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June 14, 2012

Everything Butt: Tate Ryder

I’ve been struggling with my attraction to Tate Ryder for so long now, because he doesn’t seem like someone who should be “my type”. He’s just so gosh damn pretty! As a general rule, I tend to be suspicious of anything or anyone this gorgeous, though my dick (apparently) hasn’t received the memo to be wary of Tate Ryder and his smooth, delicious butthole.

This is a good thing.

We spend way too much time worrying about “types” that we occasionally miss the hotness right in front of our eyes. I could spend all day dwelling on Tate’s absurdly pretty face, or I could embrace how it’s balanced out by his tattoos or his mischievously naughty demeanor… Or I could just embrace how great he is at getting rammed like a cock-hungry slut.

Tate claims to be a versatile top. Since signing an exclusive contract with Lucas Entertainment, they’ve rarely allowed him to explore his more dominant side. He’s been fucked by Adam Killian, Vito Gallo, Adrian Long and Will Helm, and yet only one of those scenes incorporated a flip-fuck.

Normally, I’d be frustrated when a porn star’s held back from doing what he loves, but this is definitely an exception. Tate doesn’t seem to mind bottoming. In fact, he seems to enjoy it as much as he enjoys pounding ass. Maybe he’s just a really good actor? It’s impossible say.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lucas Entertainment

Click through to see Tate Ryder’s hot ass:

With Adam

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

With Vito:

[Flash 10 is required to watch video]

See more of Tate at Lucas Entertainment.

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Tré Xavier 5:48pm on December 4, 2012

Well, he's working for Michael Lucas, one of the most stereotypical, artificial gays around. So doctored photos shouldn't be a surprise. LOL

  • Carniassada

    Nice ass but it turns me off when models pull their cheeks apart and put the sphincter in my face, I’m not in medical school, asses R nice to look at, sphincters not so much

  • Amonust

    i’m so torn on this guy.  his face is so pretty, but his build is bigger than i normally like…. and i’m not normally a fan of tats, and while the hand and tramp stamp are pretty bad, the flowers are actually really cute (i love to see guy who have the masculine and feminine sides of themselves in balance) and davinci on his back just sealed the deal… plus he seems like he really loves the cock…

  • Deniswarren269

    By the look of the size of Tates hole…I now know where to park my car…

  • RavelTrouser

    Vito Gallo and Adam Killian  … mmmmmm

  • jabberwocky

    He’s cute, but his face looks nearly airbrushed into oblivion in a lot of those pics.

  • Andyman105

    Well I like him – I like his arse and I like his hole.
    I love to look at a hot, hot arse but the hole has gotta be right too!
    For me, seeing the hole is really awesome.
    I want!

  • Tw69

    looks kinda like randy orton, but not as buff and younger.

  • Jay

    gross…… tats

  • I’m in total agreement with you man.  He looks like the type who could take whatever you throw at him and beg for more.

  • DC ‘Mo

    too many tats for my taste, especially on the fingers?

  • Guy

    Although I’m excited about his bum, all of those tops are just toooo damn fine.

  • Anonymous

    major bonerriffic !  cocks, bodies, faces – all works here.

  • omg he’s perfect!!!

  • Dick!

    Clench Tate Clench!  it’s all going to fall out!

  • B1

    I’m usually not into tats at all, but I have to say the Vitruvian Man and flowers tattoos actually work for him.  And yeah, the perky ass and hungry hole works really well also. 😉

  • Ditch Plains

    This guy is not good looking. Pretty f-ed up actually. 

  • Jeremy S

    What a cutie and a great bottom, but give that smoking hot Vito his own post!

  • Stephen9977

    Beautiful face but hand tattoos are a real turn off

  • Last seen down under…

    wow this is weird seeing this post… i knew him before he started doing porn. He used to be a lot thinner. 

  • Sapeta2003

    the hand tattoo says “pornstar,” as if we didn’t know… might as well just say “cockslut.” he’s a plenty nice person (i’ve met him), but he ain’t all that pretty…

  • James

    He has a pretty face. Love the eyes. The tats are interesting and odd assortment. But I’ll agree that ass is hot!

  • Leroyladd

     its airbrushed and plucked like a bitch..:P

  • Brian263_2000

     I have to agree with you on that point. I hate it when guys pull the butt cheeks apart for a shot of there sphincters. It just looks gross and very unappealing to me.

  • “We spend way too much time worrying about “types” that we occasionally miss the hotness right in front of our eyes.” 

    Very well put Dewitt and VERY true.

  • joseph

    i love looking at the hole. makes me fucking hard.

  • Blackhunk33

    MUCH better than Tate.

  • Bohemond

    Yeah, somehow the Vitruvian Man makes him seem a little classier than he probably is.

  • Gleek18

    Geez, you guys have high horses. I assume your all models of some sort. If he was in the gym hitting on you….

    Why do I even bother?

  • Gleek18

    *you’re before grammar nazi’s get me -_- 

  • anonymous


  • SCBud

    Did anyone notice in the fourth pic after the jump, it almost looks like he has 3 ass holes.  Is it just one really big hole?

  • The Rock Lover

    He kinda looks like Barrett Long, any how he a bad boy, looking at that hole of his, he been around.:)

  • Along41132

    pretty except for all that shitty jailhouse looking ink……crappy work on a gorgeous body

  • Gleek18

    Yes, you are.


    ‘Last Seen Down Under’ is right.  He was a lot thinner when he was a call-boy in Sydney, and he pushed the “I’m a top” bit.  But Lucas, and Straight Fellas before that have got it right. He’s a dead set power bottom.
    He’s a really cool bloke personally, but he has used more names than a phone book, and is pretty loose with the truth age-wise.
    But if he knocked on the door and asked to stay the night, I would not hesitate for a second.

  • Joel Gipson

    his ass is awesome but what would make it more awesome for me is if there was a little bit of hair on it. Cause he looks like he has his ass shaved

  • jj345


  • Arion_5

    Beautiful ass, no denying it. Clearly a cockslut, and that hole has clearly seen plenty of action (any notion he’s versatile/top is absurd!) Ridiculous (and over-done) tattoos, though imho.

  • Markwng246

    Looks like he’ll need diapers by the time he is 35.

  • Deano

    LOVE it when they pull their asses open like fuck hungry sluts!!!

  • Deano

    LOVE it when they pull their asses open like fuck hungry sluts!!!

  • It’s really one big hole that’s obviously been used and abused, which as previously said is by no means cute. Sphincters are creatures of nature that can be beautiful when treated properly, mainly by the person who body it’s on. So after he’s allowed that damage, beauty is GONE. He needs to learn about:
    1) not being a size queen, or playing to size queen directors, and;
    2) doing some Kegels before, during, and after doing the deed.

    I’m 41, sexually active for 10 years, bottomed for most of them, STILL with guys of all ages and cock sizes, making them orgasm like crazy. So I know what I’m talking about.

  • Well, he’s working for Michael Lucas, one of the most stereotypical, artificial gays around. So doctored photos shouldn’t be a surprise. LOL