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July 5, 2012

Bi The Way: Landon From Corbin Fisher

Before anyone complains about the existence of another Bi The Way post, let me just say that I did all you vagina-fearing individuals a favor and left this picture out of the post. I didn’t want you to have nightmares about plump, pink pussies chasing you around and trying to swallow you whole.

Speaking of holes, Landon likes getting things rammed into his butt! This muscular young jock identifies as “straight”, and you can currently see him partaking in the following activities—fucking a chick, eating a chick out, getting sucked by a chick, letting a chick fuck him with a vibrator, sucking a dude, getting rimmed, getting sucked by a dude and getting fucked by a dude.

Something tells us this is only the beginning of his list! Stay tuned in for future developments on the status of Landon’s butthole.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Amateur College Sex / Corbin Fisher

Click through to see Landon going both ways:

Fucking and “toying around” with Olivia:


Getting fucked by Harper:


NOTE: We here at Manhunt Daily encourage you to make responsible decisions in your sexual activities, however you may interpret that. Please head over to Manhunt Cares for more information on safer sex techniques.

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cantake8 6:01pm on November 1, 2014

Unsafe sex is not a problem in porn. Porn actors are disposable. If one gets sick or ugly, just get another.

  • Twomeninflorida

    wow  best of both worlds

  • jj345

    great looking guy!

  • I like the pictures… The guy is hot even when his fucking a girl.. But I have a question… How do they manage the unsafe sex? Do they get tested for HIV and other STD’s everyday?

  • SDavFrz

    I actually think these pics are hot.  I identify as gay, but when I see straight porn, I realize I might actually get with a chick under the right circumstances.

  •  Same way as every other porn actor, tons of screening. (and having an extensive backlog of scenes saved up so they don’t need to film something new every week)

    Straight porn rarely has condom use compared to gay porn. (thanks Chi chi)

  • RoadRunner86

    What I think you mean, as long as she shoves a dildo up your ass, you could get with her…lol

  • Commenter

    Cute guy. I hope he doesn’t become HIV-positive by getting fucked in the ass when his partner isn’t wearing a condom, since that’s the most likely way to be infected.

  • Hugh

    I like watching straight porn, too. Not b/c of the girls but b/c there’s no condoms, penetrations are easier to see, and the guys always look like they’re into it. But weirdly enough I like Brazzers better than SG4GE or Corbin Fisher; they just know how to film sex better.

  • Tim

    no thanks, not hot at all

  • Guy

    oh god brazzers is so hot.

    allll of the dudes fuck like crazy on there too.

  • jboy

    Shutup, he s hot, just shutup

  • Jeremy S

    A fucking hot man!

  • Rob


  • Anonymous

    The guy with HARPER?  Yeah, he’s cute.  Anyone with Harper looks better.  

    What was the question?

  • tj99

    Landon and Harper. Love them

  • cantake8

    Unsafe sex is not a problem in porn. Porn actors are disposable. If one gets sick or ugly, just get another.