like Manhunt back in action! Find out how after the JUMP!

We’ve made it easy to send Facebook a note. Just open their Pages feedback form and let them know you’d like Manhunt back. We’ve even included a message you can paste in the form:


I’ve learned that the Fan Page for ( is no longer available and that the site’s operators haven’t had success reaching out to you. Manhunt has 6 million members, and close to 200,000 fans — all of whom would like to see the page restored; especially me!

I’m hoping that you can contact the Manhunt guys (they even set up an email address for you, and help get one of my favorite pages back!

That’s it! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! And let us know if anyone at Facebook gets back to you!

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None 7:29pm on May 17, 2014

Perhaps they were giving you a taste of your own medicine? When you treat your own customers with contempt, then you can expect it back and then some.

  • They tend to remove gay fan pages rather easily…But not straight ones with half naked women 

  • Xavier Mathews


  • Go_duke_go

    i found Facebook to be squirrely from the very first day i joined.  it took me forever to finally learn how to remove myself.  emails for help and explanations were useless.  i’m sorry this has happened to you but perhaps you’re better off not dealing with them.

  • HMAN

    Zuckerman is a Homophob

  • anonymous


  • GraphicJack

    It’s true that they are way tougher on gay content that straight content AND that they can remove things without warning. It’s also possible you’ve been a target of homphobia. There was some Facebook hate-baiting page that very recently bragged that they were going to “flag” any gay-positive Facebook pages until the admin people decided/were forced to take the content down. It’s also possible that this was an automatic removal and that if you speak to a real person, they will review your case and determine you weren’t breaking any rules. In your grovelling to the powers that be at Facebook,  mention that you feel that you were a target of a homphobic attack. But if you had any content on the page that was fairly explicit sexually, you may be screwed. They are really tough on anything that is suggestive, especially of gay male sexually, as stated above. Good luck.

  • Top

    Good luck getting any answers from Facebook – they are useless when it comes to letting anyone know ANYTHING

  • I think this is a good thing,  Facebook will become a nothing more than a catch all for crap advertising, with a strong following of mindless fans.  Keep your dignity, and don’t bother with it.

  • Tucker

    Really, let’s be honest do you really need a FB page? They are tougher on gay content than they are on straight content (as stated several times).  It would be one thing if they had notified you first and then removed the page, but because they just took it down with no warning or explanation that’s crossing a line. That’s not really an appropriate way to treat your customers (and product). FB is not the only game in town, so let’s stop treating it like it is. The other networks are growing quickly and there are many people who are members of more than one network. Somehow I doubt that FB was driving tons of new traffic to ManHunt. I’m guessing you’re in a position that you don’t need FB, it’s just nice to have it. I would suggest you seriously consider deleting the account (if you ever get it back), and focusing your attention on social networks that actually respect you as a customer (and product). Besides the other services like Tumblr, G+, YouTube, and Pinterest are all superior presenting and showcasing visual content. Really that is the core content on ManHuntDaily. And think of all the great G+ Hang Outs you could host between fans and models.

  • Ginchgonch

    Just send them an email apologizing if any content that was posted on your facebook fan page was against their terms and conditions. Also you hope they will restore the page and let you know which content must be deleted and that in the future you will make sure that you dont go against their terms and conditions. Be very polite and as soon as 1 2 3 your page will be restored.

  • the only reason i have a facebook page s so that i can post on various sites who choose to use facebook ie (???) i dont have any friends there, dont want any friends there… in fact to post here i used my fb profile…. otherwise i wouldnt bother, its a matter of time before another social networking site comes along and blows facefuck out of the water…

  • mbinj

    Facebook is a fad. It seems so permanent, but so was Friendster, and mySpace. It’s in what Gartner calls the “hype” phase. If the only communication people have with their friends is on facebook, they don’t have any friends.  I recently dropped facebook, realizing it makes you think you are interacting with people when you aren’t. It will probably become the preferred place for shut-ins. 

  • Ginger1701

    ive had a cpl of profiles deleted and all of them without any kinda warning first time it happened had to readd all my family to it and they where like wot happened where did u go
    would of been nice to get a warning rather than immediate removal

  • I sent a feedback note.  Saying that there is discrimination involved with the removal of your FB page, hope this helps.  If not, we don’t need their conservative ways.


    They’ve removed my stuff twice.

  • JayforOne

    Karma’s a bitch. Maybe Crutchly shouldn’t have sold his members and donated to the repubs. Sucker.

  • Luckieboi711

    you guys appear back…. time to update the story

  • Cool Kid

    J. Harvey, I don’t know if you know this, but one of the bloggers at made a mockery of this post. I had to let you know because stupidity and immaturity by grown ass men need to be exposed! He basically copied this post but made it completely opposite. Here are a couple of quotes from the site:

    “We have repeatedly filled out online form after form on Facebook, and sent numerous e-mails to any Facebook address we could find via research to ask for information on why our page was there.”


    “But we have 263+ Likes on our Facebook page. Note the bold type accompanied by that eye-catching underlining. We work very hard on making it a page our readers want to check out every day, and the numbers reflect that.”

    That dude needs to grow up.

  • Sozo

    They removed my sites page without notice too. 

  • They removed my sites page without notice too.  

  • Solomon

    Facebook is the devil…Why are you groveling for exposure on a site run by manipulative, money-grubbing computer nerds who are exploiting mankind’s narcissism for quick and (seemingly) limitless financial gain?  

  • Guest

    Reinstate DList. Problem solved.

  • Anonymous

    Screw Facebook, it is faded already.

  • Just checked and it’s there:

  • Rob_da_frog

    Hire a lawyer and sue their asses! It could result in a loss of profits!

  • SJP

    all is right with the world again….

  • J. Harvey

     Yeah, that’s Zach. He’s a cunt, but some of his shit is funny.

  • Anonymous

    So you guys at manhunt know people who know people who know people who fuck with Mark Zuckerberg?

  • Hurray and power to the (gay) people!

  • None

    Perhaps they were giving you a taste of your own medicine? When you treat your own customers with contempt, then you can expect it back and then some.