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June 25, 2012

Everything Butt: Todd Sanfield

We’re bringing you this week’s installment of Everything Butt a few days early, since there’s no possible way that anyone could have a better butt than model and underwear designer Todd Sanfield. In the past, we gave Todd a lot of shit for promising to spread his cheeks and never delivering. He’s apparently decided to make up for it by taking pictures like this.

Be patient with this one! You’ll have to scroll through several non-butt shots before you get a glimpse of this man’s glorious rump… Once you get there, however, it’ll be worth it. We’re particularly fond of the second-to-last image.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Rick Day

Click through to see more photos from this set:

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aszpleazr 9:12pm on March 17, 2013

Does anything say "Fuck me" like that second to the last photo?

  • F.

    These are Rick Day’s shots.  The Kevin McDermott ones from the MOTEL HOTEL book are even hotter.  🙂

  • DC ‘Mo

    (in a sing song voice) RAAAANNNNN  DALLLL.  DINNNNNNNN ER.  Don’t forget to wash your hands …

  • Anonymous

    I got a set of pics of this hot man from a Yahoo group a few months ago.  2o pics of sheer beauty, including some amazing ass pics.  YUM!  I still can’t bring myself to delete that email.  🙂

  • Javier

    Damn….DAMN. He could be in Everything Butt with that Ass OR Cock-A-Doodle Do Me with that dick of his.

  • Luis

    Super hot! God!!!!

  • Seanbrowne90

    sexy fucker!!!

  • Carlsan

    Awesome, hot, gorgeous. A perfect fantasy. He can marry me!

  • matti järvelä

    dreamy… ;O)

  • aszpleazr

    Does anything say “Fuck me” like that second to the last photo?