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July 23, 2012

Anyone Up For Some Hot, Sleazy Hotel Sex?

The best thing about Joe Gage‘s NYC Convention, the tenth installment of the legendary director’s Sex Files series? The stars—including Adam Russo, Dale Cooper and David Chase—look like they should be having sex with one another. There’s a genuine, natural chemistry between these men, as if they’re not actually being paid to bang one another on film.

In that sense, you could almost believe that these guys would secretly meet in a random hotel room for recurring, scandalous rendezvouses… And, well, even if you couldn’t believe it? They’re still nice to look at (especially that David Chase character).

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Ray Dragon Video

Click through to see all the hardcore hotel action:

Oh hey! There’s still a sale going on:

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Zoepom6 10:49pm on July 24, 2012

Boy alot of people are very judgemental here!

  • UnknownCalled90

    I dont like twinks, but old bald guys aren’t my thing either. no thank you.

  • Gofuckyourself

    I’ve had the whole “sex with a business traveler” and it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

    Plus they lie and then ask you to “stay over” because they are lonely because they work and travel all the time.

    waste of time.

  • Upandaway

    Great for a hot  quickie!

  • equalove

    one day you will be older than 30 honey.. just wait, it gets much better..the sex that is! I’ll go for experience any day over a pubescent pre-mature squirk..

  • concierge1

    gofuckyourself fits!

  • DC ‘Mo

    HOLY FUCK. I have that bed spread.  LOL

  • Guest

    funny you should post this as i go to meet a guy for hot sleazy hotel sex

  • Rjw 1981

    Since when are guys in their 30s inexperienced, pubescent, premature squirks? Sounds like an old man comment to me. 

  • Big8boner

    These are fucking HOT!  The trick is to just leave the dvd running and listen to the dialogue and let them bring you into their situation…………gets you so hard you can’t stand it!  They don’t hold back!

  • Oldbear

    I just love Joe Gage films, I find them very hot.

  • Pje1959

    well i thought it was hot
    oh and i like the bed spread DC Mo

  • Eldiosdelasputas

    i doubt anyone wants to have sex with you anyway unknown feo

  • Follamipadrecontupolla

    what? how does that make any sense… why is it lying to ask you to stay over because they are lonely?
    and what did you expect to happen – you fucked, u stayed over, and youre miffed about it because of what – that they continued travelling with business and didnt take you out of your country to rescue you??? lol

  • Rockythedog

    interesting not a tattoo in sight this time

  • Twomeninflorida

    joe gage  my god been around forever!

  • Think you need to go back and re-read that comment. You totally mis-read that one. bw1966

  • Wazzatron006 5

    That’s so fucken true. You put out. Suckit up n move on.
    My theory is the 3F. Find ’em, Fuck ‘m, Forget ’em.

  • JD

    super sexy. Hot manly men.

  • Zoepom6

    Boy alot of people are very judgemental here!