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June 11, 2012

David Chase Is A Daddy.

We can argue over the semantics of “beefy” and “hairy” all you want—in particular whether those words apply to gay porn star David Chase—but you’re going to lose if you insist this post’s title is inaccurate. He is literally playing the part of a bi-curious, married father in “Daddy’s Boy“, the fourth and final installment of NakedSword‘s original series Hooker Stories.

Since I’ve had the pleasure of breaking in a few straight virgin holes, I can attest that David’s “acting” is 98% accurate in this scene (based on the trailer). The moans! The passive demeanor! But most of all, the moans! Whether it’s real or acting, he’s putting on a damn good show for us.

Grr, I can’t wait to get home and stroke to this!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: NakedSword

Click through to watch Evan Mercy pound David’s ass:

Watch the full scene NOW at NakedSword!

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  • I always picture Daddy’s to be a top so it is hard to take this video for what it is suppose to be but I suppose hiring a hooker for your first time is not too far fetched if your an exec with money. 

  • Dickiejones2987

    I would give my left arm to fuck him.  God he is so fucking hot.  Makes me cum everytime.

  • H D

    He’s no daddy but he’s fucking hot!! More david chase plz

  • BB Bronco

    daddy is a state of mind, more so than a sexual position – know lots of daddies who love it when they get the living shit fucked outta em…..- just like I know some who like to fuck the shit outta lads…

    this is a hot, hot vid

  • suckit

    shame that a guy that attractive let himself be fucked by a kid that ugly/ridiculous looking.

  •  Um personally I hope they clean the shit out before it happens! “WINK”

  • jboy

    What a hot pairing, good post boys.

  • Anonymous

    I want and need David Chase to fuck me!!

  • DC ‘Mo

    God.  That was freakin’ hot.

  • CRBear

    If I picked up my boys in the trailer park…..That is what they would look like.

  • Blackhunk33

    Twinkie top is VERY miscast.  Daddy is good though.

  • Guy next door

    I’ve always thought David Chase was hot.  Other guy is kinda cute.  Looks like a hot scene.

  • Buttsuckermn

     I would USE my left arm to fuck him!

  • jj345

    good scene — very hot daddy!

  • Cleanyourringpls

    The tops asshole looks stained with shit….gross

  • Stephen

    David is superhot   even taking it up the arse mmmm

  • I Allan53

    David Chase wish he were mine to drill   Ian

  • Dear lord, he is so fucking sexy. He can come play Daddy (str8, gay or otherwise) to me ANY TIME and I’ll fuck his brains out right after I finishing riding his beautiful cock for a few hours.  This is really shaping up to be a good series they’re making. There’s been a lot of hotties in it.  I’d like to nominate David for “The Ten”.

  • Sjp

    true… so true

  • Ronannarbor

    I used to find David Chase extremely hot, especially back when he looked like the innocent straight boy next door in the Randy Blue videos he did — back when he had hair (which is apparently shaved now — I don’t get that look, since he looks hot with his longish black hair)…but now, not so much anymore, probably because he has done more porn than, well…

  • Liguyny3

    i thought the roles were gonna be reversed. i was pleasantly surprised to see that hunk of a man getting nailed in his hole. that was fucking hot hot hot

  • muchosbesos

    904-662-4895 Call David Chase <333

  • MickLamarr

    David Chase: my favorite Porn actor ever!!!!