July 11, 2012

Dave Franco And Christopher Mintz-Plasse Went From Gay To Gross

Warning – this sequel to “You Are So Hot” is fucking gross. There’s vomit with alfredo sauce and other disgusting bits. Dave Franco and  Christopher Mintz-Plasse once again try to crack each other up with declarations of ranchy love. It’s so gross (seriously, alfredo sauce is not an aphrodisiac) that we almost didn’t post it. But they do end up kissing finally. Just be sure to hit PAUSE right on the kiss or you’ll regret it. Boys are gross.

– J. Harvey

To watch, Follow the JUMP:

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jboy 7:09pm on July 12, 2012

Dave Franco is def gay, love that boy

  • Andrew Mackay James

    Not funny, not gross, just very, very dumb.

  • shimmian

     agreed — just dumb

  • Not nearly as gross as when the gays start to do raunchy.  No one’s been able to get away with it since Waters.


  • Burbdude69


  • EyesWideOpen

    Sort of funny….I think!  I guess! 

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t watch, but I remember once chatting several times with a guy online who had a fetish for guys who were throwing up.  It actually turned him on…I have no idea why.  Maybe the idea of a person being vulnerable and in need of help and assistance is what gave him a boner?  I just found it hilarious…almost as funny as the fetish some guys have for bacon. 

  • Sorry no words cover this video 

  • Jjh2456

    I wanna fuck Oregon Trail style…I love that line.

  • Stroketard30

    I thought it was decently funny,  but the barf at the end added nothing and ended it on a wtf note.

  • Hylas

    Humorous, but not as good as the first vid.

  • J. Harvey

     I have a bacon fetish. I like to eat it.

  • jboy

    Dave Franco is def gay, love that boy