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June 28, 2012

Chandler & Harley: Holy Fuck, This Scene Looks Hot!

There are times when the descriptions for Corbin Fisher‘s scenes are so good, I bust before I even have time to hit the “play” button. Not even kidding! Some gay porn sites are terrible at describing their work, but CF has a way with words that’s on par with some of the better It Happened On Manhunt submissions.

The text accompanying this clip of Chandler and Harley is no exception to the rule. Between that and the pics, I’m practically shaking in my chair in anticipation of watching this scene later tonight… And it’s only 10am right now.


I guess I’ve got a long wait? Something tells me it’ll be worth it.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Corbin Fisher

Click through to see Chandler and Harley in action:

Harley’s enthusiasm for sex is getting him a lot of fans. One of them is big-dicked Chandler! These guys make out eagerly and Chandler wastes no time getting Harley to his knees and getting his mouth on his Chandler.

Chandler slaps Harley’s face with his cock. Harley strokes his own cock and spits on Chandler’s dick as he sucks it. Chandler tells him he likes that and tells him to do it again. Harley gets farther down on Chandler’s long dick than I would have imagined he could!

Harley bends over the bed, and Chandler pulls down his pants to show off Harley’s beautiful bubble butt. Chandler lubes up and teases Harley’s ass with the head of his cock. He tells Chandler he wants to be fucked hard.

Chandler tells Harley to spread his ass for him. Chandler drives his dick into Harley’s tight ass. Harley moans as Chandler slides all the way in. “Oh fuck, you have a huge dick!” Harley says. Chandler pulls out then shoves it back in.

Harley jerks his cock as Chandler pounds his ass. “I love when you fuck me hard,” Harley says. Chandler rolls Harley onto his back and fucks him in the missionary position. These two guys are so into each other, they never stop telling each other what to do and how good it’s feeling.

“You’re so deep,” Harley says. Chandler slams his cock in and out of Harley’s tight ass, asking if he likes it. “Tell me how big I am,” Chandler demands. Harley shouts out as he gets nailed and Chandler slaps his face and covers his mouth.

Chandler fucks a thick load out of Harley. Cum lands all over his ripped abs. Chandler pushes Harley onto his stomach and keeps fucking him. Chandler pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Harley’s back.

Whew! These two had an intense chemistry together. Harley clearly enjoyed taking Chandler’s cock as much as Chandler enjoyed fucking Harley’s tight ass!

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Michael! 1:55pm on June 29, 2012

That last pic is orgasm inducing all by itself.  YUMMMMMMMM!

  • 1oftheboys

    Damn..I want to join in on that action.

  • Herschel Salomon

    I guess all it takes is any young-ish white men with body hair removed and the word “hot” starts popping up.  Something in those facial expressions puts one in mind of the words “special” and “education” …  Are the photographers for that porn site cruising the short buses in California?

  • alaskaman

    oh shit, older white men with cocks and asses like that would be smokin’ also. Look at those expressions alittle closer, looks like pleasure bordering on ecstacy to me. Try getting fucking by a big cock and have the dude snap a facial pic of you, YOU’RE  probably paying for it anyway! bet you have a similar expression.

  • RavelTrouser

    NOt everyone has body hair.  especially younger guys.  ugh, I’m starting to feel like i need to start glueing my facial hair to my chest the way some people carry on about this.

  • nebraskakid

    those same expressions on old older white man puts on in mind of the words “nursing” and “home”.  shut up man, we’re gay. don’t hate on each other.

  • Troll eater

    Troll ^

  • AJ

    I don’t get it…these guys are pretty average looking and way too young for me…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it. This comment is pretty average and way too unnecessary for me.

  • alaskaman

    “nursing” and “home ” really? How would you know? Trading blow jobs for warm milk at the senior center?

  • DewittCanSassMyAssAnytime

    I always love it when Dewitt gets sassy!

  • Try again.

    You wanna make fun of special needs kids? Let’s see your face while you’re fucking; that oughta be worth a laugh or two.

  • Jeremy S

    They make a cute couple.

  • That last pic is orgasm inducing all by itself.  YUMMMMMMMM!