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June 14, 2012

The “Magic Mike” Trailer: Now With Ass!

I know, it’s actually starting to get annoying how Magic Mike is just turning into a big ole’ tease. You know what’s going to happen, right? There’s not going to be any dick. We’ll see plenty of cheeks, BUT NO DICK. The movie industry is the worst. I feel like I’ve already seen the whole movie anyways. But I’m still going to pay for a ticket in hopes of dick and go and it will be totally dick-free and I will also see a trailer for the remake of The Fugitive or something and I will leave enraged.

My rage was eased, however, by all the bare booty and thonged buttcheeks in this new trailer for the flick. Channing Tatum’s ass has that effect on people. This boner I have right now is very calming.

– J. Harvey

To watch the naughty version of the Magic Mike trailer, Follow the JUMP:

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sabazius 7:04am on November 15, 2012

big tease, and worth it fun fun fun

  • Lvbronco

    I thought Channing Tatum stripped in a club for gays.  Am I wrong?  If not, this is another rip off – hoping to get the girls and the gays to show up at this film.  I’ll stay away thank you.

  • John

    I can’t wait for this movie. I’m thinking there will be more gay men in the theatres than straight women.

  • Gleek18

    I’m not paying to see a movie I can wait for but who’s doing the split at :43. Please be Matt Bomer 🙂

  • I’m shameless so I’m most definitely seeing this opening day. I’m not ashamed in the slightest. LOL

  • Guest

    midnight premier?

  • William Olympio

     Really? You think so?? lool

  • William Olympio

    I really want to go see it but i will not be here when it comes out. Plus, i don’t want to pay for it. So, torrent for me. Judge me if you will, i don’t give a shit… really.

  • cockrulz

    if you go in expecting to see dick you are going to be dissappointed. someone on the cast already said there isnt any dick in it. maybe an unrated dvd??? we can hope but its a major studi release with big stars. at most, you’ll see some no name schlong in the locker room lol

  • Swimguy24242

    i could watch this forever. over and over again. in slow motion. 

    torrent will be the way to go just in case i feel the urge during this one haha. lets pray for a good quality one.. 🙂 

  • JC

    If you read the article about this movie in Entertainment Weekly, they talk about “penis pump” scene where you actually see one of them put his penis into it. It is hinted that Joe Manganiello is the lucky guy!

  • sabazius

    big tease, and worth it
    fun fun fun

  • sabazius

    big tease, and worth it
    fun fun fun