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July 17, 2012

Quickie: Johnny

Today’s Quickie is more about the photography than the subject, since we already introduced you to Johnny earlier this year. We’re big fans of Luke Austin‘s photography here at Manhunt Daily! It’s not just because he works with “Dewittable” models like Tom Bunting, David Bottrell and Kiel Mannix. It’s ’cause he has a way with utilizing natural light to create soft, engaging imagery.

Also, Johnny’s butt is still great. There’s that too.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Luke Austin

Click through to see more of this shoot:

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Chereriq 11:16pm on July 18, 2012

Cute I will give him...but what is with all that hair? I no like!!!!

  • CRBear

    Very Hot!!!!!  Dewitt. No complaints today. You did well.

  • El chivolo del Metrocable

    When I dated with Michael, my ex boyfriend, I spoke of HUNKIES (in other words, men of good body), so that was always alert. The real HUNKIES are heterosexual, all absolutely and without exception. The real hunkies HATE gay men, so they resort to all sorts of tricks to harm them. The hunkies, like the sirens in Greek mythology, are charming creatures who use their beautiful attributes to seduce men faint of heart and mind, because once they fall under that last seduction, the hunkies will take advantage of their emotional, sexual and social to become famous, make money or just to show that “more men than any other” when they fornicate with gay men, then offending them. That’s why a gay man should NEVER succumb to this kind of men (models, strippers, or fitness trainers) and to that end, when they go to gay clubs, should do the following: 
    2.-If any of these approaches them, IMMEDIATELY, should retire discreetly, quietly and silently. 
    3. – No they’re spoken for nothing, not even dare to say hello. 
    The handsome men and beautiful body with dangerous for gay men, and that can lead to destruction. If you value your life, hear these words.

  • Anonymous

    I was all for you, CRBear. All for you.

    PS: I’m still waiting to grab that drink with you. ;P

  • nothing2prove

    Nice…very nice!! Always nice to see good looking male models with chest hair!! Although he could use a haircut ….hehe
    Otherwise he can eat crackers in my bed anytime!!

  • Blackhunk33

    Sorry, not into “children”.

  • joeat

    Wow, very attractive but the hair has to go.  He would look 100% better with a modern cut.  

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, not into men who can’t tell the difference between a child and a fully grown man who is very clearly over 18.

  • Commenter

    Gorgeous. Both natural and delicious looking.

  • RavelTrouser

    Children?!   Are you fucking kidding me?!

  • I don’t know why everyone always hates on this type of hairstyle. It’s fantastic! Anyway, this man is beautiful. That’s all.

  • I don’t know why everyone always hates on this type of hairstyle. It’s fantastic! Anyway, this man is beautiful. That’s all.

  • Sorry, not into “dumbasses”

  • For those of us that love to run our hands through a full head of hair and appreciate it as one more erotic aspect … not to mention what hairstyles can be done with such a nice mane … woof!   Would love to be running my hands through his hair … especially immediately after the last pic was taken … 


    Blackhunk if you looking at this HUNK and see a child  than perhaps you are more into kids than what you realize !


      Dewitt 2 thumbs and 1 DICK way up !!!

  • Natural_guy

    Love the hair!!!

  • CRBear

    the hair works on him. But this same style on a model a few weeks ago looked terrible. The hair has to match the person. 

  • Hotness! Love my guys smooth, but will make an exception for Johnny.

  • Chereriq

    Cute I will give him…but what is with all that hair? I no like!!!!