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July 26, 2012

Hot or Not: Going Gray

Confession! I’m looking forward to looking and growing older. That might sound like an insane thing to say in this obsessively youth-driven gay culture, but I’ve felt this way ever since I was a teenager. For me, being young has always been overrated. I’m done with it! I want to finally become the dirty old man I was born to be.

This has been on my mind a bit more recently, after a commenter suggested I was a “a horny old dude posting picture[s] of young guys so we can stroke off”. The comment was actually in defense of my decision to go through with posting naked pics of Heath Ledger, and while it was a far cry from a compliment—even of the backhanded sort—I appreciated the sentiment that people need to calm the fuck down.

Truth be told, I wasn’t even personally insulted that someone made the assumption I’m “a horny old dude”. I just found it utterly bizarre. Why do I come off as “old”? Is it the fact that I don’t worship Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj? Is it my beard or fondness for hairy dudes? Is it the bags under my eyes from not getting enough sleep? (Paging Dr. Tiller!)

Should I take it as a compliment? Should I be offended on behalf of noble, mature gay men everywhere that my perverted, sleazy words are interpreted as “old”? So many questions!

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Sean Cody

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In the end, I opted to not respond in the comments section and, instead, leave a passive-aggressive message on Twitter: “LOL at some commenter who called me ‘old’. I’m in my late-twenties. If that’s ‘old’, I think gays need to reassess their priorities.”

It’s true! You wouldn’t believe the number of times on a weekly basis that I hear guys my age complaining about “being old”. It’s infuriating for someone like myself, who actively wants to age with pride. It’s perhaps even more infuriating for friends in their forties, fifties, sixties or beyond who overhear their comments and silently (or not so silently) think to themselves that these young’ns have no idea what they’re talking about.

Oh, and while we’re discussing things that are infuriating, let’s chat about this devastatingly handsome, salt-and-pepper Sean Cody model. His name is Daniel, and he’s 26 years-old. The same age as yours truly!

And I fucking hate him.

“Hate” might be too strong of a word. As it goes, I hate Daniel in the same way I “hate” Tyler Sweet for sitting on all the dicks I want to sit on. Basically? I want to be him. I am absurdly jealous about everything about him.

If you haven’t guessed, the aspect about Daniel I’m most jealous about is that he’s going gray, and he has been since he was fifteen years-old. My desire to have gray hair began around the same time Daniel was actually going gray. You can understand my frustration, right?

Now, I know what some of you are going to say! “That must have been tough for him! Going gray so early, he was probably bullied in high school, and blah blah blah…”

Okay, sure! But that doesn’t appear to be a problem today. Daniel was completely confident when discussing his hair with Sean Cody. “I think it makes me look more dignified, more manly,” he told the site. And I agree! It does make him look more dignified… Which means I look less dignified, less manly.

The thing is, ever since I can recall being attracted to men, I’ve always found gray hair attractive. Even in my “teeny-bopper” days, I would have sooner banged Steve Martin than any member of ‘NSYNC or The Backstreet Boys.

That hasn’t really changed over time. My benchmarks for attractiveness aren’t Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Taylor Lautner or any of those glorified tween idol sluts. They’re men like George Clooney, Mark Ruffalo and Allen Silver. Men with various degrees of grayness (though not fifty shades of it).

It’s certainly not a dealbreaker by any means! Hell, I’ve come around to the twinky boys in the past few years, and I’d sell my left nut for a night with an eager bottom boy like Kodi or Tristan Sterling

Just as quickly, however, I’d sell my right nut to get rammed by a beefy bear like Brace Wilhold. That’s just one particular example! As you’re all aware, I’m a big fan of daddies who bottom, and I’d just as quickly ram Brace’s ass (if he were up for it).

I’m talking a lot about me, and this is a Hot or Not post. There’s a reason for that! Beyond exceptions like Anderson Cooper, gray hair isn’t socially accepted as an attractive physical trait. In a way, I guess I just wanted to provide a strong (and 100% honest) contrast to the inevitable “Ew, no!” comments that will wind up on this post.

Then again, most of you just came here to masturbate to pictures of Daniel. This seems like an appropriate time for me to shut up and let you fap in peace.








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J7 11:06pm on February 9, 2014

I hate the light setting they used on all the Sean Cody photos. They all look orange or like boiled lobsters! Seriously, do people not look at these photos and think how cartoon-ish and overly freakish they look lol..

  • im older than dewitt…why ;_;

    and youre not late twenties. im late twenties. youre mid twenties.

    wanna switch?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I realized mid-twenties was the more suitable term, but I couldn’t go back and edit the tweet…

    Also, yes, let’s trade ages! I’m dying to be in my thirties (and late-twenties is a hell of a lot closer than mid-twenties).

  • Babyface

    Like most things, some guys can pull it off  and some can’t, and this guy….. (in gay voice) YES PLEASE!!! Wish I was going grey sometimes. Sucks getting carded every where I go sadly including Rated R movies 🙁

  • Anne Noise

    Grey hair is usually dignified and handsome and hot.

  • AngelinPDX

    With that body, he could be going purple and it’d still be a okay…!

  • Graphicjack

    Aging gracefully is sexy.. desperately holding onto a “youthful” look isn’t. My biggest beef with gay men is that they try so desperately to look young(er). It never works… they will never be able to compete against the younger guys with the guys who like twinks, and wearing too youthful clothing, covering up grey, plastic surgery, etc., never really fools anyone. If gay men allowed themselves to grow older.. let their hair grey, wear age-appropriate clothing (no low-rise jeans, designer sneakers or deep-V shirts on anyone older than 25, please) then I guarentee they’ll look better and will fall into a different and popular niche for guys who prefer older men. Be brave and face your 30s, 40s and 50+… it’s not scary at all and beleive me, at 42, I still get laid plenty 🙂

  • Commenter

    An interesting post, but, as it concerns aging and graying, I think it would have made more sense to feature someone who’s actually older and grayer yet still attractive. Hot as he is, Daniel is simply an in-shape 26-year-old who happens to have a little gray hair.

  • RavelTrouser

    He’s 26?  Seriously?  I mean, he is sexy as fuck, but I definitely would have guessed he was older than that, about 32-35 and hot as hell. 

  • J T Stoneking

    If that dude is 26, then I am 452.  It’s not just his grey hair.  His skin and face is that of a 43 year old guy.  I am not saying that’s old, but that guy is not 26.  He is, though, pulling the wool over Mr. Cody’s eyes big time.

  • Thatguyroman

    Hey, he can claim to be 300 and the Prince of Siam for all I care, that ass is the only truth he needs.

  • Tom

    There’s nothing wrong with going gray early, as least until you actually get old.  I had a friend who had a magnificent head of completely sliver hair at the age of 28 and he worked it for all it was worth – he looked fantastic.  Now he’s 45 and although he’s still in relatively good shape, he just looks like a really old man.  It’s kind of sad…

  • HornyFucker23 Marco Montalvan

    I am 26 and i am so afraid of gray hairs
    but to look at them , it is so hot
    it turns me on
    i lvoe silver foxes they are the best
    so hat and manly
    i am in love with shi guy from Sean Cody he is amazing i dont give a shit if he doesnt look 26 like me
    but he is so hot and the cock and the hair
    it is heaven
    i love silver foxes like Allen Silver and Anderson Cooper

  • Madrox

    Agree! I want to be him & inside him!

  • Sjp

    agree… If he is 26 then he has had a hard life…. he’s HOT but he isn’t 26

  • Cowboybottom

    Going grey is definitely hot…along with this man 😉

  • going grey early is one question … and that can be sexy but it’s the rest of the guy being atypical of grey or s&p guys … now in guys in my generation … I don’t like grey on white guys … but I find it hot with black or latino or asian guys more often … 

  • Figjam1000

    lick…lick…lick…hot as hell…

  • B S

    First off, gray-not grey, doesn’t matter to me. If I find a guy attractive, I find him attractive. The only thing that bothers me is if they’re younger,  18, 19 or early 20’s. Being 41, I sometimes find it sort of creepy on my part, old enough to be their father. But that’s me.

    Anyway, on to you Dewitt!! First when are we going to have a good pic of you guy & J?
    Second why didn’t you tell us you were genetically gifted aka a mutant?

    “I’d sell my left nutsack”

    “I’d sell my right nutsack”

    A sack for each nut? An easier way to suck each ball at a time to tease!

  • Savir.

    Since I just recently turned 23 and having a stressful job and school I’ve noticed one of my sides has started to turn gray a la Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four). This has happened every few months for about 4 years now. Each time that would occur I would dye my hair. It has now begun to grow on me that I can’t avoid it and quite a few guys from age seem to be liking my patch mark. So the point of my comment was that going gray is hot.

  • Carlsan

    Ok, I color my hair but i do leave some grey  because I feel it looks more natural for my age. I have it done professionally so it looks real. I felt the way it was coming in made it look dishwatery. Anderson Cooper is a great example of a grey haired hottie. Now Dewitt, If you’re looking for a grey-haired daddy who bottoms, I’m available for marriage.

  • augustus

    i think older guys are gorgeous. at 21, i feel a lot older, and have always thought guys in their 30’s and 40’s were attractive. it’s guys in their 20’s i don’t think are hot. and i can’t stand twinks. and i hate the older ones who will only get with the under 25’s. they are shallow and give older guys a bad image. especially when they look at your age and automatically think you havn’t hit puberty, you have a gym bunny bod, and will sleep with anyone coz your 21 and ALL 21 year olds sleep with anything that has a dick!

    i think the hottest time a guy can grow grey is when his skin isn’t reflecting the same age as his hair. guys in their 30’s early 40’s with greys and smooth unwrinkled skin looks hot. though i do like a little crow’s feet on a guy! adds character.

  • Anonymous

     I like you. Let’s go on a date when we’re both in our late 30s.

  • Anonymous

     Do you fuck before the first (wedding) date? I’d like to test drive that ass before I commit for life.

  • Anonymous

    I think the point of this comment is that YOU’RE hot.

  • Anonymous

     HAHAHA, I didn’t even catch myself there. That’s what happens when you write a post so long that you don’t have the time to proofread it.

  • SupremeCourtWatcher

    He’s got a bit of the Chief-Justice-John-Roberts about him. Hawt!

  • Random Dude

    Wow DeWitt, you’re 26?! I always thought you were in your 40s for some reason. :s

  • Anonymous

    IF ONLY.

  • Culorico71

    He is perfection.  Silver foxes get my crazy.  Watched the video and he could use me anyway he wanted to as much as he wanted to.

  • Fruitboy1

    I’ve been grey since I was 15 and people think its sexy

  • Savir.

    And I love you!!

  • Anonymous

    As long as you’re okay with roleplaying live-action fan-fiction between Reed Richards and Johnny Storm, I’m confident our mutual love will blossom into something quite beautiful.

  • Savir.

    I guess. Though I have always been in love with the romance of Scott Summers and Jean Grey. 

  • Anonymous

    If I have to wear a flowing red wig and panties, that’s a dealbreaker.

  • Anne Noise

    I’m 27 and looking forward to my 40’s, haha.  But I’ve been told I look 24 since I was 17, so maybe I’m just sick of this age.

  • Geno

    I wouldn’t mind looking a little older, the odd gray hair here or there, but I’ve looked exactly the same since I was 21 (I’m 28 now). Maybe a couple lines around the eyes that weren’t there back then, but other than that, I’m ageing magnificently.

  • Rockythedog

    if someone is attactive it makes no difference what colour the hair is

  • GayMeUp

    I find grey hair very sexy.  And white hair even sexier.  My one great regret about going bald fairly young was that I would never have a head of silver-white hair.

  • Older guys are so hot. DILFs!

  • Jerry

    Men over 25?  And they’re not skinny and hairless?  And if they do have hair (well, at least on their head) that’s no longer dark-colored, and they’re sexy?  That’s so un-gay.

  • DC ‘Mo

    No way he’s only 26.  Face is too weathered for a 26 year old.  Has the dude never moisterized?

  • Figjam1000

    Hottest guy on The Ten right now…got to say, not a lot of competition on there for him though. Some very mediocre-looking dogs right now…

  • Boredat2am

    This guy is insanely gorgeous! Dewitt – we totally have the same sexual preferences. Every time I read your posts I’m amazed. You say exactly what I’m thinking about the sexy, hairy, older guys…and now salt/pepper (my “secret” weakness). All these things make people think I’m older too, but I’m only mid 20s! So funny
    Love this post <3 Thanks 🙂

  • David Nicholas

    He is still handsome for his age!

  • David Nicholas

    He is still handsome for his age!

  • David Nicholas

    He is still handsome for his age!

  • Tim

    This man can breed me out hard anytime –

  • Santander123

    That’s just the way to get older…. Fit and hot! that why I love older guys!!

  • malexstacy

    Where have YOU been hiding? I’m in my late 50’s, S&P, good skin, a fe crows feet. Most of the gay community thinks men die at 50. I’m as horny and fun as I was in my 20’s. As Willie Nelson said, “I may not be as good as I once was, but I’m as good once as I ever was.” LOL

  • malexstacy

    What’s sad is your perspective. Unless he’s weathered and haggard, he shouldn’t look “really old” at 45 just because he has silver hair!

  • bert33405


  • bert33405


  • bert33405

    I’d love to wake up in the morning in this “old” guys arms 🙂

  • bert33405

    I want to adopt Daniel, you know they say that incest is best and man would I love to be incestuous with him 24/7/365.

  • hotguy25

    I just want to say that I would want this man to fuck me to the moon and back. He is hot as hell and I don’t care about his age. I would marry him and fuck him every week.

  • Tim

    My only issue is this: when I was younger, I was ALWAYS attracted to the “daddy” type, and now that I’m in my 50’s, I’m STILL attracted to them. Aging hasn’t changed my taste (pardon the pun while I’m going down) and I doubt it ever will change. Nonetheless, now that I’m of the “daddy” age, I don’t see many guys that do it for me, but he younger guys definitely do nothing at all for me. What’s a gay guy to do ?

  • J7

    I hate the light setting they used on all the Sean Cody photos. They all look orange or like boiled lobsters! Seriously, do people not look at these photos and think how cartoon-ish and overly freakish they look lol..