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July 6, 2012

I Want To Suck On Jake Hall’s Toes FOREVER.

I’m not honestly sure how true foot fetishists would feel about Jake Hall‘s little piggies, but I want to suck this horny little fucker’s toes until they fall off. This would ideally involve his ankles in the air, my dick deep inside of him and both big toes shoved into my mouth. Eventually, I’d give the other toes some attention, and you can bet your pretty ass that I’d massage the arches while doing so!

Wait a second… Since when did I get turned on from feet? I blame Foot Woody.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Foot Woody

Click through to see Jake Hall’s beautiful toes (and other parts):


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Baboonlaughs 2:32am on July 16, 2012

Yeap.. He's from toronto. I was reading his blog and then I recalled seeing this and made the connection! The AHA moment was so hot I had to jo to him again lol.. 

  • Taurusc519

    Can someone explain to me why they find feet a turn on? It is a fetish I just don’t understand. I’m not judging or anything I’ve just always been curious. Thanx 🙂

  • RoadRunner86

    Well I guess there is a porn site for every taste, but I would have preferred to see more cock and less toes, lol.

  • Irman3

    Not into feet as a fetish but he has beautiful feet and I would suck his toes any day!

  • ginx

    Speaking for my self,  its the smell. Clean of course. Their warmth. Its kind of like a guy with pretty hands nice and soft.  All you want to do is give them a massage.

  • archie

    this must be filmed in toronto, because i have seen this kid before!

  • Go_duke_go

    feet!  i think they’re sexy.  i’ve been turned on by ’em ever since i noticed how my little ex-marine boy’s toes curled up when i would go down on him.  i love seeing guys in jeans and flip flops in the summer.  feet are just sexy to me. 

  • Shylicker

    well as a long time true guy with a footfetish i say – Nothing wrong with those piggies!  Turn me on big time.  And for the record i think all fetishes probly go back to childhood and things that happen to you, i don’t know why i have it i just do.

  • Commenter

    This guy has a lot going for him–looks, dick, cute body, sexy pits, and, yes, his feet.

  • Commenter

    This guy has a lot going for him–looks, body, dick, sexy pits and, yes, nice feet.

  • joeat

    He is adorable but I agree with others, more cock, balls and less feet.  Looks like he has a really nice tool and a big sack.

  • T294

    I think what makes feet exciting is that they are a very private part of the body but at the same time are often openly displayed.  There are guys who won’t hesitate to stick their tongue up your asshole but will recoil at the idea of kissing your feet.  So that forbidden, taboo, “dirty” aspect makes them exciting.  Plus they can just be beautiful, as this guy’s feet are.

  • Krishna

    Likewise! I find it gross!

  • Mt

    soooo NOT into feet….

  • Tucker

     I don’t quite remember the science (so I apologize to anyone who does know if I utterly mangle this), but there’s a keen neurological connection between feet and sexual arousal. It has something to do with the way our brains are mapped. Apparently the areas where sexual arousal and foot (I believe hand and facial as well) stimulus are received/processed in the brain are all really close to each other. Which means when you get your foot massaged (or what not) it can also create sexual excitement. So there’s a biological root to foot fetishes. And if you’ve ever had your toes sucked while getting fucked, it feels crazy good! I know that when I give someone a lot of pleasure it turns me on even more.

  • Guy

    I think I recall once hearing/reading that men have a tendency to have a foot fetish more than woman for some reason, too.

  • Guy

    I’m not offended by the concentration on the feet, but I feel as though  i would have really enjoyed seeing some more of this guy (ass, penis, chest, stomach, etc.)

  • Carniasssada

    Feet can be a turn on if they are well groomed and clean, there are male pheromones secreted in the feet through the sweat glands, which are most abundant in the feet, second armpit, third crotch, but sadly the feet are neglected by both straight and gay men alike

  • Taurusc519

    Thanx 🙂

  • Taurusc519

    Thanx 🙂

  • jboy

    well Dewitt, you wanted ideas heres one, a feet of the week post. I always knew you had a thing for feet you perv. LOL. Yes, I love them too. 

  • Blaster_master

    i developed for foot fetish when I was a teen, and was atracted to a man but was unable to see him naked, and seing his bare foot was the closest thing to see him naked

  • jboy

    There is definatly something psychological w/ it. I always wonder what the attraction is, but I am. A man walking barefoot or wearing flip flops is like free public porn to me, hmmmm.Come on MH daily, don t ignore my suggestion, have a weekly foot posting, why not?

  • Perhaps it’s just me, but don’t his feet look TOO perfect? He has absolutely no calluses or anything. Does he even walk on his feet at all? They look delicate.

  • Anonymous

    Feet can be a beautiful, tasty, sensual, and sensitive part of a man’s body.  Unfortunately, hardcore  foot fetishists are only interested in doing it with your feet. They don’t care if you get off, and if you could remove your feet from your legs, would rather you just leave fhem behind, so they can do the nasty.

  • Baboonlaughs

    Yeap.. He’s from toronto. I was reading his blog and then I recalled seeing this and made the connection! The AHA moment was so hot I had to jo to him again lol..