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June 5, 2012

Bi The Way: Vinny Castillo & Cassandra Cruz

I’m bringing the Bi The Way feature out of hibernation for Vinny Castillo. There’s absolutely nothing bisexual about his latest scene, but perhaps our bisexual (or gay, or straight, or questioning) readers will appreciate watching this handsome, meaty fucker do what he loves most… And he loves pussy. A lot.

As much as I would like to see Vinny with another man, I’ve got to admit that it’s hot watching him pound Cassandra Cruz‘s brains out. They kick things off with some passionate kissing, with Vinny gently licking and caressing her breasts. In no time, she’s on her knees slurping on Vinny’s big cock, deepthroating it right down to the base. Her nose is practically buried in his thick, dark bush.

Vinny eats her out, slaps his cock on her ass, eats her out again, she sucks his dick some more, there’s some sixty-nining, and then the real action begins. It’s an understatement to say that Vinny’s got some serious skills in bed. Honestly, I’m not sure if the ladies would enjoy his pace or style, but he fucks Cassandra exactly the way I’d want him to fuck me.

Laid out on his back, he lets her ride on top for awhile, until he eventually places her feet on his knees and thrusts his hips into her hard, fast and deep. Afterward, we get an awesome view of his muscular ass, as he drills her on her back. Then, in what might just be the most boner-inducing position of the whole scene, he picks her up whilst standing and bobs her up and down on his shaft.

They end things doggystyle. While the cumshot is a bit anticlimactic, it’s the journey that makes this all worthwhile. Definitely check this out! Unless you’re one of those gold star gays who’s terribly afraid of vaginas and boobs. In that case, you can sit this one out.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Next Door Hookups

Click through to see Vinny in action:

Watch the full scene NOW at Next Door Hookups!

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  • Anonymous


  • Jaxxx

    Just Sad and Wrong…

  • Anonymous

    You should probably see a doctor about that.

  • Dilbert

    That was not what I needed to see this early in the morning.  Why?

  • Drkjcbs


  • J. Harvey

    Lucky bitch. 

  • Anonymous

    Because Vinny Castillo is ridiculously hot. That’s why.

  • Anonymous

     Also, I would just like to say that “Jaxx” and “Dilbert” are the same person. Our comment system records IP addresses.

    I’m almost wondering if he borrowed someone else’s computer to make the other two negative comments.

  • Jkiser002

    why would you post this on ManHunt?

  • Copeydunts

    because theres bi guys on here to. and he’s hot!

  • Twomeninflorida

    omg what a waste!!

  • Ettienne

    vartety s a good thing… think of watching a straight porn movie,while a guy suck my dick..either way i will cum,because im a horny sexpert…lol , some gyusw can do both ways,some cant,,bare with it

  • SJP

    ugh… smells like tuna

  • Sjp

    yuck… boobs

  • raveltrouser

    Fun!  Hot…and Vinny is yummy, nice to see him doing some sex.   And why oh why oh why do boys have to get all scared of some lady flesh?  It’s called Bi the way…. expect to see some vadge.  Does no one ever read the title or the lead in? 

  • Anonymous

    Because it involves a really hot MAN. Is that enough of a reason for you?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh, this comment smells like jealousy.

  • Rob

    he is hot. and i don’t mind seeing a little boob once in a while, but that second pic, she looks a little like fergie. that kind of threw me for a second.

  • at what point in the long introduction before you even saw a picture did you get confused…cause if you read what was posted, you would know what was to come. And if you know what is to come….you need to stop commenting on what you saw. How hard is this to comprehend?!? Someone out there really enjoys the guy, the scene, heck they could just enjoy it for the scenery…whatever. Someone on this site enjoys it….and they don’t need you to provide commentary on something you don’t like or something you didn’t fully read the description on.

  • Outraged of Penge (UK)

    Put his head in a brown paper bag and all is fine – otherwise, vile haircut plus facial fuzz which I hate, so, personally he could be dicking the best looking guy on the planet and it still wouldn’t be worth seeing

  • Thatguyroman

    I have no problems watching guy on girl action, hell, sometimes “straight” porn is more interesting to watch. Some of them actually … you know, try. 

    Anyway, I want to see Vinny with a dude (but I could say that about all guys I find really hot) but I have no problem watching him get it on with a lady. So thumbs up (among other things) from me.

  • Cortez

    He’s hot but why are the chicks always underwhelming? Don’t hot girls do porn? lol

  • Thatguyroman

    Also, I feel I should point out there are straight women and lesbians who watch gay porn, and heterosexual men who watch (albeit very fake) lesbian porn … so why is it so hard to fathom gay men watching and enjoying heterosexual porn? 

    Open up your mind holes, people, and let the world put it’s knowledge in you. 

  • Anonymous

    I think maybe, since this is straight porn aimed at a gay/bisexual audience, it’s similar to how the guys in REAL straight porn are “unattractive”.

    Honestly, I thought Cassandra was pretty hot? She’s one of the best female cocksuckers I’ve seen on any of these sites.

    (I need to stop replying to all of these comments. I don’t know why I’m so defensive about finding this hot.)

  • Gr

    I just puked in my mouth.

  • Boricuabellaco

    He is a god! The studio needs to offer six figures so h can fuck the bejesus of Marc Dylan.

  • Trev

    I’m sorry, I thought this was a fish free site!

  • Fariasrv

    I’m “gold star,” but I’m not disgusted by vaginas or breasts; they just don’t interest me.  That being said, I have no problem with the occasional lady bits showing up on Manhunt.  I have developed this amazing ability to simply elide them from my field of vision when looking at straight porn, and instead focusing on the hard cock(s) filling said lady bits; I recommend cultivating this ability if naked women terrify you so horribly. 

    In short: grow a pair, pansies.  You wouldn’t be here if not for the body parts you’re so grossed out by.

  • The guy next door

    Very HOT.  Thanks for posting.

  • jboy

     He s hot, but whats that creature he s with and why doesn t it have a dick?

  • loved it. both guy and girl was really cute :3

    dewitt, you need to do a whole week of just bi the way (and gossip) to weed out all the trolls in this place.

  • jboy

    TROLLS!!! You don t like it then you can leave troll land 

  • Anonymous

    I probably wouldn’t have bothered downloading this movie until I saw the preview clip above. It is HOT to watch a hot gang bang a chick — especially when the cam focuses on his ample ass as he bumps and grinds. BUT he should have been the one getting his ass eaten. In fact, I wish more straight scenes would include guys getting their asses violated in some way by their female partners. At the very least, I hope Vinny has a solo assplay vid in his near future.

  • according to an interview on bananaguide(6/12/12) one of his turn ons is a “btrail of hair down a guys chest to his balls” and he “isn’t a size queen, it doesn’t matter” and 2 of his celebrity crushes are guys Ben Affleck and Gerard Butler.  That  implies that he is at least somewhat bi.


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