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August 10, 2012

The “Real Man” Project: Seth Fornea

Rejoice, all you loyal Ginger Snaps! We were lucky enough to get model/dancer/activist Seth Fornea—he who spent four weeks atop The Ten—to participate in The “Real Man” Project, our new month-long mini-series exploring various perceptions of masculinity.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Seth via Facebook, then you’re well aware that he’s been doing big things this summer! He’ll be appearing in Chicago tomorrow night for Market Days, and (ahem) let’s not forget when he worked with Manhunt for Gay Days in Orlando earlier in the season.

We’re truly honored that Seth took the time to write something up for us, and his answer to our “big question” is sure to vibe with some of you… Oh, and did we mention that there are new pics of him? That’s just an added bonus. ::insert cheesy, winking emoticon::

– Dewitt

Photo credit: Isauro Cairo

Click through to find out how Seth Fornea defines a “real man”:

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What does it mean to be a ‘real man’?

When I first heard this question, I honestly thought it was a biased concept to ponder. I don’t stratify gender or gender roles. However, I feel as though the question could also read “what does it mean to be a person I value”. I truly believe that aside from the different body chemistry and physical parts, the qualities that make both a man and a woman “real” should be the same. The personality trait I value most in a person is their ability to follow through with respect, dependability and integrity.

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I choose to keep the people in my life who do what they say. I choose the people who follow through with actions that validate their words. Rarely do things work out perfectly or as planned, but I cherish the person that acknowledges changes, openly talks about them and offers honest options.

That is a real man to me.

Someone who can openly say, “I know we had planned this a certain way, but I have x, y and z going on right now, and these other options are the best I can do”.

To me, that quality in a man is so valuable. People with this quality are usually on time, they usually respond. Positive actions actually happen with these types of people, and friendship growth usually treads in a positive direction.

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jephrey011 4:55am on August 11, 2012

his publicist writes very well.

  • Redbull

    He’s hot!

  • graphicjack

    Geez, he is even sexier inside. I totally agree that the things I value in men are the same as what I value in women… integrity, honour, courage, honesty. Obviously, I loves me some cock (and when is he finally gonna show us his? Dayum, someone needs to sign him up to do porn STAT!) and sure there are certain physical traits that turn me on (such as red hair…sigh) but liking sports, the ability to change a tire or do plumbing, spitting on the sidewalk, and hating the arts, does NOT mean you are a “real” man.

    And for the record, can we please (pretty please) retire that stupid phrase? Saying someone’s a “real” man implies there are others who are “fake”. If I ever read shit like that in a profile, I move on. It’s a sign they are too wrapped up in their own identity as a “masc/real” man… and it’s usually an act brought on by insecurity…. yah, I suck dick, but I do it manly… lol…

  • PhoenixFlame26

    Number one, I want a date with Seth, he is gorgeous and most importantly has a heart and a mind!!! His response to this is incredible!
    Number two, I agree with graphicjack and Seth… the questions should be rephrased focusing on value/virtue rather than such a subjective term “real”. As graphicjack said, real implies that so many people out there are “fake” which I wouldn’t necessarily deny, but I think when Manhunt set out to do this blog they wanted the “value” idea but phrased it as “real”. I think hearing what these guys view as a “man of integrity and value” would be much more interesting, that guy who is the ideal boyfriend/brother/spouse/son/etc. But that’s just me.

  • graphicjack

    Thx, PhoenixFlame26…. and sadly, Seth is in a relationship… so no dates for either one of us… damn. I’d settle for a sex tape, though, as a consolation… Seth, are you listening???

  • derics

    He is damn hot I would sleep with him in a heartbeat.

  • darson256

    Can someone please get a message to this photographer what a waste a hot ginger is being photographed in black&white!!

  • jephrey011

    his publicist writes very well.