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August 3, 2012

The Legend of Johnny Rapid & The Enchanted Man-Taint

Once upon a time, there lived a young man named Johnny Rapid. He ventured to a gay porn studio on his eighteenth birthday and stretched his asshole wider than anyone would think is humanly possible. The casting agents were intrigued.

“We have never seen a boy your age possess so much erotic power in his anus,” they told him. “Can you start next Wednesday? How do you feel about DP?”

Within months, perhaps even weeks, our hero became one of the most sought-after gay porn stars on the web. There were nearly as many people Googling his name as there were for Cody Cummings… Except people actually liked him! He was the guy we all wanted to rape in a prison shower and then take home to our mother for milk and cookies.

But not everyone loved him. One night, in a frantic rage of jealousy and insecurity, an evil fairy queen emerged from a world called “Irrelevance” to complain about Johnny’s thick bush and magnificently hairy taint.

“You’re a twink!” he shouted in anger. “Twinks aren’t supposed to have hair down there!”

Shortly after these words were uttered, a deep, guttural laugh was heard around the globe. While it sounded an awful lot like Johnny, that would have been impossible! His lips were firmly wrapped around Ryan Rockford‘s cock at the time the laugh was heard!

Yet impossible things are happening every day. The truth of this tale is so remarkable and thoroughly unbelievable, it’s sure to attract skeptics to the table. Hell, we wouldn’t have believed it ourselves, if we hadn’t seen it with our own eyes…

The laugh came from Johnny’s taint.

Not just that, but each follicle of hair sprung out like an octopus’ tentacles and reached out for the evil fairy queen! His attempts to escape were fruitless and entirely in vain. He was captured, never to be heard from again.

Legend has it that the evil fairy queen was swallowed by Johnny’s flesh-hungry butthole. We’ll never know for sure, but it’s been said that if you jerk off hard enough to any of Johnny Rapid’s scene… You’ll hear his fuzzy young taint laughing back at you in approval.


– Dewitt

Photo credit: Drill My Hole

Click through to gaze upon Johnny Rapid’s spellbinding twink-taint:

Learn more about Johnny Rapid’s enchanted man-taint at Drill My Hole.

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Kinky 5:46pm on April 25, 2015

Love it. I love it. It makes me so kinky i just love it!

  • Olly

    This kid is too cute, and his hole is amazing. His hairy taint doesn’t bother me as much as the diastema, and on im it kinda works! Sexy motherfucker!

  • joeat

    OMG, such a beautiful hairy ass and also  great sack .  Hot!

  • Anonymous

    @ Olly: “gap teeth” have been known as unconsciously sexy.  (Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails and that’s what little boys are made of…) he’s rock’n the natural look just right till he makes the transition from boy to man.

  • Sjp

    Ryan – HOT
    Johnny – NOT SO MUCH

  • JD

    Perfection.  So nice to see a twink with natural body hair. Reminds me of the original BelAmi videos.

  • Tucker

    If I remember the definition of twink was “young, golden, and cream filled.” There’s no reference to hairless in that definition. Although maybe someone tried to pull a Boy Scouts of America and argue that “golden” actually means hairless?

  • me

    yea, his taint hair isn’t thick enough to be distracting, but i still think he’d be better off if he shaved it.  his look is the cute, angelic youth, and hairlessness does kinda go well with that

  • RavelTrouser

    So who talked smack about lil Johnny?

  • Heavens, Dewitt. Johnny is okay and all but your story is the star of this show.  Well played.

  • menzil



    Johnny Rapid actor pornogay con cara de niño y culo caliente lo amo


    Johnny Rapid actor pornogay con cara de niño y culo caliente lo amo

  • Mikey

    I wouldn’t change a hair on his gorgeous body

  • Leví

    Amo o Johnny Rapid, um dia quero conhecer ele

  • Wouldn’t say no hehe
    But bb better

  • gary

    I am rarely attracted to twinks, but Johnny’s furry taint and thick bush make him the exception for me. That’s mainly what I find attractive. I could eat his ass for days!

  • Kinky

    Love it. I love it. It makes me so kinky i just love it!