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July 29, 2012

Top Or Bottom: Matthew Mitcham & Lachlan Fletcher

This week’s subject of “The Locker Room” was the cute as hell Matthew Mitcham. He’s the Australian diving sensation who is already a gold medal winner. He famously hugged his partner of three years, Lachlan Fletcher, when he won. Awwww! They’re pretty cute together, and of course we had to ask – who is giving what to who and HOW? Is Lachlan sliding down the back of Matthew’s Speedo and bending him over the bench in the locker room? Or does Mitcham climb up Lachlan like a tree and show him he’s only a cutesy twink in appearance?

– J. Harvey

For more pics of Matthew and Lachlan (and to vote), Follow the JUMP:

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Seanbrowne90 10:19pm on August 7, 2012

Mitcham is one sexy mother fucker!!!

  • Blue

    The tall scruffy one needs to come over to me instead.

  • Gold


  • terry

     We’ve tried to correct them…they just refuse to spell his name correctly.

  • Mblswimmer

    DIVING not swimming!

  • Anonymous

    I want a three way!

  • Charles

    Really?  Matthew is a diver!!!


  • Matty

    wow Manhunt, how could you mess up the spelling of his name AS WELL AS the fact that he’s a diver, not a swimmer ???

  • shimmian

    they are SUCH A CUTE COUPLE!!!

  • Jimmytucson2

    How ’bout some pix of the VERY HOT American Men’s Olympic Volleyball Team I’m watching this morning?

  • Guy

    They’re so cute!!!

    More olympianzz

  • Angelevaan

    Give them a break and let them live their own life…. thats not anyone’s business

  • CC

    Does anyone have a link to Matthew’s award cermony?  I want to see it!

  • Jeremy S

     To hell with his award ceremony; I want to see a makeout session!


    The first couple of pictures had me thinking the blond was a TOTAL bottom but that last picture convince  me that there a whole lot of flip flop FUCKING going on

  • Skot73
  • OMG…such an adorable couple. LOVE IT. I love love too.

  • Mtaabq

    You beat me to it! Well done. The question is answered best with the visual. And for those  of you who may not be interested in watching the clip, let me just say “pike position”.  

  • Seanbrowne90

    Mitcham is one sexy mother fucker!!!