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April 19, 2012

The Locker Room: Tom Daley

Adorable twink swimmer alert!

This is champion British merman Tom Daley. He looks like a boy bander, doesn’t he? A boy bander who left One Direction to embrace his real love – wearing Speedos.

Daley was the youngest competitor to ever represent Britain during the 2008 Summer Olympics and he specializes in the 10 meter platform.He’s also the 2009 FINA World Champion. Accomplished and twinky hot.

For everyone frowning at this post, he’s 18 – so he’s legal. Stop glaring at us. Puritans!

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Tom Daley (all from 2012, we hope), Follow the JUMP:

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Move_faster 8:00pm on April 22, 2012

Check out Matthew Mitcham, Australian gold medal diver and gay to boot :)

  • Guy

    GOD I can’t fucking wait for the Olympics.
    Gymnastics, diving, swimming, track, wrestling.
    Soooo many hot dudes.
    Alexander Despatie is the hottest diver.

  • Shorty

    Hot! Love his cum gutters…

  • Loloferrari

    he is 13…

  • Guest

    The face he is making in the first pic makes him look cuter than the others.  But, he is still a doll.

  • Have to love a true swimmers build like he has!
    As Guy said in the first post ya buddy some hot guys to watch in the Olympic events no doubt about it! 

  • Random24

    He actually is not 18 until May 21st, so he is really underage………… Should not be posted on here………. just saying 

  • Younginseflorida

    He’ll be 18 in 29 days.    I can wait.

  • joeat

    @Random24 you are quite wrong.  There is nothing even slightly pornographic about these pics and you could display a 4 year old under these circumstances.  These pics could not be more legal and tasteful.

  • Guestuk

    Age of consent in uk is 16

  • Amonust

    i don’t think he was commenting on the legality, i think he meant the morality of the situation.  don’t get me wrong, i’m on your side, i just felt like clarifying.  personally, i see nothing wrong with thinking a guy is hot before he turns 18.  some guys mature faster than others, and there are some that i think are hot as early as 15, and i think almost every is sexually mature by 16 or 17.  the whole idea that one day it is horrible to find someone attractive, and the next day, just because they had a birthday, its totally ok is stupid.  granted, the age of the viewer might come into this…. but i’m 23 now, and i don’t foresee my opinion on the topic changing as i get older.  i know the law is the law, and i’ll obey it because its not worth it not to, but i still think its stupid  

  • Darson256

    Thank you.
    Is it just me or is it MORE telling about the people who love to use the “P” word on here or allude to it?  You know ..the old ” doth protest too much ” thing.

  • SG

    Forget HIM! Who’s the BALD guy? THAT is hot.

  • JamesWilk


  • JamesWilk

    Creep much?

  • barrorg

    in what way?

  • poonlarp

    With a treasure trail like that, he’s old enough to admire.

  • Josh_p52

    Well, if you have him, why not some pics of Aussie diver, Matthew Mitcham!  😛

  • polluxdioscuri

    Damn right he is!! Sweet Jesus.

  • Logan987

    I’m sorry, not all of us are 85 years old…

  • Jamesy41

    Tom is definitley gay.

  • Sparky82
  • muscle dad


  • Move_faster

    Check out Matthew Mitcham, Australian gold medal diver and gay to boot 🙂