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July 10, 2012

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be (Inside) Allen Silver!

Fine, fine! I’ll let Anderson Cooper be the ultimate “silver fox” as long as Allen Silver gets to be the ultimate “silver fox of gay porn” (pending that this dumb publicity stunt doesn’t become more than a dumb publicity stunt). As the star of the fantastically popular intergenerational fuck flicks Dad Takes A Fishing Trip and Dad Goes To College, Allen is more than deserving of the nickname.

Plus, his hairy DILF ass is stealing the spotlight in this scene from Titan Men‘s Head Trip, costarring everyone’s favorite porn star gone naked pop star Jessy Ares. It’s an achievement that I’m thinking “I want to be inside Allen Silver” versus “I want to be Allen Silver”. Though, truthfully, I don’t think I’d mind either of those two options.

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Titan Men

Click through to watch Allen and Jessy Ares in action:


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Billy 9:11pm on June 25, 2013

One thing I like is getting HOT and sweaty during sex. With both of these MEN, it'd be a dream come true. 57 here in relatively good shape (although I need to lose about 15 or so lbs.) and I'd definitely like to give Allen and Jessy a run for their money. 3-ways can be soo much fun!

  • RoadRunner86

    Not my cup of tea, but at least they had the decency not to set him up with some nubile 18 year old twinkie as they often do with these older dude porn scenes.

  • ricanhotty

    Hot!!! But I think they would both look great sitting on my dick. 

  • Go_duke_go

    yes, sir!

  • T F

    both are hot i love older men

  • Commenter

    He is hairier than what I go for, but Allen is in really good shape.

  • Darson256

    Nubile 18 yr olds should be so lucky

  • Somedude0138

    I agree!  Alan Silver is HOT HOT HOT!  My favorite porn star/model!

  •  Both are on the hairy side for me but man those cocks they have!

  • Fenriswolf_9

    I think he’d look better without the beer. 

  • Roa

    Can’t say enough good things about this pairing.  Couple of favs!

  • Biguy Houston

    Okay, time to confess. I am 67, so being with either of these hot guys–and I would gladly be in either of them or have either of them in me–it would be me Dad, you Son. Better yet, I want to be with both of them at the same time.

  • Scoobie110

    That looks so hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • Santino

    That’s a sexy dynamic,older muscled man with a younger Hunk. Sorry I’m a perv, that would have been so hot as a Dad /  Son thing with the older guy doing the Fucking.

  • RavelTrouser

    This is hot!, As the younger guy in an older younger relationship, I love seeing the “son” dick down the “daddy”. 

  • stuffedthroat

    We should all age so gracefully and be so damn sexy in our “adult” years.  He’s a winner in my book – – HOT!

  • scott b

    Call me unimaginative … but it is much hotter for me to see the big-dicked older guy fuck the hot younger guy.  This scene would be much more alluring to me if it were that way.

  • Dannyjohnston1977


  • T294

     I agree.  A nice glass of wine instead.

  • Tylerdorchester

    Allen was my campmate at Burning Man a few years ago – no idea he did this til now, just thought he was a big, sweet, sexy silverback gorilla.  
        He dragged me to his tent by the scruff of my neck and fucked me senseless. 
          He sweated like crazy in the heat, I remember beads of it dripping from his chest and tip of his nose as he was on top of me – left me in a puddle of cum and sweat. 
       One of the best, unexpected xxx of my life. He’s full-on porn material – and a sweetheart.

  • Mcscub

    they are both Hot!! I’d love to be in the middle of those 2!!

  • Rockythedog

    Agree with comment above older guy should have fcuked younger or even a flip flop to be a horny experience to watch for me.Otherwise it does not work

  • Nazarethson

    This man is sexy as hell! Love a Silver Daddy!


    Grandpa getting FUCKED by his grandson does absolutely NOTHING 4 me !!!

  • MacFitz

    I so agree with stuffedthroat.  We’d all be very lucky to look that good, and fuck that well, too. And he has a sense of personality and humor, not often found in these videos – I love the way he pulls back for a moment and gives an appreciative laugh.  Hot body, great guy – couldn’t ask for more.

  • Jeremy S

    The hottest daddy/son scene I’ve ever come across. MORE!!!

  • Carlsan

    I agree with Jeremy above. That was super hot! 

  • Xander

    im with jeremy and  carl on this one, this was one hot porn scene i would of loved to be fucking allen silver but then again i wouldnt mind a bit of flip flop action with him too 😀

  • Datvi

    Who wrote that script??

    “M…eh-eh-eh-eh…an. Wow!”

    Anyway, both hot as hell.

    (And while I’m picking nits…the setting looks like a scene from some ‘hoarders’ show where they picked everything up, piled it all on a table or two, vacuumed up real good, and started fucking.)

    Did I mention that I think both of these men are hot?


  • gorge bush

    i totally 100% agree!  the “dad” should be the top.

  • Jerry

    Even though they are both hot (especially Allen), that video clip was incredibly boring.

  • Fariasrv

     Or a Scotch.  And perhaps a three-piece suit.

  • Fariasrv

     Eh.  Too obvious, and too Hellenic.

  • Fariasrv

    Pics or it didn’t happen.


  • Fariasrv

    Any particular reason why you only post on threads you DON’T like?

  • Boredat2am

    He’s such a gorgeous man. Dewitt and Allen Silver threesome? Yes please

  • Billy

    One thing I like is getting HOT and sweaty during sex. With both of these MEN, it’d be a dream come true. 57 here in relatively good shape (although I need to lose about 15 or so lbs.) and I’d definitely like to give Allen and Jessy a run for their money. 3-ways can be soo much fun!