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May 16, 2012

Woof Alert: Victor West

Watching this clip of Victor West jerking off for Pantheon Bear, it might not be immediately clear that he’s jerking off to another video from the site. Truthfully, he appears as if he’s jerking off for you and only you… And even if you’re not the type who’d be into an inked daddy with a thick beard, hairy chest and shaved head, you’ve got to admit it’s pretty flattering when he shoots two loads for you and only you!

(Fun fact! He actually shoots three loads in the full video.)

According to the site, this 43 year-old Oklahoma DILF is a “country boy to the core”, and he wears his cowboy boots whenever he’s “looking to have a good ol’ time”. We assume that means he wears his cowboy boots when he’s looking to fuck, which would be a lot hotter if we knew (for sure) that he’d be willing to throw those cowboy boots in the air. What? Don’t act like your mind didn’t go there when you saw his meaty ass.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Pantheon Bear

Click through to see more of Victor West:

See more of Victor NOW at Pantheon Bear!

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Michael! 2:51pm on May 17, 2012

I struggle to get past the beard. It's just kinda funny to me for some reason but he's a sexy man despite my amusement with his beard.

  • SJP

    just NO

  • RSA Boytjie

    Agree, just NO!

  • Dirkvr

    He can sit on my face thank you

  • Shalb

    there’s just so much gone wrong here…. where to begin

  • David

    This is refreshing to see.  Really, guys, not everyone gets turned on by twinks or guys who try to look like twinks by stocking their bathroom cabinets with depilatory creams.  This man is a MAN, not a boy or a “boi”, and I’d definitely do him.

  • Leannnhung

    I’m in the ‘no’ camp too, of course, but still, I enjoy the fact that there are guys out there who’d do this guy in a second, even though I’d never consider it. Not just ‘someone for everyone’, but in fact, PLENTY of someones for everyone!

  • raveltrouser

    Thanks for a new vocab word of the day.  “depilatory creams” I’ve never heard or read it before.

    the more you know.

  • David

    LOL you are welcome, although I fear I may have misspelled it…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
  • Magnum8man

    my kinda bear!

  • joe

    Santa Claus: The Early Years.

  • Sdm

    This is a very hot man, and you should see him in person, EVEN BETTER!!! WOOF

  • Sdm

     He dates someone on my bowling league. Have seen him there and he is sexy.

  • Jerry

    That’s just fine by us because that means more of a REAL MAN for us. 


    JUST NASTY !!!

  • wef

    its so hot!!! i wanit one

  • Tom in STL

    That episode of 30 Rock was hilarious!

  • I struggle to get past the beard. It’s just kinda funny to me for some reason but he’s a sexy man despite my amusement with his beard.