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June 11, 2012

Am I Too Old To Join Swim Team?

I’m actually serious about the title of this entry! Looking at these naked pics of Andres made me long for my days as a swimmer, when I had an excuse to run around in a speedo and take out all my aggressive sexual energy on a bunch of H2O molecules. Not to mention, I also got to watch other dudes shower. That was nice too.

My favorite season would be summer, because a few of my teammates would get insane tan lines that accentuated their tight, young asses. I’d fight my hardest to not get a boner (and failed quite a few times). Then I’d go home and fantasize about tag-teaming them with the coach or one of the “creepy” hot older guys who’d hang out in the locker room.

This is relevant, because Andres has great tan lines (and I want to tag-team him).

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Fratmen

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Cam 7:28pm on August 7, 2012

I've never wanted to be a bearskin rug more! *drool*

  • Twomeninflorida

    beautiful guy   beautiful pics

  • Sammy

    You’re never too old, just do it!  You can do it!  Repeat, “I can do it!”

  • college93guy

    AMAZING body…great tan too. I think we should have sex right now. or anyone else who is interested haha

  • jj345

    take note, queens: THAT is a swimmer’s build!

  • there’s a gay swim team/league here in boston dewitt!

    -As a side note, I’m on a gay rugby team and I cant speak highly enough of joining a gay sports team as a way of meeting people and being active. It also some times gets you laid. 

  • apothos


  • gorge bush

    i love tan lines!  so falcon 1980 something!

  • Anonymous

    Did somebody say GAY RUGBY TEAM? I have no idea how to play, but I’m willing to learn.

  • Graphicjack

    Yah, when I was a kid watching the Olympics, I always watched the swimming and diving. It was totally the more exciting sport to watch… As I’m an adult, I understand it was because I love watching the men in speedos. Now that the guys are all wearing those dumb unitards, it’s nowhere near as hot to watch the swimming competitions. At least they still wear speedos for diving 😉 I lok when they dive, and they always have to adjust the suit when they come out of the water. Then they take a short shower, and go sit with other divers in speedos in a hot tub. could it get any better without it turning into porn?

  • Actually, we’re doing a bootcamp on july 21st- We haven’t posted anything yet on our website, but here’s the general link:

  • Shorty

    Seriously! Real swimmer’s builds are hot! Unlike the flabby guys that claim to have swimmer’s builds just because they occasionally go swimming. Same goes for the men who are “athletic” because they play sports once in a while. The build category is present so we know what kind of body you have; we don’t care that you sometimes swim or play sports or work out- we care how it makes you look. Own up to your body type and don’t claim to be something you’re not.
    /End of rant… sorry… it’s one of my pet peeves about Mh/

  • Sgprabbit

    if joining the swim team gets me access to this cutie, sign me on! now!

  • Johnnie10

    i so agree with that statement about people choosing a build that is wrong for themselves

  • Brucestrine

    Such a cute face, among other things.

  • jj345

    Amen, shorty! just cuz you loves to watch basketball and knows how to use a remote, does NOT make you “athletic”; nor does having played college football 10 or so years ago make you presently a “jock”… my pet peeves!

  • What a sexy little fucker he is. There’s something about his face and body that reminds me of a younger Jeff Palmer.

  • jj345

    good call!

  • Cam

    I’ve never wanted to be a bearskin rug more! *drool*