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July 17, 2012

In Which I Finally Break Down & Post These Pictures of Ben Cohen In His Underwear For Gay Times…

Does the world need another post about Ben Cohen in his underwear? Yes! The answer is almost always “yes” when Ben Cohen’s part of the equation, and the answer is especially “yes” when it comes to this particular set of pics. To promote his new underwear line with Bluebuck, the retired rugby player and LGBT activist stripped down in front of photographer Bret Grafton for a spread in Gay Times.

The resulting shots are quite nice, if you happen to be the type of person who likes looking at Ben Cohen’s body. Then again, who isn’t that type of person?

That’s a rhetorical question. Please don’t answer, haters.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Bret Grafton

Click through to see more of Ben:

Not sure if these last few are in the magazine, but…

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Anna Karenina 7:51am on July 26, 2012

If Ben Cohen has "chicken legs", is "too hairy", and if that sort of athlete is "fat", I guess the "It gets better" crowd has it wrong ... Ouch.  Even if Ben isn't to one's taste, it's a queerly anorexic view to think of him as "fat", surely? Thank goodness I'm happy in myself, undesirable as I may be to queers with my thin "chicken legs", my body hair, my big lips, my short frame, and my lack of abs, and my love of chips.

  • Scooter4867

    Love Ben Cohen…you can post pics of him anytime.

  • Tedd92

    great pics. But I can’t stop wondering what he’s like au natural…

  • Jimmytucson2

    I kind of suspect he is not particularly hung, but he looks better in these pix than any I’ve seen before.  Never been a fan, however.

  • Kip Consults

    Not attractive, basically fat, but somehow seems like a cool guy.

  • Twomeninflorida

    very sexy guy  especially the last pic!!!

  • Chris84

    Fat? Really? He may not exactly be ripped, but fat he isn’t either.

  • Deepthroat52

    Fat?  You have got to be kidding me…………..

  • Anonymous

     You’re an idiot

  • Lexford33

    Kip Consults…agreed! Enough to turn a gay guy straight!

  • A_work_in_progress

    You should go to Specsavers!!!

    Your mince pies aren’t working properly.

  • Oinkoink_2020

    bleghhh… no way man…eeewwwww . how is this man attractive in any way at all ???? Very limited appeal, me thinks…

  • Oinkoink_2020

    weird abdomen, chicken legs, waaaaay too hairy, and doesn’t seem to be too much in the “in the” underpants department .  Very amateur looking shots…and what’s with the sores/ grazes on his upper abdo ??

  • Hudson Morrigan

    He is a beautiful real man!

  • Geminini0577

    Fat? No way. And what… you don’t think fat guys are normally cool guys? Vapid much…

  • Skippy

    Yes, because if you don’t look *exactly* like an Abercrombie & Fitch model, well, you’re not “attractive” and you’re “fat.” As we say here in the South, “well, bless your heart.”  

  • Kab74

    Loving the pics of Ben, great choice

  • SCBud

    Duh.. He is a rugby player, so he probably got banged up playing some ball.  This is what you call an athlete.  Some of you boys need to put down your pocketbooks and nail polish and watch some real sports!

  • Johnny250

    You are what’s wrong with the gay community….

  • Vegaslamb

    delicious. please post about Ben as often as you feel the need.

  • Vegaslamb

    You’re a dumb cunt.

  • Vegaslamb

    Gays can be pretty hateful when they’re jealous of other hot guys getting attention.

  • KylePosh

    Ben is my inspiration and motivation to keep working out. His body is AH-MAZING…. the perfect balance of fat and muscle. He is no where near being overweight and I would love to explore the contents of his package (whatever the size may be I am sure he can perform extremely well). He is more of a man than some of these bitchy queens will ever be.

  • Septimus67

    That last pic is unbelievable!

  • Yagermeister

    Ben is the PERFECT man! Those bruises show that his pics aren’t photoshoped like so many of the other models. He needs to pull the front of his shorts down to show some pubic hair (like many of the models do). I’ll bet that would draw a LOT of attention.
    Concerning his package, I’m sure he’s a grower, not a shower. Anyway, who cares? I would take him any day, any time, and any way. From his interviews, he appears to be a really nice young man and an excellent role model. Bullying is a serious issue–especially in the schools–and I applaud Ben for taking on this relevant platform.

  • Rob

    Yup, love that last pic too – yummo!!

  • Bnk201048

    Someone needs to lay off the fish and chips.

  • Bnk201048

    He’s retired. I assume it’s some weird rash.

  • Anonymous

    Someone needs to lay off the cunt nuggets and consider contributing something worthwhile to the conversation.

  • Nineleblanc

     Annnnd it’s people like you that are the reason I hate going out to the village as a young gay man.  This guy is, by no definition, fat.  😐  By your standards, I would most certainly be morbidly obese.  GTFO.

  • anonymous

     Be killed, kip.

  • Bnk201048

    I take it you probably need to lay of the chips, too, huh? Sorry to hit a nerve…

  • Anonymous

    I take it you live a miserable existence if you have nothing to do but troll our blog and leave consistently negative comments.

  • Bnk201048

    Dude, it’s a blog; you are a “blogger.” You should accept the fact that in a public environment, people will read your blog and disagree with some of your posts. Doesn’t make it bad or good or miserable or not. It is what it is. You’ll have an easier experience if you don’t take it personally. It’s not about you. It’s no reflection on you. Let it go…

    You should read “The Four Agreements.” The link is below. It’s a great book about personal freedom and one ofte main tenets is that one should not take things personally.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care if you disagree with me. This isn’t about me.

    It’s about you consistently leaving nasty remarks and never contributing anything positive to the conversation. It makes the reading experience less pleasurable for our other readers, and you shouldn’t take it personally that I’m blocking you from commenting. It’s no reflection on you… OH WAIT, YES IT IS, YOU DICKWAD.

  • Itscutethatyoublockedme

    It’s cute that you blocked me.

  • Itscutethatyoublockedme

    Still, did you order the book?

  • Anonymous

    It’s cute that I blocked your IP address now, so good luck creating a new e-mail address and commenting under THAT screen name!

  • Anna Karenina

    If Ben Cohen has “chicken legs”, is “too hairy”, and if that sort of athlete is “fat”, I guess the “It gets better” crowd has it wrong …

    Ouch.  Even if Ben isn’t to one’s taste, it’s a queerly anorexic view to think of him as “fat”, surely?

    Thank goodness I’m happy in myself, undesirable as I may be to queers with my thin “chicken legs”, my body hair, my big lips, my short frame, and my lack of abs, and my love of chips.