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May 15, 2012

16 Pictures of Seth Fornea That MUST Be Seen

Look around for a moment! If there’s anyone in your immediate vicinity who should NOT see your boner, we highly recommend that you avoid clicking through to view the rest of this post. Why? Because we managed to track down some additional images of male model Seth Fornea—after someone kindly linked us to his Facebook fan page—and they’re even hotter than the first batch.

Would anyone be mad if we added Seth to this week‘s edition of The Ten? That would break our tradition of letting a full week go by before adding anyone to the countdown, but exceptions can be made when you look like this… Right?

– Dewitt

Photo credit: AFB Photography

Click through to see the other fifteen pictures:

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will 8:42pm on December 2, 2013

my partner is the sexiest man alive, but you are next.

  • raveltrouser


  • RoadRunner86

    Magically delicious I would say….I would like the prize in that package of Lucky Charms!

  • surferguyns

    all i can say again is wow!

  • Guima__


  • kitta

    Rangas should not be photographed

  • NJB

    OhmyFUCKINGgod, a ginger-lover’s wet dream! 🙂

  • Aptivaboi

    would love to give that red, some head! YUM!

  • gorge bush

    good. grief. yes.

  • DC ‘Mo

    Is it wrong of me to say that I just want to bury my face in those red pubes and never come back up?

  • MacFitz

    What a beautiful ass! 

  • Graphicjack

    Thanks for the warning, Dewitt.. I saved this for when I got home and I did indeed get a boner… Dayum, that’s hot

  • Anonymous

    He’s way hot and a down south country boy.  And he’s a super smart chemist or something… Geez talk about total package

  • toby

    Hot Stuff , shame his cock is the same size as a woman’s clitoris.

  • Breon


  • Go_duke_go

    what can be said about this man that hasn’t already been said?  that just has to taste good and be fucking hot in bed!  more!

  • MacFitz

    and you know this how?

  • J. Harvey

    His Facebook page says he’s a “dancer”. Holy moley.

  • giveitagocanuck

    i love the lucky charms shot…cute and playful

  • usmcdoc31

    would love to see him and Nicco go at it

  • Magnum8man

    gorgeous man… but leave the hair on that hot hot body!

  • Prettty_drake

    so beautiful hes mine

  • gorge bush

    you think?  most every ginge i’ve ever “known” has had a pretty big dick.  not that i’m stereotyping or anything lol

  • TopManDick

    Is he a porn actor….or just fucking hot….period?

  • jboy

    LOL, didg nyone get the carrot top referance,  God, he s too perfect, he must have one lucky lucky BF

  • Gee!!! I love his read hair!!

  • gorge bush

    if you go back to his photos from yesterday, you will see a pic of him wearing something wet and clingy and he has quite a big dick on him.  if he’s cock is the size of a woman’s clit….then it must be bea arthur’s lol

  • doug

    Here is the link to his fan page!

  • Tim

    DAMN – I have such a raging hardon now – every fantasy come true.  Those perfect nips, and abs, and chest, and ….time to go and take care of matters

  • Anonymous

    He is one helluva fucking gorgeous man!!

  • Cubguy

    Hottest new guy of 2012 Hands Down!

  • Darson256

    Absolutely hot man!  But why in this world would you waste his ginge hotness with b&w pics??

  • seth est perfection.

    i don’t think i could photograph him, because i know the temptation to jump seth’s bones and nibble on his lucky charms shall be too great for me to endure.

    (and that would not be Professional.)

    i wish to form a rainbow coalition with him and Sergio.

    (damn there are some beautiful guys roaming this mortal coil!)

  • Biguy77071

    Nice body. I really like the red hair in all the right places. But, I don’t get a boner for him until I see his.

  • Thatguyroman

    I have never wanted a carrot more in my life. 

  • Thatguyroman

    Does he remind anyone else of Max Martini? Just a bit?

  • Rick

    Holy shit this guy is unreal.

  • RegguyFTW

    He has even more pix on his blog:

  • Jeffedge

    Seth is very sexy.  I’ve been lucky enough to assist on a few of Alan’s (the photographer who took the pics above) shoots and he’s an amazing photographer.  He’s also a great guy and a lot of fun to work with.

  • Anthony

    OhCelestia. I want those Lucky Charms.

    No need for milk, I’ll make my own. >w>

  • Brady

    Extraordinary. Divine. Wow.
    The only thing that spoils the effect is everytime I look at him I see the mayor of Seattle. 🙂
    Still, the moments I get that out of my head I am lost in lust.

  • Ed P

    Wow! A red red fox, I go crazy

  • Sgprabbit

    i wanna marry this guy!!! help!

  • And why wouldn’t you add him to The Ten? Your game, your rules, he’s hot…I see no problems there. Unfortunately my two votes are already spoken for as long as my lover, Quinn is in the mix and that very sexy Harijs.

  • Paolo Boto Donis

    I’ve met him in person, he’s even more attractive. And he has a great personality. He definitely isn’t a small guy, and he works pretty hard.

  • Sp19147guy

    I would HAPPILY take 3 of them

  • Rafael_r_17

    aqui esta mas bello.. me lo qiero qedar jejejeje

  • Romeo

    Who eats Lucky Charms without milk?? When you’re as hot as this dude, you eat whatever the fuck you want!!

  • Romeo

     I hope he eats me! Woof!

  • Onyx_rod

    He’s fuckin’ hot!  And a real red head!  Top Ten definitely!

  • Seanbrowne90

    Doesn’t really do it for me to be honest!!!

  • Jeremy S

    Words fail me!

  • ClemsonGuy
  • me

    hi call me red haired man

  • star

    I am star

  • star

    call me email me

  • star

    you are delicious

  • will

    my partner is the sexiest man alive, but you are next.