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May 24, 2012

Jesse Jackman Had A Foursome

Oh, hey, remember how gay porn couple Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber (along with fellow Titan Men dick god Hunter Marx) will be appearing at Manhunt‘s booth for IML this weekend? If not, you can find out all the details here!

According to Jesse, the sling we’ll have set up for them will be put to good use: “I’m very glad we’ll have a sling set up for the event. I’ve already asked for – and been granted – approval to use it, film the results, and live-blog the video. I’m really looking forward to that.”

You can hold him to that promise! Judging from these shots taken in NYC a few weekends ago, Dirk and Jesse aren’t particularly shy about sharing their intimate moments with you. They had a foursome with another gay porn couple, Charlie Harding and Scotty Rage, and the pics and videos are all over Jesse’s blog. Check ’em out!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Jesse Jackman

Click through to see more pics and watch a video clip:

(Obviously not in chronological order)

Charlie and Scotty fucking, as filmed by Jesse:

Check out homemade videos of Dirk and Jesse fucking here or here.

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toni 12:08pm on May 27, 2012

Jessie is sexier on pics than on video...and he talks to much, you can say everything what you want in less words...

  • Anne Noise

    Jesse is so, so hot, and this was a really great shoot – something very natural about it, maybe its the vaseline’d soft focus lens, haha.

  • Shalb

    some ugly ass tattoos going on there  (yes – bring on the hate)

  • Stroketard30

    Dude looks like my old landlord i used to fool around with…awsome.

  • meh!

    WooF!  Nothing wrong goin on here with these three.

  • ggf

    so wait, they’re going to fuck? in public? in a booth? confused.

  • Guy

    Ah, really?! Porn stars actually do this in their personal lives?!
    Another reason to be jealous…
    This is too excellent.

  • So Manhunt is going to set up a sling in their booth with porno guys around. Is this so the visitors can come in and get a sample fuck?  Where can I get tickets to this if Jesse is gonna be dishing out dick?

  • toni

    Jessie is sexier on pics than on video…and he talks to much, you can say everything what you want in less words…