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July 3, 2012

Hot or Not: Taint Hair

Above the neck, Hayden Alexander might look like the twink next door. Below the waist, he’s equipped with enough hair to produce seventeen and a half merkins. Not only does he have a full bush, but he’s also got fur on his taint, balls and inner thighs. Seriously! It’s a forest down there.

How do you feel about this excess of pubes? Should someone invite Hayden over for an old-fashioned trimming party? Or should all the razors in his home be hidden forever, so that he can never even consider becoming less gorilla-like down below? Discuss this very important, groundbreaking topic amongst yourselves.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: SUCK off GUYS

Click through to see Hayden’s bush and discuss this topic:


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Rex Ganymede. (Super Hero.) 4:46am on August 1, 2012

okay. now let's say those two same hypothetical firemen were carbon copies of each other — all details are 99.99% identical between the two of them (and you know this, as well).. ..except, one of the twins shaves his balls and keeps the rest of his pubes trimmed and/or is naturally hairless anyway ... or shaves down/waxes off. what, then?

  • Christopher07


  • Christopher07



  • Artjunky

    up front it’s totally hot, but that tangle down back has got to be tamed!

  • RobbieF63


  • Hairyuncut

    I would eat that all day.  Do NOT touch that hair!  YUM!

  • OntheedgeLV

    Umm…  the hair is unbelievably freakin’ hot!    If you think he should shave, just go date a woman and be done with it.

  • Go_duke_go

    the hairier the better!  let it grow!!!!!!!

  • Randy

    you guys should do a vote ion this, just to see whether or not the hair wins- I am betting it will, in spite of that first rude “dingleberries” comment- most gay men have even less couth than the average straight man.

  • Randy

    and where the heck did the word “taint” come from and exactly what does it mean in this case? I have NEVER heard any part of a man’s sexual attributes called this.

  • Randy

    sorry about the “ion” instead of “on” up above

  • Amonust

    gross…. i know most guys grow hair there, and i am too lazy to do more than keep it trimmed, but for me, the less hair on a guy, the better.  guys need to at least trim it down to get with me.   the taint, for me, is the absolute most distracting place for hair to grow.  i actually turn off porn that has a guy with taint hair like that, because i can’t watch the sex.  the bush is just too distracting.

  • Finndex

     Taint = area between the balls and the asshole

  • Lexford33

    A hairy taint (or perineum, Randy) is a wonderful place for all sorts of bacteria to thrive…I will only go near if the guy has just come out of the shower. I WAX mine (YES!). As a microbiologist on a gay site commented (worth quoting) “What you can’t see, CAN kill you!”

  • Holeboi

    Cuz it taint this, nor that.  lol

  • Every thing is a matter of individual taste and we all have our likes and dislikes with guys.
    If he likes it the way it is and has no problems meeting and getting it on with guys then why should it matter?

    Personally I like to shave my cock and balls and trim the hair around my ass and in-between but I leave the bush above my cock alone.  I also tend to like the same with a guy I meet. Not into picking hair out of my teeth.

    Although I like to see natural hair in the pits and do not mind licking a hairy pit. Never enjoyed seeing that shaved on a guy.  

  • Anonymous

    Personally I find the pre-pubescent look (i.e. shaved/waxed etc) disgusting…and I’m not a huge fan of trimming either.  I like my partners to be natural looking adults. 

  • guapoinorange

    Bactria thrives all over the human body. no more in those hairy areas if someone has regular showers which I am sure most guys do. 
    The skin breakdown associated with shaving and (even more so!) waxing increase the risk of nasty and dangerous bacterial infections.

  • Stevearabia

    Totally agree. We don’t need to have a large surface area near our sweat glands in order to produce STINK anymore like we did thousands of years ago. Evolution has not quite caught up to our progress in technology. Waxing or shaving can be irritating, but the new body trimmers can cut extremely close with no irritation. Some dudes may be into the whole Wooky scene, but I like my guys smooth.

  • Jerry

    I totally agree.  Hair on a man is hot and masculine.  Not there’s anything wrong with NATURALLY smooth men; variety comes in different flavors.  Those who shave and manscape?  Well, if that floats your boat, go for it, but it floats the boat of many other men to consider you a feminized prissy who wants to be a woman.

  • leanverswhiteguy

    trimmed back a LITTLE  at least!!
    too much in the way and
    very hard to get clean and odor free…

  • Jerry

    So look for guys who like to feminize themselves and take away what makes then natural and masculine.  There are plenty of us who would dive deep in the hairy pubes, taint and ass of this natural, normal, masculine hot guy.

  • Jerry

    You’re so right.  I’ve never met a hairy guy with dingleberry problems.  But there have been smooth guys (both natural and unnatural) who’ve had problems in the hygenic area.  Naturally hirsute guys have always seemed to know about hygene and cleanliness; smooth guys (especially the artificial ones) think they don’t have to face that.  Well, you effminite manscapers, guess again.

  • Jerry

    So make sure anyone you trip the light fantastic with is clean and hygenic.  As for waxing, I’ll leave that for women.  I like men.

  • Cam

    Leave him exactly the way he is. He’s sexy, and if you’re not willing to take him as he is and play with full gusto, then you don’t deserve him.

  • Commenter

    So you don’t cut or trim the hair on your head or face? Or does that not count as “feminizing”?

  • Guy

    The pubes are fine the taint could be trimmed, in a practical matter of speaking. 

    I’m quite hairy and sometimes when I let my hair down there get to long it does indeed tangle and pulls and it hurts 🙁

  • Dave27

    I agree with keepin things trimmed but not to the point where you are one of those odd ones who shave their chest. All I am can say is if the guy cant accept you for who you are and what you have then you are wasting time being with him.

  • I like hairy and smooth….some men would look horrible with it, some without it, I say if you have it, leave it, if you dont, thats fine too. I just hate with a passion shaved pubes….makes you look like a 12yo no matter how big your dick is, is your justification for shaving your pubes is that it makes your dick look bigger, then you have issues with penis size lol

  • and lots of hair is no harder to keep clean than it is to keep a foreskin clean

  • Smokey5246

    He’s perfect the way he is.

  • Paul

    i really don’t enjoy flossing my teeth during sex..

  • The expert

    Taint hair and ball hair is gross. Ass hair, thigh hair, and pubes are great. Back hair is nasty. Armpit hair is lovely. Chest hair is the best.

  • Jeff

     I mean i like a hairy guy as much as the next guy, but that bush is a little out of control IMHO… I mean trim it down please… again I don’t need it smooth, but that’s practically an afro.

  • Jerry

    Apples and oranges.  Women get rid of facial hair as well as non-facial hair.  That’s because they want to be feminine, as all facial and most non-facial hair is considered un-feminine.  Men retain facial hair with shaving or timming; to get rid of non-facial bodily hair is feminine and, therefore, unmasculine.  If one wants to be a woman, then become one.  If one wants sex with a feminine, womanly creature, then have sex with one.

  • rabbit

    I’m a fairly hairy guy, especially down there.  It’s not really my favorite aspect, but I’m also poor as fuck, so waxing is out of the question, shaving is just irritating and time-consuming (and holy fuck, have you ever had an in-grown hair in your ass?), and good trimmers are expensive, so I’m left with trimming with scissors, in an area that I can’t ever get a view of…and I’ve nipped myself a few times, and that’s fucking painful.  So, guys, what’s a furry guy to do?

  • yeah.

    i’m gonna deem the manscaped guy who just saved 11 children from a burning building much less of a man than the furball with jungle pubes, who has made a career of stealing purses from old defenseless women.

    because god knows “hairy beast = macho man.”

  • Hairyboy

    Hairy!!!! Stay HAIRY!!! I love both men and women and if I want smooth, I go with a woman. Bushy pubes, balls, legs, ass and everything on men  is a turn on  for me 😉
    I love young guys with an extreme bush. Especially if they are cute and look like babies and then have a huge manly bish down there. Fucking sexy guy!

  • Twink

     I like your sense of humor but the joke doesn’t sound too witty when you compare a bad hairy man to a great shaved man. If two firemen with the same body type saved 11 children and they both decide to strip naked to be serviced…I would definitely say that the one with the bush is more manly and more of a turn on (if I want to be with a man). lol

  • okay.

    now let’s say those two same hypothetical firemen were carbon copies of each other — all details are 99.99% identical between the two of them (and you know this, as well)..
    ..except, one of the twins shaves his balls and keeps the rest of his pubes trimmed and/or is naturally hairless anyway … or shaves down/waxes off.

    what, then?