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May 9, 2012

Welcome To Phenix Saint’s Retirement Party

It’s a shame to go from talking about important news like this to an announcement about a gay porn star’s retirement, but I suppose that’s the nature of the business I work in? Some of you like to come here and talk about news, entertainment and LGBT issues. The rest of you come here to look at dicks and butts. I’ve come to accept that (as well as the small portion of you who come here to fulfill both needs).

Now, with that said, it’s time to say goodbye to Phenix Saint! After several years in the adult industry, the Cocky Boys exclusive model has decided to call it quits, which is either because he turned thirty or got caught saying racist shit (choose to believe whatever you’d like).

Chances are, this won’t be the last we see of him… Remember when Trevor Knight retired? As if to prove my point even further, retired performer Bobby Clark came out of retirement for Phenix’s “final” scene. It’s only a matter of time before Phenix comes out of retirement for (insert name here)’s “final” scene.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Cocky Boys

Click through to see Phenix’s farewell fuck:


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Larry Darnell Sims 6:08am on November 28, 2015

Okay, look guys and some girls, I LOVE me some Phenix Saint, I said it, yes he retired but if a fan hurt him I will kill the S.O.B., if he hurt him and his.

  • Northcarolinasucksit

    Ew. Too fat.

  • Jakub

    Who’s too fat.  The lean one, or the other lean one?

  • aintrapeifyoulikeit

    You want them to have a fat one, nothing like a good chubby

  • Go_duke_go

    i’ve got a fantastic ‘retirement plan’ for that man!

    on a side note:  FAT???????????????  you’ve gotta be kiddin’ me … who the hell in this post is fat???????????  that’s got to be the most ridiculous statements i’ve read on one of these blogs in a long time!  damn!

  • Darson256

    I always enjoyed his scenes.  He is one of the few of them that can “act” in a scene and sell it. I do hate those wtf tattoos on his stomach tho.

  • Anonymous

    With a porn name like “Phenix” he should’ve retired when he started. I can’t get turned on with a name like that.

  • Ditch Plains

    I’ve always liked him. Ignoring the idiotic stomach tats, I think he has a hot appeal. He reminds me of a rough-around-the-edges barista at a coffee shop that I used to hook up with. He would constantly give me refills and food, then one day I realized that he didn’t do that for everyone and he just wanted me to stick around. I’m a little dense. He eventually just asked me to stay and help lock up. Good times. Anyhoo, yeah, I like Phenixs’ look. 

  • Septimus67

    Phuck, he’s hot!


    I will miss him. UUGH.

  • matti jarvela

    …and sooo weird that racism thing?!!  Are You no allowed in U.S.A. not to prefere one race against another in general .    Are You guys expected to be turned on every single manwoman… as long as they share the same preference in bed….  Lucky that one lives here in Europe, here we can still like or not like… without being accused of racism for that!!

  • guest

    What? You like them anorexic?

  • MaV

    I hope he comes back. Phenix is hot…great eyes, body, and always the great performer. He shouldn’t have let a crazy fan fuck him up. Come back Phenix, please!

  • cutlass

    It’s not about preferences, you fucking faggot, (oops, but then again this is America right?), he wasn’t talking about preferring anyone. He used racist language unprovoked and talked about how he stand fucking men because he’s “straight”. I swear, as long as it has muscle, some of you fucking morons will dismiss anything. What’s the limit? He murders someone but that’s okay as long as you think he’s hot.

  • So sad but my chap is gone he retired, yes, I will miss him, some do say he said a number of racial slurs, but what is not clear, I cannot, nor will I comment on what I know not of, but I do know this he was a very hot and sexy white chap, if he is racial, ask him directly look into his eye, see those that he hang with, and so on, but if he is NOT leave him alone. I do hope he come out of retirement, if he do this fan, of color will be buying his vid, et al…if he is happy cool, but I and the rest of us will truly MISS HIM.

  • Okay, look guys and some girls, I LOVE me some Phenix Saint, I said it, yes he retired but if a fan hurt him I will kill the S.O.B., if he hurt him and his.