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May 16, 2012

Who Would You Rather?: Television Characters Who Came Out

It seems like forever ago, but we recently posted about the young gay guy on Days Of Our Lives coming out. It got us to thinking – why haven’t we taken an in-depth look at other (cute) televisual gays that have come out? And by “in-depth”, we mean “asking you which actor who played the gay character you’d rather 69 with”. It’s a lot like 60 Minutes here at Manhunt Daily.

Remember these are actors who have been part of a “coming out” storyline television where it was a big drama and shit. If they’re just “the gay guy”, then we’re not including them.So we’ve got Randy Harrison (“Justin” from the US version of Queer As Folk), Michael C. Hall (David from Six Feet Under), Chris Evans’ actor brother Scott Evans (Oliver Fish on One Life To Live), Van Hansis (Luke Snyder on As The World Turns), Jake Silbermann (Noah Mayer on As The World Turns), Kerr Smith (Jack McPhee on Dawson’s Creek), Wilson Cruz (Ricky Vasquez on My So Called Life), Shawn Pyfrom (Andrew Van De Kamp on Desperate Housewives), Lee Tergesen (Tobias Beecher on OZ), Jensen Atwood (Wade Robinson on Noah’s Arc), Adamo Ruggiero (Marco Del Rossi on Degrassi: The Next Generation), and Gareth David Lloyd (Ianto Jones on Torchwood). WHEW! You’ve got a big decision ahead of you!

– J. Harvey

Check out the pics and vote after the break!

Randy Harrison

Michael C. Hall

Scott Evans

Van Hansis

Jake Silbermann

Kerr Smith

Wilson Cruz

Shawn Pyfrom

Lee Tergesen

Jensen Atwood

Adamo Ruggierio

Gareth David-Lloyd

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Yusnearharmoko 4:39am on May 22, 2012

I would really like to say Scott Evans but I always have a craving for Kerr Smith ever since I saw him in Dawson's Creek

  • Brian263_2000

    Can I just be in the middle of all of them  and let them have there way with me

  • biboi

    How many of the actors are gay? 😛 

  • I think I speak for many of my raised-in-the-90s/early 2000s gay brethren when I say that pretty much all of us have had a massive crush on Kerr Smith at some point. When his character came out on Dawson’s Creek, it was HUGE to me — his character had one of the first guy-on-guy romantic scenes I had ever watched, and possibly the first gay kiss I ever saw, period. (I didn’t follow the show when it first aired — I remember watching reruns on TBS one summer vacation when I was maybe 12 or 13.)


    I was torn between Randy Harrison and Kerr Smith I never watched either shows, but I chose
    Randy Harrison I don’t know why.

    Is the picture of Kerr Smith recent or back in Dawson’s Creek?

  • Glvmkr

    I voted for 1 of them, but wouldn’t kick any of them out of bed!

  • Cool_Kid

    Shawn Pyfrom…. I wanted to fuck Andrew from Desperate Housewives so bad! But check out that tongue on Beecher!!! But I’m wondering why you featured Beecher but not Keller (Christopher Meloni)? Is it because Keller was bi? Or is it because Mr. Meloni would’ve won by a landslide?

  • AlsknBornGuy67

    Gareth David-Lloyd for me!

  • Aeaustin07

    Gareth David-Lloyd. Love torchwood. When he died in jacks arms made me cry

  • Thatguyroman

    I would totally be the center of an Evans brother sandwich. 

  • Arosssinpollo


  • Carniassada

    Jensen Atwood

  • jboy

    I wanna know too if all these actors are gay in real life, cause I thought Michael C hall was str8?

  • William Olympio

    Wilson Cruz is the best of the bunch. 

  • Oddgamer

    I completely forgot that Kerr Smith existed, going to have to watch Dawson’s Creek again. He is so HOT

  • ISOnextX

    I thought Wilson Cruz is out, no?

  • Steve62laslagunas

    Straight guys who play gay guys who come out??? Never heard of any of them as I don’t live in the USA, so I’ll abstain from voting.

  • Darson256

    Randy Harrison, Van Hansis, Scott Evans, Wilson Cruz are really gay in real life.

  • Anutternate

    Kerr Smith, Lee Tergesen, Wilson Cruz, and Gareth David-Lloyd … i don’t want to pick just one but in this order if i had to!

  • Better question is who wouldn’t I rather not … that would be Lee Tergeson, but hell yea to all the others!

  • Joseph

    Has Van “officially” come out? I know Randy, Scott and Wilson are definitely out and proud.

  •  Shawn Pyfrom Shawn Pyfrom Shawn Pyfrom Shawn Pyfrom Shawn Pyfrom

  • Cortez

    Tobias Beecher for sure, his character was awesome from start to finish. I loved how he was in a gay relationship but was no bitch. 

  • James

    For me it’s a tie between Kerr Smith & Shawn Pyfrom. Both of them made me curse that they didn’t go to school with me, and I didn’t get to help “explore” who they were. lol!

  • Truth!!!!!!

  • Squirt1000

    Wilson Cruz by far!

  • cnewman518

    Clearly the Evan’s family is popping out some major hotties.

  • Taurusc519

    Scott Evans for sure. I loved the character Oliver Fish. If Oliver was real I would be all over him.

  • Luke22

    Scott Evans is adorable, I want him so bad!

  • i was torn between jensen, “beecher,” and wilson.

    i ultimately picked wilson, because i like pelònes.

    i’ll leave it at that.

  • MrCellophane293

    Kerr Smith in an instant. I had a huge crush on the guy since I was a teenager. That voice and that smile are killer!!!

  • Yusnearharmoko

    I would really like to say Scott Evans but I always have a craving for Kerr Smith ever since I saw him in Dawson’s Creek