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July 11, 2012

Obligatory Post About The ESPN Body Issue

ESPN‘s annual Body Issue is the most exciting thing to happen to the male physique since the Dieux du Stade calendar. The magazine that previously brought you Steve Holcomb‘s big ol’ bobsled bear ass and NFL player Steven Jackson‘s bulging pectorals has returned with even MORE gratuitous male athlete skin.

This year’s issue features New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski showing off his tight end, a particularly interesting development given his ridiculous porn star “scandal” back in October. Personally, I would have rather seen the Pats’ other Rob naked, but this is still hot as fuck.

If you’re curious to find out who else stripped down, you’ll have to click through and scroll through the images. I’m too lazy to list all of their damn names! Also, for those of you who are curious what sport they play, what team they play for or any of those finer details, hold your mouse over their pics for the answer.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Peggy Sirota

Click through to see more hot male athletes naked:

Ashton Eaton by Carlos Serrao:

Brad Richards by Richard Phibbs:

Carlos Bocanegro by Richard Phibbs:

Danell Leyva by Peter Hapak:

Jose Bautista by Peter Hapak:

Maurice Jones-Drew by Francesco Carrozzini:

Rob Gronkowski by Peggy Sirota:

Tim Morehouse by Peter Hapak:

Tyson Chandler by Peter Hapak:

Walter Dix by Olugbenro Ogunsemore:

A beautiful video of the Gronk:

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Chris 12:21am on July 13, 2012

eh...nothing bad...but nothing great like previous issues like Nelson Cruz and Kelly Slater

  • Trackertiger

    Hmmm…Im sorry but…I just can say : BORING….Deux du Stade is so much better!!!! Yes, some of this guys on the ESPN look good, but, I dont know, theres something missing.

  • Jimmytucson2

    Looks like Rob shaved for the “shoot,” huh?

  • John

    Rob is a smokin hot guy! Keep the nude pics coming!

  • GayMeUp

    Wow, I bet that third pic of Carlos Bocanegro was tough to get.

  • Danny J.

    That shot is art! 

  • Danny J.

    I fucking love the Gronk.  

  • Xchoiceguy

    I’ve known so many athletes…but they all had penises…odd…lol

  • gorge bush

    gronk is fucking hot but doesn’t he seem like a giant douchebag? 

  • Guy

    That third pic of 
    Carlos Bocanegro is so cool! And hot!

  • Anonymous

    Team Danell Leyva!

  • diogi

    I’m totally with you . . . but why the hell did they make him shave his chest??

  • Fariasrv

    When I first saw these pics, I said to my husband: “You know, I wouldn’t kick Brad Richards out of bed for being a Ranger.”

    To which he replied: “You know, I’m not so sure about that.”

    And you know what?  He’s kinda right.

  • Ass.

    Tim Morehouse? Look. At. That. Ass.

  • Jeremy S

    Too bad they couldn’t compete like that…sure would spice up the ratings!

  • Arkadiusztrzcianka

    Why are not shown all over Rob’s naked? Show me all over in front of him naked – his penis 🙂

  • Rob

    stupid rob gronkowski…he’s like that frat boy you wish you hated but at the same time you wish just go off on your ass.

  • Chris

    eh…nothing bad…but nothing great like previous issues like Nelson Cruz and Kelly Slater