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May 10, 2012

Exclusive Video Interview with Samuel O’Toole (Part III)

It’s the third and final part of our exclusive video interview with Samuel O’Toole! Or is it? If you listen closely to the last fifteen seconds, you can hear the faint sound of a Manhunt Daily blogger pleading, “Wait! One more thing!” What is this mysterious thing? When will you find out about it? Keep your eyes on the blog, and you’ll find out soon enough!

We’re giving you this warning, because we don’t expect you to sit endure all fourteen minutes of this last segment. If you do, we admire your stamina! If you don’t, at least try to stick around for the first fifteen seconds, in which Sammy begins to tell us about his favorite hobby…

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Samuel O’Toole

Click through to see more pics and watch the final segment of our interview:





OH, and here’s the actual interview (though all four scenes are referenced at some point):

Charmed? We know we were! Click here to try out Sammy’s site for $1. You might like it.

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Ceem 7:36pm on June 25, 2012

He's nothing until he gets a big cock up his ass!

  • Gyzngalz

    The video interview was EXCELLENT….Please, more of these – with porn models this articulate and charming…..but I’ll watch them and enjoy them regardless.

  • Go_duke_go

    well, i’m going to agree wholeheartedly with Gyzngalz, sam is both articulate and uber charming.  
    dewitt, you don’t know me but perhaps you have happened to read an occasional entry of mine and realize that i frequent these blogs daily and enjoy them.  if one particularly piques my interest (well built, uncut, hairy ass and legs-just to name a few… LOL) i will post my arousal for all to see and if the interest isn’t at that level i will abstain and keep my opinion to myself.  i see no purpose in sharing negativity in this world.  so with that said, i want to thank you for this series, in particular.  i have enjoyed ‘meeting’ sam o’toole.  it’s just as with any entertainer – interviews give us a chance to see someone from a human point of view and not just from an on screen appearance.  porn actors are rarely given the opportunity to show their fans who they really are.  oh, and it’s pretty hot to see a stud who can fuck or get fucked like a damn  superhero sit down and allow me to listen in on one of their conversations.  thanks again, buddy.

  • Stephen

    Again I love this guy so handsome, sexy and down to earth . I will buy some of his porn dvds now.

  • Mike

    i really like him. Ive met him at market days in Chicago and he was very friendly and nice to all those waiting to meet him. And he is so charming and witty. No smack talking here Samuel–i’m a fan! 🙂

  • Matti Jarvela

    …too bad, I’ll never have the pleasure of knowing this normal man! Cute & charming… and so normal by the sound of it… to be american! This is a european opinion!

  • Guy

    ‘Excuse me sir, your testicles are hanging out.’
    Such a nice guy!

  • Anonymous

    You know, this comment really meant the world to me right now. Thanks.

  • John

    I like how he mentioned how mean some of the fans can be with thier comments. Maybe it might make all the haters out there think twice before they needlessly post hurtful remarks.

  • Anonymous

    AMEN. People think that porn stars or other-such models are invincible or, by putting themselves out there, they’re somehow opening themselves up for critique.

    That said, they are still human beings. They have feelings. And it hurts when you say dumb shit about them.

  • That also applies to the non-porn guys that get featured on here (and even just people who comment). We all have feelings and sometimes the guys on here show no mercy.

  • Anonymous

    Double Amen.

  • cameron_bell

    man i love watching samuels interveiws !!!!!!! im so sad i know lol
    i dont know what it is about him and no its not his dick lol
    its just something that draws you in i mean im scottish and dont love easily and samuel
    is a massive exception 😀

  • Eirynfox

    More like this please 😀

  • Ceem

    He’s nothing until he gets a big cock up his ass!