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April 2, 2012

More Insanely Attractive Pics of Jon Hamm

The following images were taken to accompany an article about Jon Hamm in Esquire Magazine, but who needs words when you could be looking at Jon Hamm? This man makes eating a cheeseburger look sexy! Or maybe the fact that he actually eats cheeseburgers makes him sexy? It’s impossible to say.

Hell, he’s so fucking precious that we’d bang him in a swimming pool full of cheeseburgers. Not that we’ve ever had dreams about a situation like that! And I can assure you, we definitely did not wake up from those dreams with a sticky feeling in our pants and a Big Mac next to our pillow. Definitely! Never!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Peggy Sirota

Click through to question life and how it’s okay for a man this attractive to exist:

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  • jDressler

    have been checking MHD every half hour for some post about Michael Fassbender’s 35th birthday — come on, guys — don’t disappoint

  • kink2go

    I like the second picture (balancing on a car) as a picture, but I do NOT get the Jon Hamm thing.  I don’t think he’s that attractive; I don’t think he can act to save his life (could his Mad Man character be any more one note?) and I had to stop watching Mad Men because the writers insisted I sympathize with his character.  (And I like a show about unsympathetic men–Rescue Me, anyone?)

  • Anonymous

    Is he waving his penis around again for his 35th birthday?

  • Michael H

    I have followed Hamm’s career from the days of Providence to Madmen. He is very handsome and improves with age.

  • Leannnhung

    I find him ATTRACTIVE in these photos, but I never found him to be a spectacularly handsome man – he gets close to model-handomse in a few of these pix. He’s helped by the great hair (I do love good hair on a man). And I think he looks great on Mad Men – but, what fit man with good hair does NOT look great in those clothes with that hair-style, under those lights, holding a matini??

  • Glvmkr

    I don’t see it

  • Honestly.. what’s the point in posting about NOT liking him? If you don’t like him, don’t look at the post. Something else will come along that you’ll like. Dewitt and J. Harvey are trying, hopefully, to appeal to a wide variety of men. So, not everyone will like everything. 

    I personally am in love with Jon Hamm and am happy that you guys are posting about him! 

  • Guy

    Is it just me or does he resemble Chris Rockway?

  • Lucifer

    hes not ugly or anything, but dont you think youre going WAY overboard. i doubt id look twice if i passed him on the street…

  • Anonymous

    I think Jon’s handsomeness comes out best when he gets to be goofy… the Season 5 premiere when he’s getting his little serenade? Best he’s looked in all 5 seasons. Stick him on SNL or 30 Rock? Hot. And Bridesmaids? Ridiculous… He got a good spin of the genetic wheel, but his attractiveness comes from inside — and it’s something he usually has to hide as Don Draper.

  • Kenneth

    I recently seen Michael Fassbender’s cock in the movie ‘Shame’ here in D.C. The man’s cock is about 8 inch unhard. I noticed how big his cock was in his sweat pants in X2. He’s not the best looking man, but that cock makes up for everything. His cock is cut by the way. hehe

  • Kenneth

    Jon Hamm doesn’t turn me on. I seen a hot guy on the Starz series ‘Magic City’. His name is Steven Strait. This 26 year old guy is gorgeous.

  • JeremyS

    They’re still publishing Esquire? With that first pic after the jump, the magazine’s art director ought to be fired. 

  • polluxdioscuri

    I think you’re alone on this one. Jon Hamm is gorgeous, funny, and a damn good actor.  Compare him from Mad Men to 30 rock to Providence *totally watched it* to him on SNL. he’s versatile. Unfortunately, I’m only referring to his acting.

  • polluxdioscuri

    Chris Rockway sits somewhere between Jon Hamm and Chris Meloni. Who I’d get arrested for accosting if I ever saw him in person.

  • Yea, I agree with the above (mostly, sorta). He is damn sexy but I’m not sure these pics of him could fall into the “insanely attractive” category.  Fun. Perhaps. Interesting. For sure. Insanely attractive…ehh.

  • Ben

    Just…gorgeous! And yes he looks like a real cool guy!

  • apothos

    yummy pics