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April 26, 2012

Underwear Drawer: Thongs Aren’t Cheesy If The Guy’s Hot

The “Underwear Drawer” post I was dreading writing. A garment of much debate – the thong is polarizing for merely being just a tiny piece of fabric. Some guys think they’re gross, others have a drawer full of em’. Whether you’re wearing it to show off your bod (especially those cheeks) or because you like your butthole stimulated throughout the day (don’t front), there are plenty of dudes out there cleaving those cakes. And where would our friends the strippers be without their bulge-enhancing aspects?


If you are one of those gentlemen who is going to be showing off his body in a thong to the general public, we ask two things of you:

A) Cleanliness. Cuz’…just… cleanliness. Perhaps some manscaping? Let’s keep everything nice and tidy, kay?

B) Have a hot body.

Concerning “B” – as much as I personally think everyone should let their freak flag fly, there is no need to be raping eyes.

That’s it. Even the many who find thongs to be the epitome of slutty cheese can appreciate a dude with body sporting one, right?

What are your opinions on buttfloss? Let em’ fly in the comments!

Huge thanks to the Men In Thongs Tumblr for the pics! Check em’ out if you like dudes in thongs!

– J. Harvey

For more pics of dudes fulfilling Directives A and B whilst sporting thongs, Follow the JUMP:

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Ronnie M 5:10pm on September 7, 2013

So sexy!!! I love thongs!!! my favorite type of underwear on a guy! I love wearing them and I love when guys wear them! I look good in one, and feel sexy when I wear it

  • Glw2511

    There’s nothing sexier.

  • Runnah69

    i agree they are wicked turnons on the right people.  I would look like a beached whale in a thong so my body and that skinny  piece of clothing just won’t mesh together,  but all you young hung and athletic studs  I  beg you please keep wearing them   unless  you  want to remove it for me –  YUMMMMM!

  • Firestar031

    Each guy is different to me some can pull it off and some can’t.

  • GraphicJack

    most of the thongs are nasty… total turn off for me, personally… but yah, most of the dudes are hot, granted

  • Santino

    The guys are Hot, the Thongs are NOT.  EXTRA CHEESE- No Thanks

  • Santino

    Hey # 10 you’ve done work on your body, Now hit those Feet- your heels look like Elephant hoofs !  LOL

  • Americanotico

    Well, in reality, if a guy has a nice package or nice buns, what the hell~!!!
    They are better than a jock strap, because in a lot of porn movies guys in athletic supporters simply spread their cheeks and get fucked, while keeping their man meat packages up front prudishly covered.  I want to see, touch, feel, massage, taste it all ~ so a sling or thong is a vast improvement, cause you gotta’ take it off (all of it) for real durable sex~!!!

  • Carniassada

    I think thongs are unattractive on men and women alike

  • wrestlesex

    ALL clothing (or lack of it) is hot if a hot guy is wearing it.    A thong is no different than a pair of boxer shorts, or a football pads, or a business suit — if the guy in it is fat and ugly, its not gonna be hot.   If he’s an adonis, the outfit will look great.

    So cut the crap about having to have a “great bod” to wear a thong — because you might as well tell people to wrap themselves head to toe in a hefty bag if they don’t have a great bod.

    And while I’m at it, Fuck You with your demands for “manscaping.”    Up until VERY recently, the only gay men who “manscaped” were the hyper-feminine ones (including, but not limited to, drag queens, trans, etc.)    As someone who has been engaged in gay sex for well over 30 years, an untrimmed bush was never an issue for myself for any of my sexual partners.    So while its all well and good to emphasize “cleanliness” in general, “Cleanliness” and “Hairiness” are two COMPLETE AND SEPARATE ISSUES.

    So again, fuck you and your demand for “manscaping”

  • Anonymous

    It’s telling that the one picture I found arousing was the guy with the LEAST manscaping.

  • Lostinmyhead

     Same here, not sure if it’s how horny I am or how hot the guy is.  Sometimes I think thongs are hot as hell, while other times it can be a total turn off.

  • J. Harvey

     I think what I meant….actually I can’t say what I meant cuz’ it involves bathroom issues and I can’t type about those. I have issues.

  • J. Harvey

     How do you really feel?

    I think if you have ass crack hair SPILLING over your thong…it’s an eye rape.  But this is only my opinion.

    I am fairly pudgy and not a come-hither beauty. I don’t fit a conventional standard of beauty. I wouldn’t be out at the pool in just a thong, and I think that the general consensus would be “thanks, J.”. But that’s just me. It’s why my name is at the bottom of the post. So I am far from telling people to wrap themselves in garbage bags, Drama Mama.

    Yes, cleanliness and hairiness are two different issues. If you’ll note my reply to my co-blogger, I think I was actually writing about my imagining the wiping issues and dirtying up a thong and it being gross but I couldn’t initially type about it so I wimped out and hid it in “manscaping”.

    As for the whole “fuck you” bit…really? Ease up. It’s not that crucial.

  • Dgatch503113


  • Shorty

    Thongs are hot as hell! I just started a diet, and I don’t have a goal weight- my goal is to look good in a thong.

  • wrestlesex

    ” eye rape?”    sexual violence is never amusing, and describing something that you find extremely unattractive as “rape” is an insult to the victims of real sexual assault.    No one is FORCING you to look — and the fact that your blog features lots of pictures of men that I find utterly and completely disgusting doesn’t make you a rapist in my book — because you can’t FORCE me to look at them, and I choose to skip right over those posts.  

    as for the consensus about you being at the pool in a thong, I don’t think that the consensus would be any different if you were considering wearing board shorts.

  • J. Harvey

    Thank you for your candor and your comments.  I am sorry you find the occasional flippant tone in which I write offensive. I am also sorry that you find the gentlemen we feature to be “utterly and completely disgusting”.

    (Note – I’m really not sorry. There’s that flippant tone.)

    Perhaps you would be happier reading another blog with content that is more to your liking? There must be a blog out there that will allow you censor the blogger’s voice, and perhaps control exactly what and how they write so as not to offend your sensibilities.

    Maybe a different choice of blog will also allow you to continue commenting in an uptight, humorless, censor-y, and WAY too serious fashion about a post that doesn’t really merit this much drama.

    Also, you’re assuming I’m NOT a victim of sexual assault, aren’t you?

    Ugh, please leave before I ban you for annoying me. Do you have an e-mail address that I can send a pic of me in a thong to? I could send a board shorts shot, too.

  • Tim

    I don’t care for thongs, I think they look silly on men.

  • RavelTrouser

    See, thongs…I dunno…there’s something about them that Usually reminds me of Jane Fonda I think it’s the thinness of the line as it travels over the hip that is kinda 80’s arobic video to me. Though some of the shots on here are flat out sexy as hell.

    I will say that I recently discovered the joy of the cock-sock style of undergarment, and I love them. I imagine wearing a thong is similarly comfortable.

    Thongs however strike me as being innately feminine, which makes it really sexy sometimes when a cut, muscular man is wearing them as that juxtaposition of hard and soft is sexy, and it reveals the hell out of the goods.

  • Jimmy T

    The last guy has the killer ass of all time.  Amazing!

  • JeremyS

    Damn you, Manhunt Daily! You’re bound and determined to fill up my computer’s photo capacity with all these hot and sexy guys! 

  • jj345

    yeah, sorry… thongs are just cheesy. and ridiculous. no exceptions.

  • wrestlesex

     Hit a nerve, huh?    When someone can’t differentiate between criticism and censorship, its pretty clear that they’ve been confronted with an uncomfortable truth.  So you make an obviously false accusation rather than acknowledge that you were wrong to be “flippant” about sexual violence  (what’s next?   being flippant about the holocaust?   Maybe a few jokes about lynching african americans — given the large number of your readers who are incapable of finding ANY black man attractive, I’m sure that racist humor would be a big hit here!)

    And feel free to send me those pix…. unlike you, I’ll just delete them without accusing you of attempted rape.

  • Carlsan

    It’s like having a permanent wedgie!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I can keep going with this.

  • Anonymous

     Guys, let’s just eat a cake baked with rainbows and happiness and fly on a unicorn to a world of acceptance.

  • J. Harvey

     Eye rape.

  • J. Harvey



    These guys brought a whole new dignity to the thong. WOW. Now that;s how we should be doing it. Terrific and sexy and so HOT. If you have the body you should go for it and all those who are so jealous could eat it. I am so aroused here. Good job Manhunt.

  • Well they certainly work for some of those guys…especially the one with the spade on his ass.  HOLY FUCK. That’s sexy (but maybe better with the tag cut out).

  • Sheen

    some of the guys look hot but not right for others

  • Ick ick ick! Even with the body for it, it makes you look like a trashy girl.  If that’s your thing…then rock it…but it’s not for me.

  • greenkai3000

    Real men don’t wear thongs

  • Petergozinya37

    These men in thongs are awesome. ME in a thong NOT.

  • L

  • Lot’s of differing points of view on thongs or g-strings as we call them here.I’ve been wearing  them since age 20,I’m now 47 & I think I can still pull it off,the assets are in good nick & I really like them.Depending on the cut,style & fabric used a thong can look & feel amazing.Some of THE best made & designed thongs come from HYP7/Muscleskins in the USA,the cut,stitching,elasticity,colours,fabrics are the best..I swear by them!.

  • Wizzmrk


  • the dudes are hot, the thongs are not.  thongs are for strippers. if yer not dancin’ around the pole, there is just no need. 

  • Millerthesheep

    Most of these guys look so uncomfortable in the Thongs, rather Distasteful

  • Millerthesheep

    Oh Whatever

  • Mattyrec78

    The only thong that looks masculine is the 2xist Y back…  Feels damn good on too..

  • Carniassada

    Give me a man in a pair of boxers anyday

  • Johnnie10

    thongs look so damn uncomfortable with that material going in your crack, oh yuck its bad enough when my regular underwear does that I am not going to wear some that goes in there on purpose.

  • Wow guys, all this rhetoric about a piece of cloth, really?  I haven’t laughed this much over a post issue in a while.  To each his own, if you and lover(s) like what you wear, rock on… that is all.  

  • Guest

    i’m really enjoying how wrestlesex has been absolutely right in all of his comments, and has also maintained a calm, reasonable tone. takes notes, j. harvey. you can’t prove you’re right by throwing out off-topic comments, berating the other person, OR using the “calm down, geez” approach.

  • Ronnie M

    So sexy!!! I love thongs!!! my favorite type of underwear on a guy! I love wearing them and I love when guys wear them! I look good in one, and feel sexy when I wear it