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July 5, 2012

Everything Butt: Matthew Mason

One could make the argument that Matthew Mason‘s more suited for the Cock-A-Doodle Do Me series than Everything Butt. You may be right. You may be crazy… But, in the end, we just needed an excuse to feature him in the first place.

For some blatantly unacceptable reason, Matthew has never appeared on the pages of Manhunt Daily before today. This is just plain ludicrous! He’s clearly attractive, clearly talented in bed, and each and every part of him makes our jaws drop to the floor.

So without further ado, “allow yourself to be yourself” and rub one out to Matthew’s latest scene with Adam Killian. For extra credit, you can bust another load to Adam’s equally-hot scene with Lucas Young. And if you really want to get to the head of the class, bust a third load on my face.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Lucas Entertainment

Click through to see Matthew’s butt in action:


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Dana 6:46pm on July 6, 2012

Both men and their tattoos look great to me.

  • MyZone

    Now, I’m no tat basher…In fact, I’ve got one of my own.  But, “Allow Yourself to be Yourself”?!?  Really?  And in what can only be best described as the ‘Crack Whore Neighbor down the street Font’…Really?
    Let’s hope he can rent his ass out enough in order to afford to have that crap removed.        

  • Tim

    yeah, a few too many random tattoos for my taste, but that looks like a hot scene

  • D Rehbein

    I wish I was the bottom instead of him!! That is one HOT Top!!!

  • Yalc48

    Oh fuck the critics….   looks like wayyy hot manfun to me ))))

  • Joseph

    Would love to see him top. That’s a beautiful penis.

  • terry

     I have a tat as well, and tats don’t usually bother me.  But the random tats all over the place look tacky.  Stick to one or two, or at least have a coherent plan behind the design and placement.  He looks like someone doodled on him while he was sleeping.

  • Pitchblk

    What’s with this tattoo frenzy?  I like it tasteful not so much, please.

  • Glvmkr

    he does nothing for me

  • Guy

    more distracted by adam killian’s amazing dick.

  • Stroketard30

    Adam Killian looks like he has a touch of the downs,  which is usually cute,  but makes me feel guilty whenever im watching him fuck.

  • Benean

    he would be quite attractive if he hadn’t defaced his body.

  • Graphicjack

     it’s a flip-flop video… you can see him top 🙂

  • Graphicjack

     LOL.. I find AK a bit Cro-Magnon, personally, and don’t get the appeal, but he does have a killer bubble-butt and seems to now how to use that piece of his. Mathew Mason is smoking hot in comparison.

  • jj345

    even kindergarten kids can doodle better (and more coherently) than that! LOL

  • Alsknbornguy67

    As far as tats go, Adam;s are the best but then everything about Adam is the best!

  • Jj98291

    Yeah..the multiple tats fuck it all up.

  • Hylas

    HOT!  but this you ruined it by showing Adam’s face.

  • A_work_in_progress

    What about showing the scene where Adam Killian is getting skewered by Samuel Colt?
    Now that IS hot!!!

  • Realguysofl

    OK – I get the tats, and some are sexy as hell, but when you start turning yourself into a walking billboard – turn off.  Hey – how about the newspaper headline from the day your were born – or the day you came out.  Your favorite poem, or maybe a novel so after sex I have something to read – flip you over like the page of a good book and read on……

  • alaskaman

    I agree totally, usually I am chastised for voicing these opinions. When there’s shows on TV like LA Ink and so on where we are promoting this shit, I think we’re stuck with it.

  • Dana

    Both men and their tattoos look great to me.