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May 4, 2012

Money Shot: The Best Picture of Marc Dylan… EVER.

What you see above is NOT the best picture of Marc Dylan ever. Don’t get us wrong! It’s a super cute picture. Yet, given the fact that this guy has done a bajillion scenes by now, it takes much more to become the best picture of Marc Dylan ever. “Super cute” doesn’t cut it.

Well, more accurately, “super cute” is only part of the equation. Marc’s smirk in this picture is beyond adorable. When combined with a fantastic view of his fuzzy hole and floppin’ dick, the resulting image will both confuse and arouse you. You won’t be sure where to direct your lips. Quite simply, there are too many good options.

Also, I might have a weird ’80s gym class fetish? That might explain why I think this is the best picture of Marc Dylan ever. Those socks are killing me.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Falcon Studios

Click through to see the money shot:

And here’s Marc getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio:

Watch the full scene NOW at Falcon!

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Kyle 5:58am on May 5, 2012

I would very much like to see that one, lol

  • Fillip

    Best pic of him ever.

  • Trousersdown

    My fave is one from a series you guys posted a while back where he’s smiling with a big ole dick in his mouth.

    That’s when he won me over.

  • Felixdahousecat

    wow that sex was so homogenised it didn’t even raise my pulse let alone my dick. Why is iron so broken?

  • Felixdahousecat

    *PORN not iron, Damn auto correct 

  • Commenter

    That really is an adorable pic. But if that’s the resting state of his asshole, it’s starting to look a little, um, open.

  • David

    That’s when you take miles of cock and not do your daily kegels.

  • I would very much like to see that one, lol